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Tiny Hope icon
$ 1.99 Free!

Tiny Hope

Plunge into this adventure! Our future is in your hands. Help the last drop of water on his quest to save the world. Steam, ice or water, it’s your choice. Figure your way out of this puzzle passing through the forest to finally reach the lab. Enjoy 72 defying levels avoiding enemies while trying to save the last plants, to succeed on getting tiny into the cloning machine Become a fan of Tiny Hope on Facebook Visit our site Any problems you may encounter, please let us know by sending us an email, or through our Facebook page.


GPS Speed Pro icon
$ 0.99 Free!

GPS Speed Pro

This is GPS Speed Pro version. You can try this demo version: Language support:English\简体中文\繁體中文\Deutsch\Français\Pусский\Português\Nederlands\Italiano\Magyar\Polskie\العربية GPS Speed can track your speed,distance,time,location and also can get start time,time elapsed,avg speed,max speed,altitude... Features included - Save your track info. - Switch between analog and digital speedometer - Switch between mph or km/h mode. - Display satellites status. - Speed chart. - Map integration,get your location. …… Facebook:


Art Class with Dr. Panda icon
$ 2.99 Free!

Art Class with Dr. ...

In Dr. Panda’s Art Class, there’s always something fun to make! Make your own kites and pinwheels and play with them when you’re done. Start spinning that clay, and make a pot, vase, cup or whatever you can imagine. You can even use fruit and create your own little friends, exactly as you want! With Dr. Panda, you can learn and play! Let those creative juices flow and customize everything exactly how you’d like it! You can even learn from the game and make your own crafts in real life! Key Features: - 6 different crafts to make - Limitless possibilities! Make everything your own! - Play with your crafts when you’re done - Kid-safe: No third-party ads or in-app purchases - A combination of beautifully drawn 2D art and brand new 3D animations! - Minimal UI and very easy to play; even the tiniest hands can play on their own - Plenty of painting and crafting, without any mess or danger! - Fold your paper in-game, then do it in real life (With adult supervision, of course!) Privacy Policy As a designer of kids’ games, we understand how important privacy is in this modern, digital world. You can read our privacy policy here: About Dr. Panda Dr. Panda is a developer of games for kids. We develop games with educational values that help kids learn about the world. This game is safe and does not contain inappropriate content, in-app purchases or any third-party advertising. If you’d like to know more about us and how we design games for kids visit our website If you have any questions feel free to send us an email at or contact us on Facebook ( or Twitter ( or Instagram


Baby Explorer icon
$ 2.99 Free!

Baby Explorer

Baby explorer is a fun learning program for children of all ages. Contains 17 games in one: - Sound animated learning of letters and numbers. - Learn to recognize animals and their sounds. - Distinguish shapes and colors and match the pieces. - Distinguish between colors and show your ability to move animated balls around the screen. - Practice your memory with fruits learning mode. - Match the pictures and play with wooden pieces. - Learn the sounds of musical instruments and play their music. - Create your first musical melodies playing the xylophone. - Play puzzles with pictures of your environment. - Play with butterflies, fish and other animals. - Have lots of fun with soap bubbles and balloons. - Draw funny pictures with lots of pencils and colors. - Listen and learn the funny sounds of the most familiar vehicles. - Improve reflexes flying a toy plane. Children can have fun playing for a long time. you can also acquire the following skills by playing this game: - Improve children's skills of memory, concentration and development of knowledge of their environment. - Help with the recognition of the letters in the alphabet. - Keep children entertained with fun sound effects and animal sounds, musical instruments and vehicles .. - The game is adapted to be handled easily. - It's specifically designed as an educational tool interface for preschoolers and up.


השכר שלי - ניהול משמרות ושכר icon
$ 1.07 Free!

השכר שלי - ניהול ...

עקוב אחר שעות העבודה וחשב את המשכורת החודשית שלך בזמן אמת עם אפליקציית השכר שלי. אפליקציית "השכר שלי" מספקת פיתרון מושלם עבור עובדים במשמרות, פרילנסרים, יועצים ואנשי מקצוע שמקבלים שכר על בסיס שעות עבודה. האפליקציה שימושית לכל עובד שמחפש דרך נוחה וקלה לנהל ולעקוב אחר שעות העבודה והמשכורת החודשית שלו. עם "השכר שלי", אף שעת עבודה לא תתפספס במשכורת החודשית. עם "השכר שלי" תוכל לראות את משכורת הנטו שלך באמצעות חישוב אוטומטי של תשלום מס הכנסה, דמי ביטוח לאומי וקיזוזים שונים. אפליקציית "השכר שלי" תעזור לך לראות את התמונה הגדולה ולענות על שאלות כמו: באילו ימים עבדתי השבוע? כמה שעות עבדתי ועל מה? כמה כסף קיבלתי עבור שעות העבודה שלי? כמה תהיה משכורת ה"נטו" שלי? באמצעות ממשק נוח ומערכת אינטואיטיבית, "השכר שלי" יחסוך לך זמן רב וידאג שתקבל את כל מה שמגיע לך. ★ ניהול ומעקב אחר משמרות ושעות עבודה, כולל מספר משמרות ביום ומשמרות לילה שמסתיימות ביום למחרת. ★ חישוב אוטומטי של משכורת הברוטו החודשית תוך התחשבות בשעות נוספות, שבת/חג, נסיעות, בונוסים וטיפים. ★ חישוב אוטומטי של משכורת הנטו החודשית באמצעות חישוב תשלום מס הכנסה, דמי ביטוח לאומי והפרשות סוציאליות (פנסיה, השתלמות, גמל ועוד). ★ אפשרות לבצע כניסה ויציאה ממשמרות גם דרך Widget חיצוני (מבלי לפתוח את האפליקציה). ★ צפייה בסיכום ימי נוכחות, סך שעות עבודה ושעות נוספות עבור כל חודש. ★ צפייה בחישוב המדויק ובחלוקת התעריפים שמבצעת האפליקציה עבור כל משמרת. ★ 2 מצבי תצוגה למשמרות של המשתמש - תצוגת רשימה ותצוגת לוח שנה. ★ אפשרות להגדיר צבע ייחודי עבור כל משמרת לצורך תצוגה ברורה. ★ ניהול פרופיל אישי, הכולל הזנת נתונים אישיים לצורך חישוב המיסים והקיזוזים. ★ אפשרות ליצירת מספר פרופילים - פרופיל לכל מקום עבודה. ★ הפקת תלוש שכר חודשי ואפשרות שליחה אוטומטית למייל. ★ נתוני חישוב השכר באפליקציה מתעדכנים באופן קבוע כדי להתאים למדרגות המס בישראל ולחוקים המשתנים בשוק העבודה. ★ חישובי השכר מתאימים גם לשכירים וגם לעצמאים. ★ אפשרות להגדיר משמרות קבועות. ★ אפשרות להגדיר ולהתאים את התעריפים המדויקים על פיהם תחושב המשכורת (אחוז עבור שעות נוספות, אחוז עבור עבודה בשבת/חג ועוד). ★ אפשרות להזנת תוספות שכר (בונוסים, טיפים, דמי נסיעות וכו') עבור כל משמרת וכל חודש. ★ אפשרות לקבוע תקופה בחודש על פיה תחושב המשכורת , למשל מה-15 לחודש ועד ה-14 לחודש הבא. ★ מחשבון שכר מהיר המאפשר הפקת תלוש שכר מהירה לאחר הזנה של שעות עבודה ושכר בסיס לשעה. ★ ממשק ידידותי ונוח לשימוש, מערכת אינטואיטיבית. ★ האפליקציה דורשת חיבור זמין לאינטרנט, אך ניתן להעביר כרטיס גם ללא אינטרנט.


Real Space 3D Pro lwp icon
$ 1.27 Free!

Real Space 3D Pro ...

One of the most amazing Space 3D live wallpapers on Google Play for your phone or tablet! Realistic fully 3d space environment will give you illusion what screen of your phone is actually a window of spaceship. Now updated with additional views, so you can enjoy 10 cameras! "Real Space 3d Pro" is included in "Best 3D Live Wallpapers" list of ! From users reviews: "The BEST!!!! Don't let ANY OTHER Space lwp distract you...this is the best by far!.." "Awesome! Everyone I show my phone is blown away..." "Amazing work, the cinematic views are Devine..." "Excellent product! This is a true work of art!.." "OMG!!!! Definitely # 1 in space category..." All what you ever wanted from space live wallpaper you will have in "Real Space 3D Pro", stunning futuristic space station, asteroids belt, planets and moons with bunch of customization options! Also "Cinematic Tour" camera is available to take you to short space travel! Choose preferable type of planet: Earth, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Mercury or Jupiter from settings menu. The planets are also fully 3d objects and got even actual terrain features! Do not rely on screenshots, you have to download it to understand the real 3D impact! If you want to keep updated, leave your suggestions or requests or just "Like" visit me at Facebook Please, comment, thanks! Real Space 3D Pro lwp made with OPEN GL 2.0 and optimized to consume low resources and also not to drain your battery. Installation: The main screen (long press) → Live Wallpaper → Real Space 3D Pro lwp On some devices the first loading can be a little bit slow, just give it half minute.


My Town : Dance School icon
$ 2.99 $ 0.49

My Town : Dance ...

*** Pay once & Play forever + FREE updates. No ads and no IAP ***
 Practice in ballet lesson, get dressed for your cheerleading class, Prepare your dance show and customise the stage. Explore all the FUN locations, uniforms and instruments. Play with all the new and beloved My Town characters!

My Town games are all about experiencing, imagining and having pure playtime fun. Our digital dollhouse games allow million’s of kids to have a new adventure everyday! Our games promote imagination and stress free fun for kids when playing alone or with there parents. 

*** Easy enough for 3 years old to play with parents, Exciting enough for 12 year olds to play alone! ***

 your own dance school story. Play with over 40 costumes, 50 props and 14 characters. Will you join the ballet lesson or will you build the perfect stage for your modern dance show? Everything is possible in My Town : Dance School. Discover something new every time you play! 

*** Over 2 Million Parents & Kids Downloaded My Town around the world! *** 

 * 3 Dance classes - Ballet dancing, Modern dancing & Cheerleaders. All classes come with customised clothing, costumes, instruments, music and stage props. 
* New Characters - Like we do with all new games My Town : Dance School is no different. As well as having the regular My Town : Family we have introduced friendly new characters such as dance teachers and kids to join the dance lessons
 * Dance Show Stage - Build the perfect stage for the perfect dance show. Visit the backstage storage and pick the perfect props for your show. Confetti cannon, Fire blasters, swans and lights. Select background and control the music. If you can imagine it, you can make it. Everything is possible in My Town : Dance School!
 * Lots of exciting area’s for you to discover and play with. 

 *** Our games are constantly featured by leading teachers and parents blogs *** RECOMMENDED AGE GROUP
 Kids 3-13 : The young ones play with parents while the older ones play alone.
Full parental control : Safe to play even when you are not around
No Ads or In App Purchases.
New locations means new interests and a lifetime game play of over 1 year!


