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He was returning from work. On the street it was dark. At one time he had loved the darkness, night, but after meeting with her, everything changed... He was changed. A few more steps and he reached his car. Got into the car, he always remembered that trip on the lake with her. It was a good day, even the best in his life. Insert the key into the ignition switch and tapping his foot on the gas pedal, he went home. One day left without her. He was driving forward, the road was almost invisible, and his state was not very good. He wanted to sleep. His eyes closed themselves. He thought that it would be better to call a taxi. Sudden blow, sound of breaking glass. Pinned down, unable to move. He felt like his life was leaving him. But somehow it seemed to him that this was not the end...


Stick Shadow: War Fight icon
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Stick Shadow: War Fight

Stick Shadow fighter Premium offer you: ✅No ads. ✅Add free 4 Stickman SSJ :Super Gosu Blue, Gotik, Goken, Android 18 Stick Shadow fighter are those trained in the art of destroying their foes with devastating blows and stickman powerful ki SSJ attacks. When making a Stick Shadow fighter dbz, think about how you grew up. Were you trained since childhood to be a fighter? Or do you have other interests mixed into your life? Think about what goals you would have. Do you want to become powerful to gain something, protect someone, or do you just want to fight strong opponents? Addictive gameplay z fighters, a thumping soundtrack to the fighter with Stickman super saiyan action on a grand scale warriors - Collect over 20 characters SSJ with unique fight dbz styles - Upgrade and unlock over 20 unique special moves for each fighter - Stick Fighter super saiyan has the most basic control ever! - High-quality graphics! Stunning special effects! Stickman saiya fight ssj present you the best gaming experience! Go Fan page view update new heroes and suggest best new heroes. We will add now!!! Fan page:


Stray Souls: Stolen Memories. Hidden Object Game. icon
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Stray Souls: Stolen Memories. ...

Guide a mother who pursues a terrifying apparition into a twisted dark reality to save her daughter. As you discover and explore a strange town in which a mysterious evil clown has turned all of the residents and city guests into wooden dolls by his devious witchcraft, you'll slowly peel back the layers of a disturbing story that reveals why the mother's husband has never spoken about his past. To uncover the shocking truth, you'll interact with the few remaining inhabitants, search every shadowy corner for clues, and solve highly imaginative puzzles. The clown's ghastly visage will fill each step with dread, even as the mother's love for her daughter propels you forward. Can you reunite this family before the clown claims another soul? Unbelievable adventure is waiting for you if you open a door into this abandoned, creepy and dark place. Weird creatures, unique locations, family secrets and enemies, exciting challenges and more are included in this best hidden object gameplay! You need to realize your best detective skills and start your own private investigation. Bonus advice - use all objects that you can find along of your journey and also don't forget to take notes in your detective diary, that really help a lot! Can you solve a puzzle and close this criminal case, become a real detective and open your own detective agency which specializes in paranormal and supernatural activities? Who knows... HIDDEN OBJECT FINDING GAME FEATURES: ◇ 48 unbelievable beautiful locations and amazing designed levels to play! ◇ 28 smart minigames and interesting logical puzzles to solve! ◇ 14 hand drawned hidden object scenes! ◇ A shocking bonus chapter that you can't ever imagine! ◇ HD wallpapers and unique concept art ◇ Friendly hint is always ready to help if you stuck! ◇ Numerous enchanted hidden objects to find, addicting quests, funny mini-games and logic puzzles to solve! ◇ Nice cutscenes and best hidden object gameplay! ◇ Equally suitable for teenagers, and adults ◇ Help you improve your concentration, perception, and focus, enhance your cognitive capacities ◇ Revise your vocabulary and train your memory ◇ Beautiful graphics and an unbelievable sound! ◇ Play on all kind of mobile phones or tablets ◇ No Wi-Fi or internet connection required - play where and when you want! ◇ Supported languages: English, Italian, Russian, German, French To all players, who plays only excellent hidden object puzzler games: You can't miss this best detective thriller hidden object puzzle adventure! Download "Stray Souls: Stolen Memories" and enjoy this awesome game! This fantastic hidden object quest game for girls and boys, kids, teenagers, and adults, contains exciting various challenges, greatest detective storyline to investigate, cute characters and unusual and supernatural content. Please, welcome to enjoy this one of the best most beautiful, deepest, highest-quality, most epic hidden object searching game on your mobile device! If you looking for “find the hidden object game” - this game will be a better choice! Most beautiful, story-driven, highest-quality, most epic hidden object adventure puzzler game awaits you, stranger! Play the best games from "Alawar", the creators of such games as Beholder, Farm Frenzy, The Treasures Of Montezuma, House of 1000 doors, on Google Play!