Game Studio Tycoon 2 icon
$ 2.99 Free!

Game Studio Tycoon 2

Welcome to the next generation of game development! Game Studio Tycoon 2 puts you in the place of an independent game developer during the early days of the gaming industry. Play through 50 years of gaming history and develop on over 40 different platforms! Expand your studio along the way and hire up to 16 employees! Features: - Play 50 years of gaming history. - Manage every detail of your studio! Hire employees, create up to 3 separate teams, raise money by getting investors and create games, consoles, and more! - 4 unique locations with room for up to 16 employees! - Amazing 3d graphics with motion captured animations! - Two game modes – Play the game as it was intended in normal mode, or test your skills with the unforgiving hard mode. - Create your own gaming platforms. - Create and manage Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) games! You can determine the level of support to give the game and even create updates to boost sales! - Research new technology that you can use to create better consoles and game engines. - Manage up to 3 teams! Each team can work on their own project allowing you to release games and consoles quickly! - A clean, minimalistic user interface allows you to play the game with ease. - Appropriate for all ages


Perfect Moon icon
$ 2.49 Free!

Perfect Moon

Perfect Moon is a platform game which blends a unique art style with crazy gravitational physics and addictive game play. The game has been built on an intuitive control system which allows great depth without over simplification of the game play. Super Game Droid: "This gorgeous new physics platformer evokes the same feeling of wonder as titles like Limbo or Braid, but with better gameplay." IGM: "Perfect Moon is best described as a dream"


Screen Draw Screenshot Pro icon
$ 1.91 $ 0.99

Screen Draw Screenshot Pro

With Screen Draw Screenshot you can draw on every screen of your smartphone. Quick accessible, always and everywhere! Screen Draw Screenshot is perfect for presentations, video tutorials or screenshots to highlight texts or images on the screen. The Screen Draw Screenshot toolbox is individual placeable per drag and drop. Addtional you can rotate the draw toolbox horizontal or vertical that you can place it at the best position on your screen or you just hide it in the notification bar. Forget the inconvenient steps and key combinations to take and edit a screenshot. With Screen Draw Screenshot you can take screenshots with just 1 click! Activate the draw mode, draw or mark something and click on the screenshot button. You can share your screenshot instantly! • Take screenshots (Android Lollipop required) • Crop screenshots • Draw everywhere • Add text • Stroke color and width selectable • Hide-mode • Always accessible • Individual placeable per drag and drop (horizontal and vertical) • Undo/delete drawing function • Accessible with one click • Add screen draw icon to quick settings (Android 7 required)


Dominion Icon Pack icon
$ 1.49 Free!

Dominion Icon Pack

Blacked-out retro style featuring over 3,500 of the best retro style icons. Ultra-crisp iconography, hundreds of wallpapers included, with support for all popular launchers. DOMINION ICONS - Beautiful blacked-out retro color palette - Professional, highest quality design - Dynamic calendar (icon changes each day) - Android O settings shortcut styles Easy-to-use material design app: - Auto-apply to your launcher - Easily apply or download wallpaper - Icon search and showcase - Tap to send icon requests Includes MORE personalization: - Over 200 matching wallpapers included - Alternate icons with new colors and styles - Matching clock widget included - Alternate popular system styles: Nexus, Samsung, HTC, ASUS, LG, and more Over 30+ launchers supported: - Nova, GO, Sony, Mini, Holo, L, Apex, Action Launcher 3, Arrow, Atom, Aviate, Cyanogen, Epic, EverythingMe, Hola, Inspire, KK, Lucid, Nemus, Next, Nine, Smart, Solo, TSF, Themer, LG Home, CM Theme Engine, Unicon and XGELS - Other launchers can simply apply from your launcher settings ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Email any issues or questions you may have or contact me on: - Google+ - Twitter - Facebook


Fantasy Forest 3D Pro lwp icon
EXPIRED Free! $ 1.15

Fantasy Forest 3D Pro ...

The most beautiful 3D live wallpaper on Google Play for your phone or tablet! Fantasy Forest 3d Pro delivers everything what you ever wanted from live wallpaper! Amazing colorful forest environment with lot of details will give your phone spectacular look! You do not need anymore clock widget on your phone, beautiful fantasy clock placed in the scene always will keep you informed about what time is now! You can choose between different cameras, day and night scenes , different clock skins and every combination will look fantastic. If you want to keep updated, leave your suggestions or requests or just "Like" visit me at Facebook Fantasy Forest 3D Pro made with OPEN GL 2.0 and optimized to consume low resources and also not to drain your battery. Installation: The main screen (long press) → Live Wallpaper → Fantasy Forest 3d Pro Please, rate! On some devices the first loading can be a little bit slow, just give it half minute.


Root Call Blocker Pro icon
$ 3.49 Free!

Root Call Blocker Pro

Half price only this week: powerful call and SMS firewall for root users


Mobile Doc Scanner 3 + OCR icon
EXPIRED Free! $ 0.99

Mobile Doc Scanner 3 ...

Limited time offer! Sale! 80% off!


aCalendar+ Calendar & Tasks icon
$ 4.99 $ 1.99

aCalendar+ Calendar & Tasks

aCalendar+ is the premium version of aCalendar - please try the free calendar app aCalendar first! aCalendar+ gives you many additional calendar features and your purchase supports further development and helps protecting the endangered Mountain Tapir. EXTRA FEATURES (aCalendar+ or as In-App-Purchase) ● Public holidays (and school holidays for some countries) - configurable in the calendar list ● Color themes (UI and Widget colors, dark background - NOT event colors: those are defined by your calendar service) ● Business features (Invite attendees, link contacts, free/busy, private, profiles, share as ICS, ...) ● Tasks (manage Google Tasks or tasks from CalDAV/OpenTasks) ● No ads (removes the occasional advertisement) ♥ Tapir Apps donates 10% of all revenue (app purchase, IAP, ads) to rainforest conservation through our friends at World Land Trust FEATURES ● intuitive navigation with smooth transitions ● day, week, month and year view ● Fullscreen widgets ● flexible recurrences like every 3 weeks, every 17 days, or every Mon, Wed and Fri ● 48 colors per calendar ● per-event colors (if supported by the event's calendar) ● custom event font size ● birthdays & anniversaries with photos from your addressbook and editing ● uses Android's native calendar backend and synchronization ● no battery drain through polling ● moon phases and zodiac signs for birthdays ● QR barcode sharing of events ● 12/24h clock honoring system settings ● optimized text display and improved line-break USAGE ● move forward and backward in the calendar by swiping vertically or volume rocker ● switch between calendar views with a horizontal swipe (opens the day or week you start the swipe gesture on) or double-tap for day view ● tap to open a calendar event ● long-press to add new calendar event ● long-press on mini-month to go to today or jump to date ● tap on photo to open quick contact menu ● 3-finger-tap: configurable action ● Drag'n'Drop: tap plus long press in day view (use volume rocker to change day) PERMISSIONS aCalendar only requests permissions needed for app functionality. aCalendar+ respects your privacy and will NEVER send any of your private data anywhere unless configured by YOU. Please contact us if you have questions about permissions. TRANSLATIONS aCalendar+ is translated into more than 30 languages, mostly by volunteers - please let me know if there is a bad translation somewhere or you want to add your language. LOVE ♥ If you like aCalendar+, please show your support by leaving a good rating and recommending it to your friends ♥ APP2SD Unfortunately app2SD cannot be supported, because homescreen widgets do not work from SD in Android. But aCalendar+ is optimized for speed and small memory footprint. ROADMAP (Planned features) ● further Tasks improvements (e.g. contact linking) ● Popup notifications ● alternative calendar system support (Chinese, Hebrew, Indian, Persian, Islamic/Hijri, etc.) - already available in the date widget!


Collect or Die icon
$ 1.99 Free!

Collect or Die

A hardcore retro platformer with dynamic ragdoll physics and over the top stickman gore. Collect coins and escape the lab or just watch stickman die in brutal and hilarious ways. Run, jump & dodge your way to victory. STORY: Welcome test subject and thank you for volunteering to the 'Collect or Die' science program. As a volunteer we would like to invite you to our technology & learning centre where you can enjoy tea and cake before taking on some light physical and mental testing. Please note that although fun and learning are the primary goals of the test program, serious injury may occur. To ensure the safety of test subjects all progress will be monitored via our state of the art CCTV and VHS recording equipment. Good luck volunteer! GAMEPLAY: Collect or Die is a fast paced retro platformer set in a run down science facility. The goal is simple, help stickman collect every coin in each test chamber or watch him die trying! Of course its not as easy as it sounds, with tons of obstacles ranging from saws and thwomps to lasers and sentries, things can get tricky fast! KEY FEATURES: - Dynamic ragdoll physics & dismemberment. - 40 levels across 4 stages (more coming soon). - Leaderboards & Achievements. - Variety of traps & hazards. - Awesome stickman. - Fast paced run & jump action. - Tilt Controls with adjustable sensitivity. - Lots & lots of coins. RAGDOLL PHYSICS: Dynamic ragdoll physics and dismemberment mean that every death is unique with some unexpected and hilarious results. Death is no longer a bore, watch your stickman die in brutal and violent ways. AWESOME STICK FIGURE ACTION: Everyone loves a stickman right? Well, stick figures have never looked so good, even if they are covered in blood & gore most of the time. CHALLENGING GAMEPLAY: Collect or die is a hardcore retro platformer designed to make you rage... its not impossible but only the best will manage to collect them all. Run, jump & die! Do you have the skill to survive? TALK TO US VIA SOCIAL MEDIA: We read every review and are constantly working to improve the game. If you've got any feedback or have suggestions for features you'd like to see then get in touch. TWITTER: FACEBOOK: WEBSITE:


Lustre - Icon Pack icon
$ 1.99 Free!

Lustre - Icon Pack

Lustre is a refreshing take on button style icon design. Each icon is hand-crafted to give your Android an elegant touch. Enclosed by a metal frame, you'll see familiar designs with a vibrant and crisp edge to them. If you have found your device lacking a certain spark, these icons will breathe new life to your homescreen visuals. Over 2300 icons made in beautiful QHD resolution and a complete set of wallpapers, served directly from the cloud. We've got search available, to help you find exactly the icon you need. Not sure if we support your launcher? Have any other questions? Feel free to check out the help section, included in the icon pack dashboard. If you can't find the answer you are looking for, contact us! /// CONNECT WITH US G+ Community: Twitter: Facebook: Google+: Google Now Launcher is not compatible as it does not support icon packs. We recommend Nova. Tags: #Nova.theme


Stun Zooper Widgets 2 icon
$ 1.41 Free!

Stun Zooper Widgets 2

big big big thanks to sasi kanth for his help with the dashboard. NOTES: After getting installed if you get fonts error, just open Stun Zooper Widgets app and press install iconsets option it will automatically fix the errors you facing with fonts and weather. Please don't give bad reviews without informing me your problem. please don't hesitate to mail me if any problem occurs..feel free. You must have Zooper Widgets Pro installed to use this skin. If you have problems with widgets not appearing please email me this pack contains 80 widgets all in different style. requirements:. zooper widget apex launcher or nova, but mine is apex Media Utilities (Make sure zooper widget is enabled in Media Utilities Settings Make Cover-Art Available and circle or rectangle in option as per your widget, attempt direct control) apex or nova settings:. No margins no shadows grid 8*6 my email id: add me on google plus


Equibase Racing Yearbook icon
$ 1.99 Free!

Equibase Racing Yearbook

Same great app – with updated branding and a new name! The app is returning to its original brand, the Equibase Racing Yearbook. Additionally, this update provides access to 2016 racing. Watch the best of racing from 2010 through 2016 – searchable by races, horses, trainers, jockeys or tracks and available at your fingertips in one easy app from Thoroughbred racing’s official source. See free video replays along with result charts for Triple Crown races, the Breeders’ Cup championships and all North American Thoroughbred graded stakes races from Equibase Company – the official database for racing information and statistics. Relive the best of racing from the last three years and keep up with 2016 races throughout the year with this great app. ________________________________________ Features Videos - Video race replays of every graded stakes race throughout the year! See actual race footage from the starting gate to the wire on every graded stakes plus the major prep races that lead up to the Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont Stakes, and the Breeders’ Cup World Thoroughbred Championships. Video race replays provided by Roberts Communications. Results Charts – Every race will include the official result chart from Equibase. Result charts offer a recap of the entire race, including complete order of finish, descriptive narrative for each horse, odds and payoff information plus a wealth of other result data for a comprehensive look at the race, including a running line preview and split times. At-a-Glance Result Information – See the first, second and third-place finishers for every race with payoff information, plus other payoffs for the race and a complete order of finish. Search Capabilities – This app allows you to relive your favorite graded races from each year by drilling down in any of the following ways: • Races • Horses • Jockeys • Trainers • Tracks Search capabilities within each of these categories allows you to quickly find the race, horse, jockey, trainer or track you are looking for! You can also sort your favorite graded races by • Name • Grade • Date • Racetrack

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Page: Grammar & Translation icon
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Page: Grammar & Translation

Start writing better and faster with Ginger's revolutionary Writing & Translating app- Special launch price for a limited time only! Write high-quality, accurate texts in English like no other! Review your writing for any grammar, spelling and punctuation issues, save your favorite phrases or translate to a different language - all without replacing your own Keyboard. Ginger ‘… allows users to send better texts and higher quality writing’ - Techcrunch Features: • Advanced sentence rephrasing – Discover alternative ways to write your text. • Personal Dictionary – Add slang, names, locations and other words for a personalized Ginger writing experience. • Translator -- Translate between more than 50 different languages. • Contextual Synonyms and Definitions. • US/UK dialect - Choose to express yourself with either US or UK English.• • Text Reader – Human voice text to speech. • Favorites – Use Ginger Cloud to sync across devices and save templates to reuse later. • Share your text – Easily export your text to any writing or social app. • Optimized for Tablet workflow – Special 2 pane view GRAMMAR AND SPELL CHECKER - Ginger’s grammar and spell checker is like nothing you have seen before! Ginger corrects grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes quickly and efficiently. See Ginger’s suggestions, and choose whether you want to accept them or not. TRANSLATION - Ginger Translate helps you to express yourself with translations between more than 58 languages. DEFINITIONS & SYNONYMS - Improve your vocabulary and find new ways to express yourself with Ginger’s fully-integrated definition and synonyms tools to better understand, and improve your text. ADVANCED SENTENCE REPHRASING - Spice up your text with new variations for your sentences, and discover alternative ways to write your text. PERSONAL DICTIONARY - Add your favorite and most used words, slang, names and other terms and create your personalized writing experience. SPELLING BOOK - Ever confused two words that sound similar? Couldn’t remember the spelling? Ginger’s Spelling Book is the place for you to master your knowledge of English spelling, and never repeat those mistakes again! TEXT READER - Learn how to speak English easily using Ginger's text-to-speech abilities. Pretty soon you will speak English with more confidence and communicate better - just like a native speaker. SHARE YOUR TEXT - “Sharing is caring”, easily and quickly share your text with your friends, or on your favorite writing or social app. Install Ginger Page Writer & Translate app, and start expressing yourself better TODAY! Whether you are a student, a writer or just want to learn how to better express yourself, with Ginger’s English Write & Translate App you’ll get everything you need in order to write your notes, essays, emails and even homework. Ginger has developed the NLP platform (Natural Language Processing), which is the foundation for its advanced text analysis applications. This Artificial Intelligent platform, lies at the core of all of Ginger’s mobile, web-based and PC products, providing English corrections, editing options, context appropriate synonyms, translations that match the context and original meaning of the content. TECHNICAL SUPPORT - For more information and assistance, visit our Help Center, or open a support request: FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK - PRIVACY AND SECURITY ISSUES - Ginger never stores or collects your personal information, including username, passwords or credit card info. All this information is completely handled by each third party service and can't be accessed by Ginger.


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Drawtopia Premium

Come with us now on a journey through color and space as one ball undertakes an epic quest across some lines to reach an exit... or something like that anyway :) Draw your way to victory in this stylish physics puzzle game with over 60 unique levels! Draw shapes, lines and dots to solve tricky brain challenges. Pay once & play, no adverts or IAPs. KEY FEATURES: * Physics & drawing based brain puzzles * Over 60 unique levels * Variety of traps & puzzle mechanics * Multiple ways to solve each puzzle * Journey through 6 colored rooms and the rainbow * Google Play Achievements * Compete with you friends on Google Play Leaderboards ** Lite version supported by adverts & in-app purchases is also available ** PHYSICS AND DRAWING PUZZLES: Adventure through 6 colored rooms and the rainbow as you solve devious puzzles and physics based challenges designed to test your brain. Drawtopia is like a cross between Brain Dots and Brain It On! but more colorful! VARIETY OF CHALLENGES: Each colored room contains a new trap mechanic to keep things fresh whether it be portals, gravity reverse, spikes or thumping pistons. Deceptively challenging and devious physics puzzles designed to give your brain a work out! SIMPLE BUT CHALLENGING BRAIN GAMES: Simple enough to draw, paint, sketch and just have fun but challenging enough to keep you addicted. An adventure for all ages, just draw dots and lines to solve the physics puzzles. LOTS OF LEVELS: Over 60 levels across 7 stages. Learn to draw in the red rooms, take a hit in the green rooms, control gravity in the blue rooms, journey through portals in the violet rooms plus many more. Theres something for everyone in this epic puzzle adventure. Help the ball complete his quest through color today, its as simple as drawing a line or a dot. Get your Brain On! FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter: Facebook: Website:


My Town : Stores icon
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My Town : Stores

Let's go shopping and lets have fun. My Town stores has so many things for you to play with, places to visit and things to try. Candy store, Supermarket, Fashionable clothing store and a food truck with over 200 different items and characters all ready and waiting for you to have fun with! Over 1,000,000 kids have downloaded our games so far! Recommended by preschool teachers, therapists and parents all over the world! PLAY, IMAGINE, DISCOVER With so many new locations and activities my town stores is sure to give hours and hours of fun, imaginary game play time. WHAT ARE MY TOWN GAMES ALL ABOUT? Our games consists of virtue locations around "my Town". We have created a virtual world located in my town, where kids can safely play and experience day to day things they come across in the real world. Similar to a real life doll house, our games develop imagination in a safe, ad free environment. NEW GAMES FEATURES - 6 Room and play areas such as fashionable clothing store, Huge supermarket a candy store and a food truck! - All you favorite family members and new grownup characters - 87 fashionable clothing are waiting for you at the store. Pick, Measure and dress up the entire family with hats, shirts, pants. scarfs and more! - A candy store where you can make popcorn, dip your fondue stick or pick some chewing gum! All the sweets you could ever imagine. - A Supermarket filled with 67 different items you can buy, play with or eat. Just drop it in to the shopping cart and go to the cashier. Love shopping games? Do you like visiting the mall and having a fun day out with your family? If so you will just love our new imaginary doll house game theme. My Town Stores is the best stores dollhouse game out there. With 5 cool locations such as the food truck, Candy store, supermarket and clothing store you can bet your self there is a ton of things to discover and interact with. Visit the supermarket to buy food, toys and drinks. Check out the cool dressup shop where you can dressup with dresses, pants, shirt, hats and many other items. Make sure you visit the food truck before going to the sweet candy shop.


Ultra Icon Pack icon
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Ultra Icon Pack

PLEASE RATE AND REVIEW SET YOUR OWN PERSONAL STYLE • Switch it up to your personal taste with many alternate designs included • Includes system icon designs based on your own device: Nexus, Samsung, HTC, Asus, LG and more • Compatible with all popular launchers that allow icon packs • Dynamic calendar icons included for your favorite calendar apps HIGHEST QUALITY ICON DESIGN POSSIBLE • Over 3,050 ultra-crisp HD icons included • Unique and refreshingly vibrant pastel style with a light blur effect • Each icon is expertly crafted with individual coloring and style • Marshmallow / Nougat settings shortcut style icons included INCLUDES SUPERIOR DASHBOARD APP • Powerful dashboard app built with latest Google material design • Ultra-fast icon search with category support to replace individual icons • Easy tap-to-send icon request • Wallpaper manager to apply or save to your device • Built-in contact form for suggestions • Automatic day and night mode • Auto-apply to every popular launcher possible • Donate option via IAP to help support EVEN MORE ADDITIONAL FEATURES • Includes over 120+ wallpapers to choose from, with built-in Muzei Live Wallpaper support • Includes additional HD clock widget • Very frequent updates with lots of new icon requests Follow me for more:


Auto Optimizer icon
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Auto Optimizer

"Auto Optimizer" has been featured by many media outlets. *** AppZoom *** *** Appsthunder *** *** Apps400 *** - Auto optimize your device to keep it functional! - Easy to use, highly effective, faster processing speed! - Optimize instantly with just a tap on the home button. → Achieve a smooth operation on your device. - Display memory and battery info on the status bar or overlay. - Equipped with a powerful battery saver function. Battery life will be significantly improved! - Equipped with functions to clear various histories and caches. - Auto optimization execution condition and details can be set. - Advanced settings are also available for display during execution. - Optimize instantly with just a tap on the shortcuts. - Realize the fastest possible processing speeds by eliminating unnecessary processes. - Flexible settings to fit the way you use your smartphone, including detailed auto-executing conditional settings. - Check detailed information about the state of your device, including the ability to display remaining memory. You can check this app's functions and operations with a free trial. Please check the functions and operations by free trial before you buy. [Memory release / Clear cache / Clear history] - Execute when home button is tapped - Execute when screen is turned off - Execute by memory usage rate - Execute at a set interval - Manually execute with just a tap on the shortcuts [Battery saver] Depending on the device and the usage, the battery consumption can be reduced approximately by 1/10 to 1/3 while the screen is off. [Display memory info] Displays free memory size or free memory(in %) or used memory size or used memory (in %) on the status bar or overlay. [Display battery info] Displays remaining battery life on the status bar. [Ultra memory release] When free memory is very low, the Android system terminates running processes. "Ultra memory release" function uses this method to release memory. (Attention) May not work properly depending on the specifications of the device or OS. Also has various other useful functions. ■Recommended for those who: - Want an automatic execution app - Want to be able to set exclusion of memory release - Want an app with a high memory release rate - Want an app with a fast processing speed - Want an app that execute with a single tap - Want an app without advertisements - Want an app for non-resident automatic memory release / clear cache - Want an app for good battery life - Want to display memory info on the status bar or overlay - Want to display battery info on the status bar ■List of functions - Memory release (task killer) - Clear cache - Clear history - Resident type settings - Auto-execute by memory usage rate - Auto-execute at a set interval - Auto-execute when screen is turned off - Execute when home button is tapped - Exclusion of memory release settings - Clear history settings - Sound effect of execution settings - Display mode of execution settings - Widgets - Shortcuts to each functions - Battery saver - Ultra memory release - Display memory info - Display battery info - Detailed device info


3D Steampunk Travel Pro lwp icon
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3D Steampunk Travel Pro ...

An amazing Steampunk 3D live wallpaper on Google Play for your phone or tablet! Fantastic Victorian sci-fi sunset environment with fantasy airships, detailed building and many carefully animated steampunk objects will charge your phone with steam energy! Great colors and fantastic 3d quality of HD scene will ensure amazing look of your phone screen! The Steampunk clock is showing actual time of your phone. Along with many customization settings you can choose between two views, standard one and "Cinematic Tour", the animated camera will take you to the most interesting places in the scenario. If you want to keep updated, leave your suggestions or requests or just "Like" visit me at Facebook If you like "3D Steampunk Travel Pro", please, take a second and rate it. 3D Steampunk Travel Pro lwp made with OPEN GL 2.0 and optimized to consume low resources and also not to drain your battery. Installation: The main screen (long press) → Live Wallpaper →3D Steampunk Travel Pro On some devices the first loading can be a little bit slow, just give it half minute.


Bayside Icons icon
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Bayside Icons

Breathe new life into the same old icons Bayside icon pack features a gorgeous color palette consisting of 6 colors. You'll notice shapes and specific elements have a raised shadow, similar to my Elementary icon pack. These help the companion colors really pop. Each icon is made from scratch as vectors on a 512px canvas, and sized down to 192px to ensure no quality loss. I have removed the icon request feature(other packs will do the same). This just means that I will stick to the most popular apps on Google Play with each update. Games, top apps, etc. You can reach out to me via social media, but please do not use Play Store Reviews or Hangouts as a form of communication. Reviews are meant for prospective buyers to gain insight on the app, not to say what you personally don't like or demand a change. I thank you for your support and feedback. For official feedback, suggestions, and app requests, please join my community here: Extras included in the dashboard app: Material inspired dashboard Many alternative icons labeled alphabetically Tap on any icon to get the app name Search through icons Dynamic Calendar icon support for many apps 19 original wallpapers by the talented Tom Wellington, Sasi Kanth, and Tina Ellis Now featuring 3000+ icons with periodic updates Launchers Supported: *Action Launcher Pro *Action Launcher 3 *ADW *ADW EX *Apex *Atom *Aviate *CM Theme Engine *Go(switch off "icon mask" in Preferences) *Holo *Inspire *KitKat *Lucid *Next *Nine *Nova *Smart *Solo **Unicon, Awesome Icons, and Beautiful Icon Styler apps should work with stock launchers, as well as CM theme engine with this app** **LG Home Launcher may not be compatible. If you're not sure, feel free to do an immediate refund through Google Play, otherwise I can't be responsible for results. Credits to Aidan Follestad and Tom Wellington and Daniel Ciao for the source code for the dashboard. For any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me, and I will respond accordingly. Social Links: Travis Hall Google + Twitter Mindplay Media Google + Twitter


Holo Droid icon
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Holo Droid

Holo Droid is one of the most amazing live wallpapers on Google Play. It shows you several informations about your mobile device and gives the phone's screen a futuristic look! You can choose your best configuration looking at the several parameters in the Settings screen. Holo Droid shows the informations below: - Date/Time - Platform information - Device basic information - Battery remain/temp/voltage - Tilt - Compass - CPU Usage - CPU spec - RAM Usage - Network connection state - Internal Memory Usage - External Memory Usage(SD-Card) You can customize the following settings: - Color Theme - Scanline effect - Background grid - Time/date - Animation - Orientetion - Battery temperature - CPU refresh On some devices the first loading could be a little bit slow, just give it half a minute to load the scene. Updates cronology 1.0.8 - Added Material Design style to the settings screen - Added link to Gyro Clock live wallpaper 1.0.7 - Added Japanese language support - Some little changes in the UI. 1.0.6 - Added two new colors 1.0.5 - Fixed media volume issue on some devices 1.0.4 - Fixed wrong RAM value on some devices 1.0.3 - Added static screen mode - Fixed the touch sensibility on manual panning mode 1.0.2 - Fixed bug

Music & Audio

Cross DJ Pro icon
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Cross DJ Pro

/!\ Spring sales /!\ Get 80% off the app for a limited amount of time The 1st pro DJ app on Android, downloaded by millions worldwide. Mix tracks in perfect sync on a powerful audio engine. Engineered & designed by Mixvibes, digital DJing pioneer for 15 years. FULL VERSION, ALL FX INCLUDED - NO ADDITIONAL PURCHASES, NO POP-UPS ***Due to copyright reasons, recording mixes with streamed tracks from SoundCloud is not possible. "Cool piece of work" - DJ Mag "An impressive app" - The Guardian “Challenging our notions of what can be done on a touchscreen” - Android Police "Good looks, great sounding FX, great sync engine, ‘slip’ mode, proper loops and cues" - DJ TechTools /// MIX IN PERFECT SYNC • Accurate BPM detection of your music, down to the last decimal • Ableton Link: ​sync Cross DJ Pro with Remixlive, any Link-compatible apps or with Ableton live. • Stable sync: one-press and the 2 tracks never go out of phase • Quantize mode: hot cues & loops are automatically set on the beat • Customizable, manual pitch range (4 to 100%) • Progressive, manual pitch bend • Waveform view: parallel waveforms for pitch-bending • Accurate beat-grid editing: make any track sync properly • Split audio: pre-listen your music tracks before mixing them • Automix: Cross DJ mixes your tracks & play music automatically, from any sources (playlist, album, etc.) /// OUTSTANDING AUDIO PERFORMANCE • Realistic scratch sound - as on real turntables • Low latency: music reacts instantly to your actions • Audio FX: Hi & Low-Pass, Echo, Delay, Flanger, Chopper, Roll, Phaser, Brake & much more (In-App Payement) • Loops (16 to 1/32), slip loops, 16 large hot-cues pads • Sampler: 72 samples, synced to the main player (In-App Payement) • Record & play your own samples • Record your mix & share it to SoundCloud, Mixcloud, Facebook & Twitter • Keylock mode: change BPM without affecting the tone • Key detection: detect the key of the songs and know which tracks sound good together • Autogain: automatically equalizes the levels of 2 tracks + Autosync • External mixer: control EQs and crossfader with hardware mixers • Supported MIDI controllers: Pioneer DDJ-SB & DDJ-WeGO2, U-Mix Control 1&2, U-Mix Control Pro 1&2, Gemini Mix2Go. MIDI control is now compatible with Android M • Multichannel audio on devices running Android Marshmallow /// INTUITIVE INTERFACE • Industry standard DJ setup: 2 decks, crossfader, Cue/Play/Sync buttons • 3-band mixer with DJM EQ preset • Separate tabs: swipe to display different panels on each side • Mix SoundCloud: explore, play & mix all SoundCloud • Big waveform view: scratch & see the music + set cue accurately • Sort your music library by title, artist, album, BPM or length • Play MP3s, AAC, FLAC & more • Separate tabs: swipe to display different panels on each side • Navigation by folder • Portrait mode: big single player • Change each deck’s color: blue, orange, red, yellow, green, purple, pink • Large pads & controls • Optimized for mobile & tablet • Optimized for Intel processors Minimum configuration required: • Android 4.1 • 4"" screen • RAM: 1GB • Dual-core processor" /// WATCH CROSS DJ PERFORMING Mix with an external mixer: Pioneer DDJ-SB: Pioneer DDJ-WeGO2: MIDI control: Mixcloud integration: Street DJing: User videos: /// FOLLOW MIXVIBES YouTube: Twitter: Facebook: Check out Cross DJ for laptop:


Annabelle UI - Icon Pack icon
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Annabelle UI - Icon ...

Beautiful, Bright, Clean, Clear not round and not square Unique design All icons size 192x192 the drawn manually and therefore will appear on your screen just fine User-friendly application with a user-friendly interface for easy operation in the style of Android 5.0 Attention! Read this before you buy: Theme to work you need to have at least one of the following launcher list below (many of them free) ★ More than 2200 highly detailed icons ★ 8 QHD Cloud Wallpapers ★ Weekly updates ★ Request icons tool for order you missing icons ★ Dynamic calendars ★ Muzei support Supported launchers: • Action • ADW • Apex • Asus Launcher • Aviate • Epic • GO Launcher • Holo • Holo HD • Inspire • KK • L Launcher • LG Home • Lucid • Mini • Nemus • Next • Nine • Nova • S Launcher • Smart (full support) • Solo • CM Theme Engine Contacts: Google Plus: Facebook: If you like this theme please rate it is ★★★★★) Thank you for your support of our hard work! #Nova.Theme Icon, icon pack asus


Vopor - Icon Pack icon
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Vopor - Icon Pack

★LIMITED TIME SALES★ Do not miss a chance to buy thousands of icons with regular weekly updates for very symbolic price! Limited time only! Distinctive and perfect, comprehensive and individual, Vopor brought something modern! Made with very extensive level of details on each icon with pastel, but still vivid palette of colors. Inimitable style just landed and it’s ready to materialize your devices! Icons look incredibly crisp, with high definition details on both phone and tablets! ★ 4.060+ HD icons (192x192) ready for future devices ★ Hundreds of alternative icons to choose ★ Many folder category icons to sort your apps ★ 73 HD wallpapers cloud based. You can save them on your device! ★ Launchers support: Action, Adw, AdwEX, Apex, Atom, Aviate,, GO, Inspire, KK, Lucid, Next, Nine, Nova, Smart, Solo, TSF, CM Theme Engine, Bubble Cloud Widgets and many more! ★ Works with UNICON and XGELS ★ Icon masking will theme all your unthemed icons ★ Full MUZEI live wallpaper support ★ Dynamic calendar icon support ★ Minimalistic analog clock widget ★ Icons sorted in several categories with search and preview feature ★ Help section for starters ★ Regular weekly updates ★ App design in very modern and minimal flat style If you like the icons, please rate them ;) Please, if you have any issues with the app, send me an email before writing a negative review. I would help you immediately android.permission.INTERNET is needed for wallpapers, since they are cloud based. This is done in order to reduce app size! FOR GO LAUNCHER USERS Currently does not support icon masking, so go to preferences > Icons > TICK OFF "show icon base" FOR TSF LAUNCHER USERS Currently does not support icon masking!!! FOR CM THEME ENGINE USERS If app disappeared from the list, do this: go to settings of your device > apps > Vopor > delete cache and data > uninstall Vopor > go back to Play Store and install it again *You can also apply icons from launcher settings, if there is no apply button inside the app* Follow latest updates,new projects and get more wallpapers on social networks Google + - Twitter - Facebook - SUPPORT You do not see your desired icons in the pack? Please send me your icons requests through icon request feature in the app If you notice any bugs or you have any suggestions, feel free to contact me anytime and ill help as soon as possible! Thank you all for the support!


stun zooper widgets icon
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stun zooper widgets

big big big thanks to sasi kanth for his help with the dashboard. NOTES: After getting installed if you get fonts error, just open Stun Zooper Widgets app and press install iconsets option, it will automatically fix the errors you facing with fonts and weather. Please don't give bad reviews without informing me your problem. please don't hesitate to mail me if any problem occurs..feel free. You must have Zooper Widgets Pro installed to use this skin. If you have problems with widgets not appearing please email me this pack contains 60 widgets all in different style. requirements:. zooper widget apex launcher or nova, but mine is apex Media Utilities (Make sure zooper widget is enabled in Media Utilities Settings Make Cover-Art Available and circle or rectangle in option as per your widget, attempt direct control) apex or nova settings:. No margins no shadows grid 8*6 my email id: add me on google plus


Steam™: Rails to Riches icon
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Steam™: Rails to Riches

!! Easter SALE: -40% !! The official version of one of the best board games - Steam™: Rails to Riches. AWARDS & HONORS 2010 Nederlandse Spellenprijs Nominee 2010 Lys Passioné Winner 2010 Lys Passioné Finalist 2010 Golden Geek Best Strategy Board Game Nominee 2009 International Gamers Awards - General Strategy; Multi-player Nominee 2009 Golden Geek Best Gamers' Board Game Nominee Take control of a railway company, issue shares, build railroads, deliver goods along an ever changing network of tracks and stations and make profit to expand. * Can you finance both the most extensive track network and the most powerful locomotives? * Which routes will give You the best returns on their costs? * Can you beat the opponents to the most profitable shipments? * Will you make enough money to pay your investors? You build the tracks, upgrade towns, improve your train, and grab the right goods to make the longest, most profitable deliveries. Score your deliveries and add to your income or victory points, balancing your need to invest against your quest to win the game. The goal of the game is to score the most victory points and become the best railway company. Features: - official Steam™: Rails to Riches game - original artwork - ingame interactive tutorial - languages: English, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese - optimized for smartphones and tablets - play with AI, with friends or both - 3 levels of difficulty AIs with individual strategies - 3-5 player maps - climate sounds and music matched to maps - adaptable animation speed - inapp official rules - unique, original board game feel on Your device - colorblind mode - Carcassonne map (in-app purchase) - online multiplayer Coming soon: - new 2-6 player maps - online leaderboard - achievements


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FEATURES •3100 Icons •20 Wallpaper qHD (cloud-based wallpaper) •Wallpapers compatible with Muzei Live Wallpapers •Sort icons for categories •Tool to request missing icons •Support for Dynamic Calendars -Google Calenda -Stock Calendar -Today Calendar -Other •Search function and Icon Preview WARNING This is not an application. In order to function you need a Custom Launcher COMPATIBILITY Nova,ADW,Apex,Aviate,ASAP,KK,Lucid,Smart,Yandex,Total,Atom,Nine,Next Launcher 3D... Many others LG Stock,Sony Xperia Stock and Asus (only models that support icon pack) WARNING Google Now Launcher does NOT support icon packs MIUI Launcher does NOT support icon packs PLEASE NOTE Before leaving a negative rating please send us an e-mail Widget used FORMA RETRO for KWGT PRO CONTACTS TO STAY UPDATED •GOOGLE PLUS •TWITTER THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT!!!


Goo Saga icon
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Goo Saga

Goo Saga is a platform adventure game where the player guides an elastic creature named Goo in a perilous journey to find his creator – and with him, the mysterious purpose of his own creation. Will Goo succeed? Puzzles, deadly traps and an army of foes in a labyrinthine underwater lab block his way. Goo’s destiny is in the player’s hands. **** GAME FEATURES - 3 different states of Goo’s elasticity controlled by the player: Deflated, Normal, and Inflated. - 20 levels, each to be completed in 3 different modes: Normal, Survival, and Time Trial, plus 4 epic boss battles; each mode requires a different gameplay strategy. - Captivating atmosphere with HD graphics and gameplay. - 18 atmospheric soundtracks. - Sophisticated level design with meticulously planned alterations between puzzle solving and platform based gaming sections. - 12 types of robot enemies. - Crystals collected through successful completion of the levels and used to enhance Goo’s abilities. - 8 upgradable character abilities that help Goo in his adventure. - Colourful blobs which are found and collected by the player to complete the Normal mode of each level. - Enticing storyline delivered through in-game cut scenes. - 2 different endings. - Powerful level editor to create your own levels. - Online server where you can upload your levels or download, play and rate other players’ levels. - Cloud sync integration to share progress when changing device. - Full Controller support for an enhanced gaming experience. - Achievements and Leaderboards make for an even more fun and competitive gameplay. - English, German and French language support. - 8 amazing character skins hidden through the levels. **** WHY PLAYERS ARE THRILLED WITH OUR PLATFORM ADVENTURE GAME - Goo Saga is developed by a small team of passionate game designers and developers with the ambition to create high quality atmospheric games that entertain and offer a memorable gaming experience. - It encompasses all the values of legendary platformers from another time into a game that offers touchscreen play fun on smartphone devices. - It combines engrossing adventure platforming and intriguing puzzles with epic boss fights that will challenge you. - It’s a premium mix of action, exploration, mystery and fun, followed by platform adventures aficionados and casual gamers alike. - Goo Saga is for fans of award-winning and top-chart platformers like Leo’s Fortune, Red Ball, Rayman, Limbo, Badland, Nihilumbra, Typoman, Castle of Illusion and more. **** REVIEWS “Featured under the “Best mobile games of 2016” – CNET "I don't need psychic powers to see that Goo Saga is going to be a hit. It has impressive, absolutely charming visuals and solid platforming mechanics." - TouchArcade “Compelling gameplay, check. Great visuals, check. Controls that are simple, but used in creative ways, check. Sprinkle in an unusual story, and you have what it takes to have a great game, that you will enjoy for a period of time, no matter how long or short.” “You have to see it, hear it and play it, to really appreciate what Toka Loka Games has produced. If you enjoy puzzle/platforming games, Goo Saga is not to be missed.” - Droidgamers “Goo Saga took everyone by surprise with its polished mechanics and graphics that really stand out in a crowded Play Store.” “Don’t miss this little gem” - PocketGamer “Oui, les jeux de plateforme sont légions en ce moment... Mais, celui-ci est véritablement impressionnant que ce soit au niveau de sa réalisation, au niveau de son intelligence de jeu, ou au niveau de sa jouabilité, et vous risquez de ne pas le lâcher de si tôt!“ - Kick my Geek **** JOIN OUR COMMUNITY AT: FEEL FREE TO TOUCH BASE AND SHARE FEEDBACK OR ASK FOR HELP: **** THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT AND ENJOY PLAYING GOO SAGA!


Laserbreak Pro icon
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Laserbreak Pro

Laserbreak Pro features all 120 fantastic levels, without the ads or level pack purchases. A highly addictive, challenging and seriously fun experience that is captivating gamers around the globe. Use the many awesome objects including TNT, balls, portals, elevators, magnets and more to direct your laser beam at the target. Smash, burn and blast your way to victory. The possibilities are endless! Laserbreak Pro features many amazing levels ranging from simple to very challenging. Includes: • 120 amazing levels to keep you entertained for many hours. No level pack purchases required. • Simple to learn, challenging to master • 15+ awesome physics objects • Take your time, explore and use your brain to solve the clever puzzles • Find the bonus coins for an extra challenge • Stunning HD graphics • 9 language translation options • Impress your friends by finishing first • No Ads! Laserbreak is the one of most exciting and unique physics puzzle games available. Physics Objects include: Balls - Roll the balls, catapult them, drop them - they are the most useful object! TNT - Ignite the explosives with the laser beam. Detonate it to blast other objects around, smash glass, knock over dominoes and more. Portals - Otherwise known as wormholes, they teleport objects from one place to another. Use them wisely! Magnets - Use magnets to control the path of the steel balls and hold steel crates in place. Ice - Melt the ice to reveal other objects inside! Melt it with the laser beam. Wood - Burn wood with the laser, opening up more paths for the balls to roll, or just for the laser beam to aim through. Glass - Glass reflects the laser beam and also holds other objects. You can smash it or crush it with other objects such as balls or crates. Reflective shapes - Turn the reflective triangle shapes to reflect the laser beam on different angles. Blocks - Reflective blocks to bounce the laser beam off. Non reflective blocks you have to think your way around. Bonus coins - Easter eggs. Find them randomly in levels, destroy them with the laser for an extra challenge.


Little Stars for Little Wars 2 icon
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Little Stars for Little ...

Little Stars for Little Wars 2 is a simple Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game! You have a simple goal: move through the neutral star systems and capture all enemy systems. You will lose yourself in fun levels, ranging from amusing to mind-challenging! The galaxy has plunged into chaos and little wars have broken out along the border. Fleets are standing by for you to take control of the battlefield. Form your strategy, conquer enemy systems, and claim victory for your forces! Little Stars for Little Wars 2 features: ● 54 levels. ● Procedural skirmish generation: play random levels. ● Local Multiplayer: play with friends up to 3 people on one device! ● Auto-paths: auto-paths system for quick and easy control over the battlefield. (touch and drag) ● Upgrades: specialize your star systems to fortify their defensive capabilities, or, advance their ship production. ● Beautiful and atmospheric electronic soundtrack by Trevor Golas. ● Color Customization: don't like the default colors? Tune to your liking! ● Multitouch: pinch to zoom, tap to control. ● High replayability: Time and efficiency challenges for each level! ● 3 difficulty levels. Gameplay Video: follow: like:


Splendor icon
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Now with online multiplayer mode. The OFFICIAL digital adaptation of the best-selling board game Splendor. In Splendor, you embody a rich merchant during the Renaissance. You will use your resources to acquire mines, transportation methods, and artisans who will allow you to turn raw gems into beautiful jewels, attract nobles and earn prestige. Press Reviews and awards: ** Spielbox: ""The app is a sparkling jewel…"" ** Pocket Tactics: ""... I’m not sure there’s a better looking board game app on the market."" ** Pocket Gamer: ""... it's a sure-fire winner."" ** Forbes: ""...high replay value. Looks and sounds great, plays smoothly..."" ** Play Board Games: ""The Splendor App is pretty splendid..."" ** Purple Pawn: ""The quality of the tabletop-to-mobile adaptation is first-rate."" ** Honor: Best Board Game App 2015 (BoardGameGeek) ** Received the award of the Golden Geek Best Board Game App 2015 The digital version of Splendor faithfully adapts all the various elements of the award-winning board game created by Marc André and published by Space Cowboys’: - Fast and easy to learn, yet hard to master. - Lavish graphics and cards, true to the original game. - “Renaissance” graphical and musical ambiance. - Solo mode, pass & play and online multiplayer (2 to 4 players). - An exclusive game mode: scenario-based “Challenges”. - Historically-accurate background stories for Challenges set in the 15th to 16th centuries. - Multiple types of Artificial Intelligence, based on unique strategy behaviors instead of difficulty. - 3-minute step-by-step interactive tutorial to learn the game and digital interface. - Achievements board. - Worldwide leaderboards and rank system by connecting with a Days of Wonder account. Splendor introduces a special game mode called Challenges. Challenges are based on historical events and anecdotes of the 15th and 16th centuries, setting up a real scenario in various places across the world. They teach you advanced techniques and offer rules variants. They put the player in unique situations with a goal to reach. Either earn a certain number of points or pick up a special card combination, in a limited time or limited number of moves. Become a game expert and achieve 48 challenges along the trading routes of the world (Madrid, St. Petersburg…), not to mention duels facing great historical figures such as Charles V or Marie Stuart. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: You Tube: Languages available: English, French, German


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Floatify Pro Unlocker

This app will unlock the free version. Please keep the free version installed! UNLOCK FEATURES: • Custom interaction settings (Swipe left, right, double tap,...) to • Expand messages, clear notifications, open in xHalo, setup reminder,.. • Wake screen on notification • Smart Wake screen on pickup • Custom app settings (Text filter, sound, wake screen..) • QuickReply for WhatsApp, Line, Hangouts... (4.3+, If app supports it) • QuickReply unlimited message text • Heads-up Quick Replies backgrounds • Heads-up Quick Replies send buttons • Show only messages with QuickReply • Custom style settings like popup size, order, custom background colors • Lockscreen themes (Transparent white/black. Not customizable yet) • Icon pack support! (Nova, Go, ADW,...) • Contact icons and shape • Smooth animations • Text colors, maximum text lines • Hide heads-up in fullscreen apps • Hide heads-up in landscape • Unlimited text filter words • Quiet hours: Silence and not wake screen • Custom timeout settings for popup • Privacy settings for apps • Notification priority settings • Backup & restore functionality • And more... INFO & SUPPORT: • Google Community: • XDA forum: • Please note that not all e-mails can be replied instantly. But I will try to fix every bug asap.


Quell Memento+ icon
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Quell Memento+

Forget the world. Fall in love with this enchanting zen puzzler.


A Normal Lost Phone icon
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A Normal Lost Phone

A Normal Lost Phone is a game about exploring the intimacy of an unknown person whose phone was found by the player. The game takes the shape of a narrative investigation: you have to search the phone’s text messages, pictures and applications, in order to learn about its former owner. Through this phone, you uncover Sam’s life, friends, family and relationships, until the evening when they turn 18 and mysteriously disappear. Features - An immersive and intuitive way of introducing the narrative through a fake smartphone interface. - A game that bridges the gap between reality and fiction by letting players act as themselves. The game asks a simple question: if you close the app but still think about the game, have you truly stopped playing? - A relatable story that helps build empathy with the characters, allowing to explore difficult topics. Clues & solutions:


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Small World 2

 *** Games Magazine - Game of the Year !!! ***
 *** Pocket Gamer Awards - Best iPad Strategy/Simulation Game of the year! ***
 *** The first big Euro board game of the iPad era. Fans are in for a really wonderful ride ***

 Based on the phenomenally successful Small World fantasy board game with over 500,000 copies sold!

 Take control of insanely fun fantasy race & special power combos, such as Berserk Halflings, Triton Merchants, Alchemist Ratmen and Dragon-master Amazons, to grab all the land you can in a world that is just too small to share with your opponents!

 A host of new features await you in this colossal update: • New 3, 4 and 5 player maps to conquer • Play Online games in real-time or turn-by-turn, with friends & strangers from the world over; and Local games over Wifi • Play Solo against up to 4 built-in AI; Pass’n Play with up to 5 live opponents on a single device • 20 new races & special powers to master through in-app purchases of Cursed!, Grand Dames and brand new to digital Be Not Afraid… • Online, Solo & Face to Face scores with daily, weekly and forever rankings • Comprehensive Small World Encyclopedia detailing all rules, races, special powers, icons & more! • Extensive Days of Wonder Online Buddies integration • Brand new musical score, sound effects, graphics and animations • Video Tutorial by Master Glandulf himself Discover what reviewers have been raving about:
 *** The art is top notch, the gameplay is really fun. Perfect for a quick head to head! *** Games Uncovered

 MAJOR KUDOS TO THE 7,042 KICKSTARTER BACKERS WHO HELPED US MAKE SMALL WORLD 2 COME TO LIFE! You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: You Tube: Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play online games with Ticket to Ride or use the chat in the Online lobby.


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Just a few years after its release, Carcassonne became a modern classic and a must-play.


Photo Studio PRO icon
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Photo Studio PRO

Turn you device into a fantastic photo editing studio.


Yomira- Icon Pack icon
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Yomira- Icon Pack

Features -Reached Over 2.250Icons -Many Alternative & App Drawer Icons -256 px supported 2K Screens -Frequenty Updates -Icons are Vivid Color Palette with a Smotth Darken Gradient Effect and Unique -Dynamic Calendar Supported -Many Cloud Wallpapers -Compatible with Nova, Apex, Holo, Next, CM Theme Chooser, LG Home, Sony Home and Most of Others -A to Z Letter Icons -Smart Icon Request Section - See & Search all icons included with icon name Recommended icon sizes: - Nova Launcher (Prime): 115% - Apex Launcher: 115% - Go Launcher: Big Go Launcher users! Icon masking isn't supported by Go, so unthemed icons have a circle covering them. You can easily fix this by going into Preferences > Visual settings > under Icons, uncheck 'Show Icon Base'. Follow me on G+ : Join The G+ Group : Thank you all!..


FLAIR Icon Pack icon
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FLAIR Icon Pack

A beautiful selection of icons bringing a stock-like feel, with a whole new dimension in visuals and minimalism. // FEATURES 520+ Uniquely Designed Icons Rendered for QHD Devices Cloud-Stored Wallpapers Icon Masking for Unthemed Icons Unique Dashboard App Icon Request Tool Dynamic Calendar Support // COMPATIBILITY Custom Launchers* CM11 Theme Engine XGELS Unicon (Icon Themer) Beautiful Icon Styler // CONTACT US Google Plus: G+ Community: *Known Launcher Compatibility: Nova, Apex, Action, Aviate, Themer, Smart, Atom, Inspire, KK, Solo, Holo, ADW, Nine (Possibly others)


MapMaster - Geography game icon
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MapMaster - Geography game

MapMaster is a fun and educational geography game. Play a pinpoint game where your mission is to pinpoint capitals, US states capitals, mountains and famous places in countries around the world. Locate countries, states , rivers, lakes, mountain ranges and islands as fast as you can in one of the Time Attacks. Compete against your friends and family in a custom game where you can play up to 10 players on the same device. In study mode you cant train before you play. If you like geography games and geography quizzes you will love MapMaster. Listed as one of: "Top 8 Android apps for Education" by ------------------------------------ Listed as one of: "15 indispensable android games" at ------------------------------------ MapMaster is based on GPS coordinates and gives you an exact distance between the target and where you have put the pushpin. Unlike other geography games with static map images you can freely move your pushpin around the map and put it at an exact location. * Turnbased multiplayer * 9 Pinpoint challenges with 3 levels * 10 Time attack challenges with 3 levels * Beautiful off-line physical and political maps with 5 zoom levels * 450 places including all continents countries, capitals,US states, state capitals, large US cities, mountains, famous places, rivers, lakes, islands and mountain ranges * Wikipedia integration * Perfect and excellent scores when the pushpin is close to target * Flags icons for countries and US states * Can be install on SD card * No ads * Tablet support * Study Mode, study before you play Perfect as a geography game for kids and adults, or as a us states map game.


Hello Kitty Orchard icon
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Hello Kitty Orchard

Welcome to Hello Kitty's Orchard. Hello Kitty and friends are looking to get their garden in order, but need your help decorating it. The friends need your help to collect fruit which they can sell. With the money earned from collecting fruit, the garden can be filled with the cutest chairs, flowers, and decorations available! Join the fun and see familiar faces, like My Melody, Little Twin Stars, Bad Badtz-Maru, and much more! Gameplay: - Use the basket to direct the ball so that it knocks fruit from the trees - Complete levels to progress towards new farms, gardens and orchards - Buy furniture to unlock the new farms, gardens and orchards to play - Compete against the pests and the timer to get high scores and coins Features: - Familiar but challenging gameplay. Keep your eyes open for pesky bugs and birds who also want the fruit - 8 different Sanrio characters to upgrade and equip, making your basket and ball the perfect tool for collecting fruit - Nearly 200 challenging levels - 30 unique, and super cute items to decorate your garden with - Compete with your friends on Facebook, and share pictures of your garden ** Please be aware that it contains paid content for real money that can be purchased upon users' wish to enhance their gaming experience.You may control in-app purchases made within this app using password protection which can be enabled from the setting page of the Google Play Store app. **


Timbul Icon Pack icon
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Timbul Icon Pack

This is not standalone app! You must have compatible launcher to make it happen. If your launcher doesn't support 3rd party iconpack, please simply install compatible one, eg. Nova or Apex launcher Welcome to new look iconpack on Playstore. All icon the pack are well manually drawn-up. Timbul is unique, passion and art :D Features: 1. 3650++ icons (and growing) 2. 60+ HD Cloud-based wallpaper for direct access to newest wallpaper 3. XXXHDPI Icon 192x192 px 4. Vector graphic processing icons 5. Dynamic calendar support 6. Icon masking for better unthemed icons 7. Support 22 major launchers 8. See & Search all icons 9. Smart Icon Request 10. Support Muzei 11. Image picker, attach as an image to email, hangouts, Etc or even use it to create Zooper widget 12. Dinamic calendar support (including Google and Today Calendar) 13. Help section, contains FAQs with search function 14. Report bugs 15. Show/Hide launcher icon from app drawer 16. etc Support 28 or more major Launchers: Direct Apply: L, Lucid, GO, Next, Apex, Action Pro, Nova, ADW, Holo, Holo HD, Aviate, Smart (read issue for this launcher below), Mini, KK, Solo, Epic, Inspire, Nine, Atom, Nemus, S, LG Home (read issue for this launcher below), CM Theme Engine Apply via launcher setting: EverythingMe, Arrow Launcher, Themer, Hola, Launchy Widget, Trebuchet, Unicon, and may be more that have icon pack support Note: 1. GO Launcher doesn't support Icon Masking, so go to preferences > Icons > TICK OFF "show icon base". 2. Next Launcher supports icon upon but only system apps but manual apply will change the rest 3. TSF Shell support may remain unstable. If you're not sure please DO NOT PURCHASE! 3. Downloaded wallpaper. Find them on /Pictures/Retrorika/wallpaper/HERE 4. LG Home may working unstable for some device. If you're not sure DON'T PURCHASE! No refund for this reason! 5. Smart Launcher, apply the icons via retrorika dashboard, DO NOT APPLY VIA LAUNCHER PREFERENCE! 6. THERE SO A LOT LOT OF ICON REQUESTS! IF YOU WANT YOUR REQUEST GET PRIORITIZED ALSO WRITE THEM TO MY COMMUNITY WALL, JOIN HERE , otherwise I'll pick randomly for next themed icons. Highly Special Thanks: - Dani Mahardika who provided the WOW material dashboard. Find him here


TA: Little Red Riding Hood icon
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TA: Little Red Riding ...

TA Little Red Riding Hood is a Totally Amazing Twisted Adventure! By App Games. Step into a bizarre fairytale world and set out on a Little Red Riding Hood adventure that only App Games can bring to life! Hop from one dangerous island to the next by jumping at just the right moment. You needn’t worry. There are markers that lead the way to a successful jump. Be sure to grab all of the red apples and bonuses you can on your epic and twisted adventures. The rich graphics, amazing game play, cool audio and visual effects, and superb backgrounds adds a depth to TALRRH not often seen in mobile video games of this type. TA Little Red Riding Hood Features: • Fantastic gaming • Sweet jumping action • Superior graphics and actions • Excellent game effects that will amaze you • Mesmerising game set in a twisted fairytale world • Awesome backgrounds that will draw you in and blow your mind • Very easy to understand and extremely engaging casual adventure game TA Little Red Riding Hood is a spellbinding adventure game that you won’t want to miss out on. Share this all-ages family fun adventure game with your friends and family, they will thank you! Be brave Little Red, be brave and succeed! Game Reviews "I can't stop playing this one" - Android Central "Games are a passion for me, and it’s clear that the developers of TA: Little Red Riding Hood feel the exact same way" - Android Headlines "Top 40 Best New Android Games" - Android Police


Root Cleaner | System Eraser icon
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Root Cleaner | System ...

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ROOT IS REQUIRED Main purpose of application Root Cleaner is to scan your device to find all useless files and folders in your system and on your storage and clean it. Useless files and folders are cache, empty folders, temporary files, log files, dormant files and folders, leftovers in your system, gallery thumbnails and recovery files. By this cleaning procedure you can simply erase all mess in your system, empty your storage and boost your performance! Root Cleaner also automatically notifies you when it finds 50 or more files for cleaning, so you can erase it immediately. You can also set cleaning interval and after that, Root Cleaner will clean your device automatically during the day according to your settings. Other purpose of this application is optimizing your system by cleaning dalvik cache and fixing permissions of your system applications. And last but not least, this application also contains App manager which allows you to uninstall, clear data and freeze or unfreeze all your system and downloaded applications. As a bonus I offer full money back guarantee so you can try it without any risk. If you are not satisfied with this application, just contact me and I will refund your money. FEATURES ★Cleaner - Cleaning memory - Cleaning empty folders - Cleaning dormant files and folders - Cleaning temporary files - Cleaning log files - Cleaning leftovers - Cleaning init.d folder - Cleaning recovery files - Cleaning gallery thumbnails - Cleaning application cache ★Tools - Fixing permissions - Cleaning dalvik cache ★App manager - Uninstall app - Clear app data - Freeze app - Unfreeze app ★Info - Total memory - Internal storage - External storage - Cache - Data - System ★Daytime notifications ★Cleaning interval ★Widget Facebook: Twitter: Google+: Official XDA thread: ANY BUG OR ISSUE REPORT BY EMAIL PLEASE By installing this app you agree to the following privacy policies:


Toca Life: Stable icon
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Toca Life: Stable

Welcome to a world of horses and adventure! Groom horses, care for them and show them! Engage in some medieval jousting or role-play the Wild West. Ride motorcycles and camp out under the stars! You can play your way in Toca Life: Stable! EXPLORE AN EXCITING WORLD THE STABLE: Step into the stable and can care for your horses. Wash them, brush them, then saddle up for a trot. When you're finished grooming your horses (and cleaning up their poop!), take a well-deserved break in the club room. THE ARENA: Next, advance to the arena and show off your horse's jumping skills. Hear the cheers when the winners take their place on the podium. After the celebration, you can race motorcycles in the arena — vroom! — or get a snack in the food court. THE FOREST: Ready to frolic in the forest? Choose your most trusted horse and head off for an adventure in the woods, where you can sleep under the stars in your sleeping bag, then wake up for a swim in the waterfall. THE SHOP: When you need more horse tack, head over to the shop — you'll find everything you need. TRAVEL BETWEEN LOCATIONS Each location gives you access to the horse transport, so you can get your horses, equipment, bikes and even characters from here to there. Put what you want to move into the transport, close the door and select the new location by tapping an icon. Everything will arrive in the selected location so you can begin your next adventure! CREATE AN ORIGINAL VIDEO OF YOUR STORY Use the in-app recording feature to create an original video! This feature records your voice as you’re telling the story, along with your characters’ movements. Create videos up two minutes long and save them to your camera roll to share later! GET INSIDER INFO EACH WEEK Don’t miss Life Weekly! This is your source for hilarious videos, insider tips and awesome fan art. Tap the lightbulb in the top right corner of the start screen to get updates every week. This free feature gives you fun insights into the whole world of Toca Life! FEATURES: - Explore four locations: stable, arena, forest and shop. - Create stories for 24 new characters plus horses and other animals! - Care for your horses: feed them, lather them up till they're nice and clean, brush them. - Choose outfits from your favorite themes: medieval, western, everyday stable life and fantasy! - Hop on to ride bikes in the forest and race motorcycles in the arena! - Set up obstacles and show off your horse's jumping skills! - Eat at the food court and use the portable potties! - Have a campout! - Snuggle into your sleeping bag to stay warm under the stars! - Take a canoe ride or swim by a waterfall. - Make music with magical lily pads! - Move horses, characters and objects from here to there in the horse transport! - Record your stories in the app and share with your friends! - No time limit or high scores — play for as long as you like! - No third-party advertising WE LISTEN One of our top requests for the Toca Life series has been horses! So we made an app that's all about horses! What do you want to see next in the Toca Life series? Share your suggestions by submitting a review, or share them with @tocaboca on Instagram & YouTube!


Hook icon
EXPIRED Free! $ 0.99


I love creating puzzle games. This one is more of a game-like experience than a challenge. No menus, no achievements, just you and a puzzle. Calming sounds and music were made by Wojciech Wasiak. It has 50 levels and its about hour long. Thanks for playing and supporting me!!


Universal Remote App icon
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Universal Remote App

MyURemote is a professional and powerful smart remote app with an easy to use interface for Android and IOS. It provides control of home theatre and home automation devices like TV's, projectors, receivers, bluray, media servers, etc ... MyURemote comes with a great set of features designed to make your Audio Video setup as User-Friendly as possible. MyURemote does not offer in-app purchases. All functionalities and timeless support are included. What makes MyURemote highly recommended? •Universal Remote Control •Simplify the use of your Home Theatre system. •Add recognizable labels to your Rooms, Inputs and Macros, so that buttons become familiar and easy to use. •Integrate ALL your remote controls into ONE easy to use lay-out. •Lay-out for tablet and for smartphone. •Editing is local on the device or online. •Cloud-based: configuration is retrievable from any device using the same login. •Activity based •Direct network control with live feedback. •Easy and quick setup. •Supports built-in IR blaster •Universal Remote Control IR Global Caché and IP •Auto DLNA (network devices) discovery. •Create your own macros and scenarios. •Add your favorite channel buttons and icons. •Highly customisable, and flexible. •Both home-automation and audio/video control in one app. •No line of sight requirements *. •Free technical superb (cloud based) support. •All functions in one price - No in-app purchases! •the best universal remote control app on the market. Notes: *Official Global Caché partner: *Winner of the VEZO award 2012 for universal remote control app. *MyURemote is official Global Caché partner.


Pixel Fodder icon
$ 0.99 Free!

Pixel Fodder

WARNING: this game in development! Pixel Fodder is a old school platformer with a fully destructible world, a large choise of characters, incredible dynamics and gigaliters of 8-bit meat. Use all power of the pixels to defeat the bad guys and restore justice in this world! Fight for infantry, scientists, movie stars, knights, zombies, internet memes! Create your own adventures in the map editor, find out the whole story of Pixel Fodder Heroes campaign mode.


Mobile Counter Pro - 3G, WIFI icon
EXPIRED Free! $ 2.00

Mobile Counter Pro - ...



Weather Live icon
EXPIRED Free! $ 1.99

Weather Live

Meet Weather Live. The most beautiful weather app. Ever. Don't let bad weather take you by surprise! Set the gorgeous animated wallpapers with live weather conditions on your home screen and be aware of any weather that is coming your way. Whether it is cloudy, rainy, snowy or even stormy outside, Weather Live will provide you with current weather conditions and forecast in your city and multiple locations all around the world. Cold or warm weather, it will magically come alive on the crisp screen of your device. You won’t even have to look out the window as Weather Live will make you feel like you are already outside! With an innovative technology Weather Live™ implemented into the app, we made it possible! • Weather forecasts for multiple locations all around the world • Live weather scenes reflecting real-time weather conditions • Beautiful weather widgets • Fabulous animated wallpaper with live weather conditions right on your home screen • Cloud, satellite, rain maps • Animated weather radar for any location in the USA • Bad weather warnings and alerts to warn you about severe weather in your area. Data provided by National Weather Service • Customizable layout. Choose weather parameters you want to be displayed in the layout settings • Local time in 12 or 24-hour format • 7-day and 24-hour weather forecast • "Feels Like" temperature. Today’s Min and Max • Wind direction and speed. Visibility details • Humidity and precipitation information. Pressure in inches, mm or mbar • Fahrenheit or Celsius and Miles or Kilometers • Easy navigation between cities: swipe either to the left or to the right to switch between locations • New York, Los Angeles, Chicago or any other location worldwide – get accurate weather forecasts wherever you are! Compatible with Android Wear: tested on Moto 360, Sony Smartwatch 3, Samsung Gear Live, LG G Watch. Get Weather Live and be prepared for any weather!


Paper Ocean Live Wallpaper icon
EXPIRED Free! $ 1.49

Paper Ocean Live Wallpaper

Experience this beautiful HD Live Wallpaper with a "South Sea" setting. Enjoy a light breeze on the open ocean or explore an island. It features 3 times of day and 4 themes including: Comic, Paper, Tilt-Shift, Oil-Painting Features: ========== * analog clock * 4 different themes (comic / paper / tilt-shift / oil-painting) * 3 times of day (noon / after sunset / night ) * 2 camera modes * custom HD graphics * supports apps2sd * animated water, clouds, shark … * fully personalize your experience * low power consumption * openGL accelerated 3D Graphics Settings: ========= * Set desired frames per second (10 –> infinity ) * camera mode (simple / advanced) * Turn on/off sun * Turn on/off analog clock inside the sun * Turn on/off island * Turn on/off shark attack * Turn on/off bottte of rum * Set amount of clouds from "no clouds" to "cloudy" * Set wind speed from "no wind" to "stormy" * switch between 3 times of day * switch between 4 themes If you enjoy the live-wallpaper, please rate it and leave a comment. problems / questions ================= If you experience technical problems or simply have good ideas or suggestions don't hesitate to send us an email to We'll try to fix your problems as soon as posible.


Noctum Iconpack icon
EXPIRED Free! $ 1.50

Noctum Iconpack

Noctum is a set of icons designed to provide a dark experience using a dark grey and white color scheme. Following most rules of material design, and with carefully chosen colors, these icons will give an elegant and sleek look to your setups. Included wallpapers are made by me, and they're designed to make your dark icons pop out. Featuring: - 1040+ icons that will grow real quick - 26 matching and original wallpapers (cloud based) - 3 searchbar widgets (without the need of other 3rd party apps) - Use of shader.xml (if your launcher supports it, unthemed icons will be less unthemed :D ) - "Extras" section with links to downloadable content that match the icons. (widgets and walls) *You'll need cm theme engine or a launcher to apply this icons. officially supported: Action Launcher, ADW/EX, Apex, Atom, Aviate, epic, Go, Holo, Inspire, KK, L, Lucid, Nine, Smart, Solo, Nova *material design, dark icons


Infinity Loop Premium icon
EXPIRED Free! $ 1.49

Infinity Loop Premium

For a limited time game is becoming FREE! Enjoy! Immerse yourself into the world of the infinite beauty. The objective. The game is all about rotating pieces properly, so that there would be no loose ends. The content. Entire content of the game consists from most exceptional fan-made puzzles, which were carefully selected by the developer team. This is why each and every puzzle will surprise you and bend your imagination in extraordinary ways. Animals, superheroes, real-life objects or beautiful abstracts - you can find it all here. Nature of the game. Although the nature of the game is quite meditative, it flexes the player's mind in a manner, so that it improves both short-term and long-term memory, along with logical thinking capabilities. The length. The game currently presents about 12-14 hours of top-notch puzzle experience. Please note that to ensure the infinite play, the content will be frequently updated. Make no mistake - every puzzle you see will blow your mind. Please share your thoughts via a review or an email! Enjoy!


Simple for Facebook Pro icon
$ 2.49 $ 1.49

Simple for Facebook Pro

Simple for Facebook Pro is a wrapper for Facebook mobile. Simple includes access to Facebook messages without the need to have Facebook Messenger installed. Simple includes several colorful themes, has the ability to block sponsored posts and more. Simple is the fastest, smoothest wrapper for Facebook on the Play Store. With Simple Pro you can block sponsored posts and ads. Based on Folio **Simple for Facebook Pro uses the Facebook SDK, Simple is in no way officially sponsored by or associated with Facebook inc. The name Facebook it's logos SDK, and other proprietary software are copyright Facebook Inc.


Sketch Me! Pro icon
EXPIRED Free! $ 1.49

Sketch Me! Pro

The paid, ad-free version of the free XnSketch app. Turn your photos into drawing, cartoons or sketch images in one click to create instant works of art. Different effects easy to use with full control. Save your creations and share them with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, and Email. Features: ★ Different effects (black strokes, white strokes, pastel, pencil sketch, color sketch, cartoon, stamp, halftone, hatching, ...) ★ Edge strength, and opacity adjustment ★ Contrast, brightness, saturation adjustment ★ Save or share the result with your friends via Twitter, Facebook, Email, ... ★ No registration is required, and there are no watermarks, no limitations. Please help us to improve XnView Sketch by sending your bugs or requests on or Facebook: Twitter: G+:


Tembus - Icon Pack icon
EXPIRED Free! $ 0.99

Tembus - Icon Pack

This is not standalone app! You must have compatible launcher to make it happen. If your launcher doesn't support 3rd party iconpack, please simply install compatible one, eg. Nova or Apex launcher Welcome to Tembus Icon Pack. The new look icon pack on Playstore. Features: 1. 3700+ icons (and growing) 2. 80+ cloud-based wallpaper for direct access to newest wallpaper 3. XXXHDPI Icon 192x192 px 4. Manually vector graphic processing icons 5. Icon masking for better unthemed icons 6. See & Search all icons 7. Smart Icon Request 8. Support Muzei 9. Image picker, attach as an image to email, hangouts, Etc or even use it to create Zooper widget 10. Dinamic calendar support (including Google and Today Calendar) 11. Help section, contains FAQs with search function 12. Report bugs 13. Show/Hide launcher icon from app drawer 14. etc Support 28 or more major Launchers: Direct Apply: L, Lucid, GO, Next, Apex, Action Pro, Nova, ADW, Holo, Holo HD, Aviate, Smart (read issue for this launcher below), Mini, KK, Solo, Epic, Inspire, Nine, Atom, Nemus, S, LG Home (read issue for this launcher below), CM Theme Engine Apply via launcher setting: EverythingMe, Arrow Launcher, Themer, Hola, Launchy Widget, Trebuchet, Unicon, and may be more that have icon pack support Note: 1. GO Launcher doesn't support Icon Masking, so go to preferences > Icons > TICK OFF "show icon base". 2. Next Launcher supports icon upon but only system apps but manual apply will change the rest 3. TSF Shell support may remain unstable. If you're not sure please DO NOT PURCHASE! 3. Downloaded wallpaper. Find them on /Pictures/Retrorika/wallpaper/HERE 4. LG Home may working unstable for some device. If you're not sure DON'T PURCHASE! No refund for this reason! 5. Smart Launcher, apply the icons via retrorika dashboard, DO NOT APPLY VIA LAUNCHER PREFERENCE! 6. THERE SO A LOT LOT OF ICON REQUESTS! IF YOU WANT YOUR REQUEST GET PRIORITIZED ALSO WRITE THEM TO MY COMMUNITY WALL, JOIN HERE , otherwise I'll pick randomly for next themed icons. Highly Special Thanks: - Dani Mahardika who provided the WOW material dashboard. Find him here


Mix Reworking - Icon Pack icon
EXPIRED Free! $ 0.99

Mix Reworking - Icon ...

FEATURES •2370 Icons •35 Wallpaper qHD (cloud-based wallpaper) •Wallpapers compatible with Muzei Live Wallpapers •Sort icons for categories •Tool to request missing icons •Support for Dynamic Calendars -Google Calenda -Stock Calendar -Today Calendar -SolCalendar -Business Calendar -ACalendar -Other •Search function and Icon Preview WARNING This is not an application. In order to function you need a Custom Launcher COMPATIBILITY Nova,ADW,Apex,Aviate,ASAP,KK,Lucid,Smart,Yandex,Total,Atom,Nine,Next Launcher 3D... Many others LG Stock,Sony Xperia Stock and Asus (only models that support icon pack) WARNING Google Now Launcher does NOT support icon packs MIUI Launcher does NOT support icon packs PLEASE NOTE Before leaving a negative rating please send us an e-mail Widget used KING FOR KWGT PRO and ZOOPE PRO FREE WALLPAPER Plastexo Wallpix CONTACTS TO STAY UPDATED •GOOGLE PLUS •TWITTER THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT!!!


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Wave is one of the best live wallpapers for Android. With the latest free update to version 3 the bar has again been raised. The core features are: • smooth animations • all parameters can be set separately → endless possibilities • you can save your own presets and share them with other people • beautiful factory presets enable you to quickly change the looks of Wave • simple import of presets with QR-codes or hyperlinks • low battery usage • online repository and Google+ community for more user presets. Online reviews Wave - a sweet Live Wallpaper app for Android (4.8 / 5 Stars) | A very nice live wallpaper.. Highly customizable, soothing, easy on the battery,.. Nice and unique addition to your phone' | crazy beautiful and probably makes your phone 6 times cooler' | More information Wave homepage: more presets: Google+ community: Help & troubleshooting If you experience any problems or if you have questions please visit: or send us an email. We cannot adequately reply to comments in the play store.


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Manuel de survie

Perdu en pleine jungle à la tombée de la nuit sous une pluie tropicale diluvienne, votre sac à dos est vide de nourriture, plus une goutte d’eau dans votre gourde et votre guide vient de se luxer l’épaule. Pas de panique ! Si vous avez pensé à prendre un chargeur de portable solaire avec vous, vous n’êtes plus seul. Dans votre poche, un concentré d’informations et d’outils numériques divers et variés pour vous sortir d’un certain nombre de galères si vous avez l’âme d’un aventurier. Manuel de survie vous aidera à trouver de l’eau, à reconnaître plantes et champignons comestibles ou non, à alerter les secours et à vous faire remarquer. Communiquez en morse, apprenez à reconnaître les animaux, à installer votre campement à l’abri du danger et à allumer un feu pour faire griller l’anaconda que vous aurez attraper avec le piège façonné à la manière d’un expert en survie. Consultez votre manuel avant vos aventures pour ne rien oublier en partant et pour faire le bon choix dans vos décisions, et échangez avec d’autres utilisateurs en manque de sensations fortes ou se préparant à la fin du monde.


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Lara Croft GO

Best Mobile/Handheld Game - The Game Awards 2015 Lara Croft GO is a turn based puzzle-adventure set in a long-forgotten world. Explore the ruins of an ancient civilization, discover well-kept secrets and face deadly challenges as you uncover the myth of the Queen of Venom. • Experience lush visuals and a captivating soundtrack • Navigate using simple swipe-to-move controls • Fight menacing enemies, overcome dangerous obstacles and escape deadly traps • Solve more than 115 puzzles split into 7 chapters • Collect ancient relics and unlock new outfits for Lara Square Enix Montréal brings yet another beloved franchise to mobile with this unique take on the iconic heroine’s adventures. End user license agreement: