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The only realistic piano and musical instruments learning app with free songs made by musicians for musicians and beginners! Download righ

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HD Camera Pro - silent shutter icon
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HD Camera Pro - ...

"HD Camera Pro" is a camera app designed simple and intuitive. Pro version is not displayed ads. It has useful features like the silent shutter mode that is quick and easy-to-use in any scenes, the spot AF, and the continuous AF. You can check the operation and functions of the app in free version. [Features] - Silent shutter - Spot focus - Spot photometry - Continuous AF - Shooting Mode : Shake Reducing - Shooting Mode : Timer - Shooting Mode : Interval - Continuous shooting - Guidelines - Effect settings - Flash - Zoom adjustment - Exposure adjustment - White balance settings - Scene settings - Photo quality settings - Add GPS info - Photo size settings - ISO settings - Anti-Banding settings - Save Settings (Phone/microSD) - Theme Color settings - Scan QR Code - Cloud upload [Permission Description] The permission that is used for the "HD Camera Pro" is absolutely not be used for any purpose other than to implement the application functions. Permission items and the purpose of use are as follows. [Device & app history] When the display orientation is switching, then it is used in order to restart after obtaining the information that the application itself has been already finished. [Location] It is used when the GPS informations are granted to the photos you shoot. [Photos/Media/Files] It is used to save taken photos. [Camera/Microphone] It is used to take pictures. [Notes] Spot Auto Focus, Spot metering, Continuous Autofocus, Effect, Flash, ISO sensitivity setting, Anti Flicker setting ...these are compatible with most terminals but there are also some that does not support them. The Effect will not be reflected while using the front camera. There are some terminals that are not supporting the White balance setting and some of the Scene settings.


vLox for Zooper Widget pro icon
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vLox for Zooper Widget ...

READ FIRST: ZOOPER WIDGET PRO AND MEDIA UTILITIES MUST BE INSTALLED FIRST BEFORE INSTALLING THIS PACKAGE! This widget pack requires 1 permission to modify storage. This only loads the necessary fonts, bitmaps, and icon sets for this widget pack and nothing else. A vLox icon will be added to your app drawer once this pack is installed. You will need to tap the icon only once to load widget assets. Once this is done you can place widgets like normal. This is done to cure the corrupt file issue with Zooper, thanks to Lutz Linke for this fix. This is set up on Nova Launcher, 8 rows 6 columns width margin- none height margin-none dock- disabled resize all widgets- on NEW in 1.2.2: Font fixes NEW in 1.2.1: Fixes for Mary clock NEW in 1.2: Added 8 new widgets, vLox Crest, Drag, Mary, Rockstar, Offset, Grunge clocks and vLox Script and Nuevo app short cut widgets. Check the screen shots for details. NEW in 1.1.1: font fixes, please tap the vLox icon in your app drawer again after the update to load the fonts, thank you! NEW in 1.1: Added 8 new widgets, 5 clocks, 2 search bars, and 1 fullscreen widget. check the updated screen shots. NEW in 1.09: Added 5 new clocks, and a large music player. Tapping the currently playing music app text at the top of the large player will open the current app. check out the screen shots. Clocks with battery percent, the text changes color to indicate charging. NEW in 1.06: Added 2 new clocks, vLox Signature, and Signature analog. Also most important of all, fixed an issue with some fonts not loading. Sorry for this inconvenience. NEW in 1.05: Added 5 new clocks (Fleur Analog, Nautical clocks, wing clocks 1,2, and web clock) and 1 app shortcut widget. NEW in 1.04: Added 4 widgets, 3 clocks and an app short cut widget. Check the last screen shot. In the new vLox analog clock the circle behind the skull is a battery progress bar, the eyes on the skull turn red when charging. The vLox app shortcut widget shows notifications for sms and missed calls. NEW in 1.03: Added 5 new widgets, 3 clocks, a 2nd mini music player, and an app shortcut widget. In vLox clock 6 the percent text changes to charging when plugged in, vLox clock 7 the skull at the top changes color when charging. Check the screen shots for details. First Release: This pack contains 14 widgets all done in a unique style. 10 clocks, 5 of them being analog. 3 app shortcut widgets, and a small music player. Check out all of the screen shots for details. Since different OEM`s use different app package names some tap on`s may need to be set for YOUR particular device. The tap on modules for each widget are CLEARLY labeled for easy set up. If you like this pack please leave a rating I would appreciate it, also check out my other Zooper widget packs. If you have any questions, problems, or need help with layout please hit the website link at the bottom and post there or email me at the address below. I would be glad to help!

Travel & Local

Travel Interpreter icon
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Travel Interpreter

The "Travel Interpreter" is a talking, illustrated phrasebook which translates English words and phrases into 33 of the following languages: German, French, Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Latin America), Italian, Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil), Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Russian, Bulgarian, Greek, Hungarian, Romanian, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew, Thai, Hindi, Vietnamese, Farsi, Catalan, Romanian and Ukrainian. The app offers you the unique opportunity to communicate abroad without any special language skills, as it can simply speak the translation as required. Easily understandable illustrations make communication even easier. You can use the "Travel Interpreter" to order plane tickets, book hotel rooms, take a car to be repaired or order a meal in a restaurant without any language skills at all. More than 2,200 phrases and words are included for each language, all of which are clearly categorized according to the respective topic, such as customs, hotel, service, driving, car services, sightseeing, entertainment, eating and drinking, sport and leisure. The integrated search function makes it even easier to find what you need. If, for example, you want to book a single room in a hotel, simply key in "single" and the phrase "I would like to book a single room" already appears on the screen. • More than 2,200 illustrated phrases and words with audio tracks are included per language. • You can download up to 33 target languages: German, French, Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Latin America), Italian, Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil), Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Russian, Bulgarian, Greek, Hungarian, Romanian, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew, Thai, Hindi, Vietnamese, Farsi, Catalan, Romanian, Croatian and Ukrainian. • You download only the languages you need. Each language takes about 25 MB free space on your SD-card. • Favorites category for saving words and phrases in to your own list and to synchronize between different devices using lexi24 service. • Exercise based on the flashcard drill concept, so that you can learn words and phrases from your favorites list. • All phrases are spoken by native speakers. • Precise and simple categories with topics and sub-topics. • Fast full text search function, also for partial words. • All content stored on the device, no internet connection required for use. You only need to download the necessary languages ones. • Each entry is illustrated, making communication even easier. • Very easy to use by young and old. • Includes phonetic characters for the following languages: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi and Thai.


My Town : Grandparents icon
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My Town : Grandparents

An exciting new addition to My Town, come visit the new Grandparents house, a digital dollhouse theme requested by so many of our fans! With so many locations to explore, interesting characters to play with and lots of objects to interact visiting your grandparents house has never been more fun! WHY DO KIDS AND PARENTS LOVE MY TOWN GAMES? My Town games are digital dollhouse games, much like a free canvas they allow kids to invent and create a new game or story each time they play. You can play our games alone or with parents and friends. There are no ads. The complete my town series of games give you a huge world of imaginary fun. PLAY, IMAGINE, DISCOVER Grandparents house is a special house.When you come visiting you'll surly want to see dad's old room! Of course you'll want to go to the basements to see granddads wood work area. Help around the garden, make food with grandma and check out all the exciting stuff they got from there last trip to Africa! FEATURES: -9 exciting locations including a garden, woodwork area at the basement and dad's old room! -Plant more then 20 different flowers, vegetables and bushes -14 characters you are absolutely going to love and adore including dad's best friend and Grandpa's neighbors! -Can you find the ghost? it's out there waiting for you around the house. -Make sure the plants are watered and replaced after they dry out. -Lots of clothing and items to add to your canvas game area. -You can not FRY an omelet, over clock it and burn it, use fire extinguisher in case of fire! :) RECOMMENDED AGE GROUP Kids and parents can enjoy playing this together. Game is perfectly suited for 3 years old to play with parents or 5 year olds to play alone or together with friends. We have full parental control, no 3rd party ads, no IAP. Our games are a safe environment for kids We try to give lots of educational value so playing together or alone will always result in a beneficiary action to kids. Just like a normal dollhouse the options are literally endless. with over 200 different props and items kids can have a new imaginary game play each time they play.


Card Wars - Adventure Time icon
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Card Wars - Adventure ...

***We’re aware of an issue that is donkin’ up the Card Wars – Adventure Time update and some Android players may experience difficulties. Please try upgrading to Android 4.2 to improve stability. Thank you for your patience!*** Floop the Pig! It’s Adventure Time CARD WARS! Play the game inspired by the Adventure Time episode, “Card Wars”! Summon creatures and cast spells to battle your way to victory. CARD COMBAT! Command an army of awesome warriors, including Husker Knights, Cool Dog, the Immortal Maize Walker, and even the Pig to destroy your opponent’s forces! Place towers and cast spells to unleash ultimo attacks. CUSTOM DECKS! Win all the wars! Collect new cards to customize your deck for each opponent. Level up your creatures, spells, and towers, or fuse them together to make your cards even more powerful. HIGH STAKES BATTLES! Think you’ve got what it takes to be crowned a Cool Guy, or will you end up drinking from the Dweeb cup? Start your own wars as Finn, Jake, BMO, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, Flame Princess and more as you wind your way through the Land of Ooo! This isn’t just any war of cards. It’s Adventure Time CARD WARS! ********************* This game is available in the following languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish (Latin America), Brazilian Portuguese If you're having any problems with this app, feel free to contact us at or Tell us about the issues you're running into as well as what device and OS version you're using. ********************* IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS: This app includes the option for adults to unlock or buy additional in-game items with real money to enhance game play, ranging from $0.99 to $29.99 USD (or equivalent amount in the applicable regional currency). You may disable in-app purchases by adjusting your device settings. This app may contain ads that feature other products, services, shows or offers from Cartoon Network & our partners. PRIVACY INFORMATION: Your privacy is important to us at Cartoon Network, a division of Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. This game collects and uses information as described in Cartoon Network’s Privacy Policy linked below. This information may be used, for example, to respond to user requests; enable users to take advantage of certain features and services; personalize content; serve advertising; perform network communications; manage and improve our products and services; and perform other internal operations of Cartoon Network web sites or online services. Our privacy practices are guided by data privacy laws in the United States. For users residing in the EU or other countries outside the U.S., please note that this app may use persistent identifiers for game management purposes. By downloading this application, you accept our Privacy Policy and End User License Agreement, and you give permission for such uses for all users of your device. The Privacy Policy and End User License Agreement are in addition to any terms, conditions or policies imposed by your wireless carrier and Google Inc. Cartoon Network and its affiliates are not responsible for any collection, use, or disclosure of your personal information by Google or your wireless carrier. ********************* Terms of Use: Privacy Policy:


OnyX for Zooper Widget Pro icon
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OnyX for Zooper Widget ...

READ FIRST: ZOOPER WIDGET PRO AND MEDIA UTILITIES MUST BE INSTALLED FIRST BEFORE INSTALLING THIS PACKAGE! This widget pack requires 1 permission to modify storage. This only loads the necessary fonts, bitmaps, and icon sets for this widget pack and nothing else. An OnyX icon will be added to your app drawer, open it before placing any widgets and load all necessary fonts, icon sets, and images. If you like this Zooper theme, please leave a review it would be greatly appreciated NEW in 1.9.2: Added Onyx Dialed widget, it displays time, current temp, date, as well as battery percent with progress bar which changes color when charging. NEW in 1.8: Added 4 new widgets, Fuse clock, Interceptor Clock and 2 Google Search bars. The background of the Fuse clock changes color gradients for each minute of the hour. NEW in 1.7: Added 6 new widgets, Onyx di (diamond shaped clock), Onyx AfterGlow clock and app shortcut widgets, Onyx Ti clock and app shortcut widgets, and Onyx Boost clock. Onyx After glow clock lights up when charging, as well as sms/miss call notifications in the app widget. Onyx Ti clock lights up for night viewing automatically, device name lights up when charging. NEW in 1.6: Added OnyX G3 analog clock NEW in 1.5: Added 7 new widgets, 5 clocks, a minimal music player, and carbon rounds app shortcut widget. Screen shots posted, check it out! Also some font fixes. NEW in 1.4: Added OnyX Sonic clock, it also shows temp and battery percent. When charging percent text will get brighter. NEW in 1.3: Added 3 new widgets, Onyx Glow clock, Glow music player with cover art, progress bar, artist, and track info as well as your play/ pause, next, and back buttons. Also OnyX Glow app short cut widget, notifications for SMS and missed calls are shown with a green inside ring for SMS and a blue inside ring for missed calls. Check the screen shots for details. NEW in 1.2: Added 3 new clocks, see the 4th screen shot. NEW in 1.1: Added 2 new clock widgets, Tri-ring and Oval. Both clocks display weather and battery. Battery bars on both clocks change color to indicate charging. Oval clock also shows day/month/date NEW in 1.09: Added a 1x1 battery widget and a tarnished analog clock. Battery widget progress bar color changes to red when plugged in to charge. NEW in 1.08: Added 3 new clocks, brushed metal Analog, Electro Analog, and Bar Time. Check screenshots. Battery bars on Electro and Bar Time clocks change color when plugged in to charge. NEW in 1.07: Added 2 new black marble clocks, 1 circle, 1 square. Check the screen shots. NEW in 1.06: Added 2 music players, 1 large player and 1 mini player. Both feature cover art (tapping cover art on the mini player opens current media app), play/pause, next, back, track, artist, with progress bar. Since different OEM`s use different app package names some tap on`s may need to be set for YOUR particular device. The tap on modules for each widget are CLEARLY labeled for easy set up. If you like this pack please leave a rating I would appreciate it, also check out my other Zooper widget packs. If you have any questions, problems, or need help with layout please hit the website link at the bottom and post there or email me at the address below. I would be glad to help! This is set up on Nova Launcher, 8 rows 6 columns width margin- none height margin-none dock- disabled resize all widgets- on


Angry Birds Space HD icon
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Angry Birds Space HD

The #1 mobile game of all time blasts off into space! Play over 300 interstellar levels across 10 planets – including our very own Solar System! Whether it’s the icy orbs of Cold Cuts, the volcanic explosiveness of Red Planet, Utopia – a planet made entirely of junk food, or even our own Solar System, each episode offers intergalactic fun at every turn! And the low-gravity environment of space results in spectacular gameplay ranging from slow-motion puzzles to lightspeed destruction. With brand new birds, special abilities, and a whole galaxy to explore, the sky is no longer the limit! ----- “Intergalactic phenomenon worth every penny” – AppCraver “Takes the fundamental physics-based flinging of the original and turns it on its head... It's satisfying, yet completely familiar, and is heaps of pig-smashing fun.” – Gamespot “Anyone burnt out on vanilla bird flinging will enjoy the game's out-of-this-world adventure.” -- IGN ----- - Over 300 interstellar levels! - New playable characters! - Unique special abilities for each bird! - Zero-gravity space adventures! - Trick shots using planets’ gravity! - Hidden bonus levels! - Beautifully detailed backgrounds! - Daily Missions! ----- Join the global phenomenon as it goes galactic! Become a fan of Angry Birds on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Terms of Use: Privacy Policy: This application may require internet connectivity and subsequent data transfer charges may apply. Important Message for Parents This game may include: - Direct links to social networking websites that are intended for an audience over the age of 13. - Direct links to the internet that can take players away from the game with the potential to browse any web page. - Advertising of Rovio products and also products from select partners. - The option to make in-app purchases. The bill payer should always be consulted beforehand.


$ 0.99 Free!


*WHY BELUK ?* Because there is too much similar icon pack out there! Your phone need something fresh! Features: 1. 3700+ icons inspired by material design 2. 126+ HD 3000x2675 px cloud-based wallpaper 3. XXXHDPI Icon 192x192 px 4. Support 29++ launchers 5. Full manually vector graphic processing icons 6. See & Search all icons 7. Smart Icon Request 8. Support Muzei 9. Image picker, attach as an image to email, hangouts, Etc or even use it to create Zooper widget 10. Support main dinamic calendar (eg. Google, Today, Touch, Sunrise, Biz, Business Calendar, pre-installed calendar and many more) 11. Smart icon request 12. Help section, contains FAQs with search function 13. Report bugs 14. Show/Hide launcher icon from app drawer 15. etc Support 29 or more major Launchers: Direct Apply: L, Lucid, GO, Next, Apex, Action Pro, Nova, ADW, Holo, Holo HD, Aviate, Smart (read issue for this launcher below), Mini, KK, Solo, Epic, Inspire, Nine, Atom, Nemus, S, LG Home (read issue for this launcher below), CM Theme Engine Apply via launcher/theme setting: Xperia Home, EverythingMe, Arrow Launcher, Themer, Hola, Launchy Widget, Trebuchet, Unicon, and may be more that have icon pack support Note: 1. GO Launcher doesn't support Icon Masking, so go to preferences > Icons > TICK OFF "show icon base". 2. Next Launcher supports icon upon but only system apps but manual apply will change the rest 3. Downloaded wallpaper. Find them on /Pictures/Beluk/wallpaper/HERE 4. LG Home may working unstable for some device. If you're not sure DON'T PURCHASE! No refund for this reason! 5. Smart Launcher, apply the icons via materialistik dashboard, DO NOT APPLY VIA LAUNCHER PREFERENCE! 6. THERE SO A LOT LOT OF ICON REQUESTS! IF YOU WANT YOUR REQUEST GET PRIORITIZED ALSO WRITE THEM TO MY COMMUNITY WALL, JOIN HERE , otherwise I'll pick randomly for next themed icons. If you're not satisfied with the icons, or your favorite apps aren't well themed just email me!, or curse me in my G+ community then leave the rest to me FOR ICON REQUESTERS: Thanks for your request, if you haven't get your icon requested come with recent update, I'd like to say my apologize but all requests are on going. I work it everyday to make up the icons, but they are too much. I expect your patience as your request icons are already in the queue list. Please follow me for fresh news what recent icons push to update on or join our community on Dashboard is using CandyBar, it is available as open source and free to use thanks to Dani Mahardika for this. Find him here Screenshot credits go to 1. YoonHan 2. AhmadAnshari 3. Lee Dawson 4. Denise L


Deus Ex: The Fall icon
$ 4.99 $ 0.99

Deus Ex: The Fall

Deus Ex: The Fall is the start of a new journey in the award winning Deus Ex game series for Android phones and tablets. Set in 2027– the golden era for science, technology and human augmentation. Ben Saxon an augmented former British SAS Mercenary, is desperate for the truth behind a global conspiracy threatening his life. STORY DRIVEN ACTION-RPG •Fight for survival in a global conspiracy •Every action has a consequence •The search for the truth spans from mafia hideouts in Moscow to the slums of Panama •Hours of gameplay with multiple ways to play •Visually stunning graphics, sound and music •Intuitive touch screen controls •High impact action and combat •Immersive storyline •Fully explorable, stunning environments A TRUE DEUS EX EXPERIENCE •Play the way you want; full on action or stealth •Social and hacking skills •Original story set in the Deus Ex universe •Unique visual design For more information on Deus Ex visit Follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook Check out our videos Join the Deus Ex community for up to date info and news! **Android Runtime Environment (ART) is not currently supported by Deus Ex: The Fall and can cause stability issues HIGH DEFINITION GAMING**


Aurora UI Square - Icon Pack icon
$ 0.99 Free!

Aurora UI Square - ...

AURORAUI - Square Edition! created by flat style and the freshness colors, with the addition of a long shadow that complements its unique design, the flat shadow design. Enclosed in a semi-square, Square AuroraUI Edition will make your device only! FEATURES ・ 4700+ icons in full HD ・ 920+ colorful icons ・ Stock system icons ・ 140+ icons for the app drawer ・ Cloud wallpapers (with Muzei support) ・ Dynamic calendar support ・ Search icon ・ Clock Widget ・ Icon request tool ・ Weekly update COMPATIBILITY ・ Custom Lauchers (Nova, Apex, Aviate, Action launcher, Lucid launcher, Go launcher, Holo launcher, Smart launcher, Everything Launcher,Adw launcher, Tsf shell, ADW) ・ CM theme engine ・ Unicon ・ Xgels ・ Beautiful Icon Styler ・ LG stock launcher ・ Asus stock launcher ・ Sony Xperia stock launcher and many others…. INFO if your launcher isn't in the list inside the app you can apply it manually. Go in the settings then apply the pack! For Go Launcher Users: Currently Go Launcher does not support icon masking, so go to preferences > Icons > show icon base (disable it) Nova perfect size: 150% MISSING ICONS You are getting lost icons? Send me a request by the tool inside the app and change the email object in "Activity Request". I will fix it! CONTACT GooglePlus Facebook Twitter Tumblr


Waterfall Pro Live Wallpaper icon
$ 1.99 Free!

Waterfall Pro Live Wallpaper

You will have a wonderful picture of natural waterfalls. Waterfall Pro Live Wallpaper is the best live wallpaper about waterfall which you feel relaxed and comfortable with the sound of a waterfall or birdsong in the forest . Features turn on or turn off all sound of waterfall, bird sound and bubble sound, just click on the top right corner of the screen. This is a new feature not present in any app live wallpaper. Waterfalls are commonly formed when a river is young. At these times the channel is often narrow and deep. When the river courses over resistant bedrock, erosion happens slowly, while downstream the erosion occurs more rapidly . Waterfall Pro Version have full setting : * 3 background Waterfall * Change Speed Waterfall * 10 Sound for Waterfall * 3 Sound of Bird in Forest * Change Bubble style, number * Change Bee, Butterfly You can touch the screen to broken bubble and when you move touch that will create wind pushes the bubble fly farther. We will continue to upgrade new functionality of app . We hope you rate 5 stars for the app . Thank you ! For Use : Home => Menu (or long press) => Wallpaper => Live Wallpapers => Waterfall Pro Or click Shortcut Icon on home screen for launching App !


Say the Time - Talking Clock icon
$ 1.99 Free!

Say the Time - ...

Be on time, every time, with Say the Time! It's the best speaking clock for Android. It's so easy to lose track of the time, whether you're busy with work, school, play or anything that life has to offer. Say the Time can help! With this talking clock app, you can enjoy pleasant spoken time announcements at regular intervals -- for example, every half hour -- so that you can stay on top of things. Never let time escape you again. FEATURES: Choose from among fourteen voice personalities. Includes male and female voices in American, British, Australian and Irish English accents. These are real human voices, not robots! Customize the spoken announcement. Hear the time in 12 hour, 24 hour, or military time formats. Enjoy automatic time announcements at regular intervals. Say the Time can tell you the time every minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, half hour, or hour. Set a snooze period to turn off time announcements between specific hours. That way you won't be bothered when you're asleep! Set Say the Time to speak only when Wi-Fi is connected. That way, when you're out and about you won't get time announcements.You can also choose specific Wi-Fi networks so that Say the Time is active only when you're connected to specific networks. For example, you can choose to activate Say the Time when you're on Wi-Fi at home and at work, but not when you're at school or at the coffee shop or elsewhere. CONTACT US Got questions? Have feature requests? Please email us at -- we look forward to hearing from you.


GPS Speed Pro icon
$ 0.99 Free!

GPS Speed Pro

This is GPS Speed Pro version. You can try this demo version: Language support:English\简体中文\繁體中文\Deutsch\Français\Pусский\Português\Nederlands\Italiano\Magyar\Polskie\العربية GPS Speed can track your speed,distance,time,location and also can get start time,time elapsed,avg speed,max speed,altitude... Features included - Save your track info. - Switch between analog and digital speedometer - Switch between mph or km/h mode. - Display satellites status. - Speed chart. - Map integration,get your location. …… Facebook:


Furatto Icon Pack icon
$ 1.03 Free!

Furatto Icon Pack

Furatto formerly Flatinum, now coming with new dashboard (credit to dani mahardhika), more custom icons. FEATURES • 7000+ Custom Icons • Compatible with Multi Launcher • XXXHDPI Icon 192x192 px • Vector Graphics, Every Icons made Manually based on Vector • Cloud based Wallpaper with 3 different sizes • Frequent Updates DASHBOARD APP FEATURES • Apply, 19 Launcher Cards, 13 Direct Apply, 6 Manual • See & Search All Icons Included with Icon Name • Smart Icon Request (Donate Version) • Cloud Based Wallpaper Picker • Image Picker, Attach Icon from Dashboard App as an Image to Email, Hangouts, etc or Even Use it to Create Zooper Widget • Help, Contains FAQs RECOMMENDED ICON SIZES • Nova Launcher (Prime): 115% • Apex Launcher: 115% • Go Launcher: Big *** Go Launcher users! Icon Masking isn't supported by Go, So unthemed icons have a circle covering them. *** To Fix them : Going to Preferences > Visual Settings > Under Icons, uncheck 'Show Icon Base' COMPATIBLE WITH • Action Launcher • ADW Launcher • Apex Launcher • Atom Launcher • Aviate Launcher • dodol Launcher • Epic Launcher • GO Launcher EX • Holo Launcher • Holo Launcher HD • Inspire Launcher • Kcin Launcher • KK Launcher • Lucid Launcher • Mini Launcher • Nemus Launcher • Next Launcher • Nine Launcher • Nova Launcher • S Launcher • Smart Launcher • Solo Launcher • Themer • CM Theme Engine • Launchy Widget • Trebuchet • Unicon *** Furatto Icon Pack is using CandyBar dashboard, it is available as open source and free to use


OnePX - Icon Pack icon
$ 1.36 Free!

OnePX - Icon Pack

NEW ONE PX IS HERE! COMPLETELY REDESIGNED, EVEN MORE COMPLETE! With over 4700+ icons, the new OnePX refresh the look of your home with simple and clean design! The new OnePX contains a new categorization of icons, stock icons of the most famous smartphones brand, many icons for Games apps, new support for dynamic calendars and a huge selection of icons for drawer and icons with alternative designs for personalize your homescreen! FEATURES ・ 4700+ icons in full HD ・ 920+ colorful icons ・ Stock system icons ・ 140+ icons for the app drawer ・ Cloud wallpapers (with Muzei support) ・ Dynamic calendar support ・ Search icon ・ Clock Widget ・ Icon request tool ・ Weekly update COMPATIBILITY ・ Custom Lauchers (Nova, Apex, Aviate, Action launcher, Lucid launcher, Go launcher, Holo launcher, Smart launcher, Everything Launcher,Adw launcher, Tsf shell, ADW) ・ CM theme engine ・ Unicon ・ Xgels ・ Beautiful Icon Styler ・ LG stock launcher ・ Asus stock launcher ・ Sony Xperia stock launcher and many others…. INFO if your launcher isn't in the list inside the app you can apply it manually. Go in the settings then apply the pack! For Go Launcher Users: Currently Go Launcher does not support icon masking, so go to preferences > Icons > show icon base (disable it) Nova perfect size: 150% MISSING ICONS You are getting lost icons? Send me a request by the tool inside the app and change the email object in "Activity Request". I will fix it! CONTACT GooglePlus Facebook Twitter Tumblr


I am Bread icon
EXPIRED $ 2.49 $ 4.99

I am Bread

‘I am Bread’ is the latest quirky adventure from the creators of 'Surgeon Simulator', Bossa Studios. This isn't the best thing since sliced bread . . . it is sliced bread! Mashable - 'After years of waiting, we can be Bread' Touch Arcade - 'Feels like the pinnacle of all humanity's accomplishments' Wired - 'I am Bread is the strangest game you will play this year' 9/10 - Steam Metro - 'Slice of Heaven' Destructoid - 'I Am Bread is just delightful' MTV - 'Best Carbs' You are bread! Your mission, become toast! Take on all hazards to deliciousness as you head on an adventure across 8 levels taking bread from its natural confine in the kitchen, throughout the house and then venture outside into the garden and beyond. Look out for the floor and any other unsavoury obstacles that could harm your tastiness as you seek out the means to achieve bread's ultimate goal. Using the unique control system, designed from the ground up for mobile, you can bring the slice to life and take it on an incredible adventure. With you in control, this bread will be boldly going where no bread has gone before!


GreenPower Premium icon
$ 3.64 $ 0.99

GreenPower Premium


SlideIT Keyboard icon
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SlideIT Keyboard

** Does not support Android 6.0+ ** SlideIT keyboard is an excellent tool for entering text, replacing your touchscreen keyboard. SlideIT keyboard enables users to dramatically improve writing speed with practically no learning curve. Instead of entering text by tapping on the keyboard letters, SlideIT keyboard eases texting by sliding a finger along the keyboard letters, while the words “magically” appear on the screen. Love SlideIT? Please give us a 5-star Google Play rating and review. We’re always trying to make SlideIT better. If you have questions or suggestions, please share them with us! SlideIT keyboard version 7 includes many new features and fixes. ☞ NEW!! SlideIT 7 now supports A.I.Type next-word prediction in many languages Many keyboard skins for SlideIT are available for free download from the Android Market. SlideIT keyboard fully supports all Android versions from 2.2 and up, including tablets and Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean). With over 7,000,000 downloads, SlideIT keyboard has been an Android bestseller and selected as an editor's choice by Google. Among SlideIT's great features: ❖ Smart predictions and disambiguation ❖ Over 70 language packs and layouts ❖ More than 60 skins ❖ Speech-to-text ❖ Keyboard customization ❖ Import contacts from your phone SlideIT's many great features make it the ultimate time-saving keyboard for Android devices. Writing e-mail, SMS messaging or just chating with your friends on a small touchscreen is now easy and fun! The best keyboard on the Android Market! ~~~ LANGUAGE SUPPORT: SlideIT keyboard can load many languages, and you can switch between them with the press of a button! Afrikaans – Afrikaanse sleutelbord, Albanian – Tastierës shqipe, Azerbaijani - Azərbaycan klaviatura Arabic – لوحة المفاتيح العربية, Belorussian – Беларускія клавіятуры, Brazilian – Teclado brasileiro, Bulgarian – Българска клавиатура, Catalan – Català teclat, Czech -Česká klávesnice, Croatian – Hrvatske tipkovnice, Danish – Danske tastatur, Dutch -Nederlands toetsenbord, Estonian – Eesti klaviatuur, Finnish – Suomen näppäimistö, French – Clavier français, German – Deutsch Tastatur, Greek – Ελληνικό πληκτρολόγιο, Hebrew – מקלדת עברית, Hungarian – Magyar billentyűzet, Icelandic – Íslenska lyklaborðið, Indonesian – Bahasa Indonesia keyboard, Italian – Tastiera italiana, Korean - 한국어 키보드, Latvian – Latvijas klaviatūras, Lithuanian – Lietuvos klaviatūros, Norwegian – Norsk tastatur, Persian – صفحه کلید فارسی, Polish – Polska klawiatura, Portuguese – Teclado Português, Romanian – Român tastatură, Russian – Русская клавиатура, Serbian – cyrillic – Ћирилица српска тастатура, Serbian – latin – Latin srpskoj tastaturi, Slovak – Slovenská klávesnica, Slovenian – Slovensko tipkovnico, Spanish – Teclado en español, Swahili – Swahili keyboard, Swedish – Svenskt tangentbord, Turkish – Türkçe klavye, Ukrainian -Український клавіатури. These packs include a variety of keyboard layouts: QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY, COLEMAK, DVORAK, BÉPO, NEO and SVORAK.


Aqua Mail Pro Key icon
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Aqua Mail Pro Key

Aqua Mail Pro is an unlocker key for Aqua Mail, which turns the FREE version of the app into Pro. The advantages of using Aqua Mail Pro include: ● Push mail for Exchange (corporate email) in the Pro version ● Supports more than two accounts; ● Supports per-account identities (aliases); ● Removes the promo signature linking to this site to all outgoing messages. For successful activation, please install the base application first. Upgrading preserves all accounts, folders, messages and settings. Aqua Mail is an email app for personal and corporate email. This is the perfect replacement for your current email app as it provides the flexibility of working the way you are used to. Aqua Mail has plenty of options for customizing the app as well as convenient features which improve your efficiency of managing e-mails. Modify how it looks and works to become more productive. Aqua Mail supports automatic setup for the more popular email providers, works fluently with others, or lets you enter mail server settings yourself. KEY FEATURES: ● Multiple email providers: Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, FastMail, Apple, GMX, AOL and more; ● Mail accounts hosted at: Google Apps, Yahoo BizMail, Office 365, Exchange Online and others; ● Support for standard Internet email protocols: IMAP, POP3, SMTP; Exchange: EWS; ● Improved security: OAUTH2 authentication for Gmail and Hotmail; ● Instant incoming email delivery (push mail): servers supporting the IMAP IDLE extension (most Internet mail services except Yahoo; self-hosted IMAP servers); ● Integration with: Light Flow, Enhanced SMS & Caller ID, Cloud Print, Apex Launcher Pro, Nova Launcher / Tesla Unread, Executive Assistant, DashClock Widget; ● Integration with Tasker: change settings, trigger mail checks, trigger events based on incoming messages ADVANCED FEATURES: ● Stay up to date with home screen widgets: message counts and message lists; ● Access existing folder structure: synchronize Drafts, Sent, and Deleted Messages of web mail and desktop mail apps; ● Access server Contacts: autocomplete from your personal address book and corporate directory (for Exchange and Office 365) when composing messages; ● Sync Calendar: allows two-way synchronization of Calendar events (for Exchange and Office 365); ● Format your messages and signatures: insert images and links, add colors and styling to text; ● Save attachments as files; ● Browse messages grouped into conversations (can be turned off); ● Reply via voice input: Android Wear notifications with message previews and actions; ● Undo message operations: “Delete”, “Move to folder”, and other actions can be reversed; ● Backup and restore your accounts and settings: via popular cloud services (Dropbox, OneDrive, Box and Google Drive) or a file; ● Optimize for your internet connection: separate settings for WiFi and mobile data. OS REQUIREMENTS: The unlocker is compatible down to Android 2.1. The current version of Aqua Mail requires 4.0.3 or higher. CONTACT US: If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions please contact us directly at


Motorsport Manager icon
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Motorsport Manager

PRESS REACTION ★★★★★ Pocket Tactics - "Quite possibly the best sports sim on mobile" ★★★★½ Touch Arcade - "Makes an immediately striking impression" ★★★★½ Pocket Gamer - "You'll find a lot to like" ★★★★ 148Apps - "One of the most accessible and addictive management sims around" FEATURES • This is your racing team. Hire drivers, develop your car and invest in technology. • Work with your drivers to achieve the perfect qualifying lap. • Formulate the ideal pitstop strategy to win races. • Watch the race in real-time or jump into the strategy screens to take control of the action. • React to weather changes, crashes and safety car periods. • Win championships across the world to reach the pinnacle of motorsport.


Matericons Icon Pack icon
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Matericons Icon Pack

Matericons is a fully flat icon pack with transparency and brighter&bold colors. All icons are manually crafted with carefully and following material design guidelines. Are you scared of transparency? don't worry, icons fit the best with dark wallpapers, see the screenshots above. You can try them with brighter wallpapers too. Features: 1. 560 + icons 2. 26 cloud wallpapers 3. XXXHDPI icons ( 192x192px ) 4. Supports Muzei 5. Manually vectorial crafted icons 6. Supports 23 major launchers 7. Search icon options 8. Icon request tool inside the app 9. Help section 10. Black theme in options 11. Report bugs 12. Image picker Why MATERICONS? Best new icon packs for ANDROID November 2015: Matericons supports multiple launchers : Nova Apex GO Action Pro ADW Holo Holo HD Lucid Next Aviate KK Solo Epic Inspire Nine Atom Nemus S CM Theme Engine Launchy Widget Trebuchet Unicon and many others that i haven't tested yet(not all with direct apply from the icon pack). Notes : 1. Wallpapers will be stored inside the Pictures/Matericons/wallpaper folder 2.If you are using Smart Launcher, apply icons from Matericons, NOT VIA LAUNCHER SETTINGS! 3. LG Home is unstable with icon packs. Try to install another launcher ( NOVA, APEX ) or don't buy it if you want to use them with LG Home! If you have troubles with the application, icons, you don't like how an icon looks or anything else, contact me on HANGOUTS or GMAIL(hangouts is a better way for comunnication than gmail). GPlus page : Credits to : - Dani Mahardika for the impressive material dashboard - -Andrei P. for a few screenshots and Alpha widgets-


PRO Voice Navigator "IGH" icon
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PRO Voice Navigator "IGH"

This app is a voice-based navigator. "I'm going home" is primarily intended for trekking enthusiasts, since it's a navigator for cross-country conditions. If you are afraid of getting lost in the woods, in a desert or swamp, this is the app for you. If you like fishing or taking your ATV out and exploring, this app will also be a great asset for you. Just set a waypoint or stick to the route you want to use for your return (like in that tale about Hansel and Gretel) - and the app will guide you back or to your waypoint, telling you where to turn with voice. In the paid version to remove advertisements. The voice navigator "I go home" - the program which will help you to return to any point (Home). When you travel on foot in forest, desert and other district where there are no roads, there are no reference points and usual navigation programs won't help, the voice navigator "I go home" - your choice. Simply turn on the program when you start travel and when time will come back - turn on the program once again and listen to voice instructions. The program will talk how to return you a starting point - "Home". Smartphone can be in a pocket not to lose him. The program will talk all the same.


The Lake House icon
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The Lake House

Long-forgotten memories bubble to the surface when the past invades the present in the Collector's Edition of Lake House: Children of Silence! Located at the edge of a gloomy lake and shrouded in fog, the house at the center of this story has stood empty for 15 years. All that's left of the family that once lived there are their discarded belongings and home movies that reveal a terrible secret. Beckoned by what appears to be a ghost, a woman who lived there as a child and her fiancé return to the house to solve a mystery that begins with an old photograph and ends in a secret room. Guide the fiancé as he explores locations blanketed in mist and tries to rescue his bride-to-be from the grip of a masked stranger. Find hidden objects, solve puzzles and prepare yourself for an ending that will take you to a place darker than you can imagine! GAME FEATURES: • 32 mini-games • 18 hidden object scenes • 50 atmospheric locations • Strategy guide


Toca Builders icon
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Toca Builders

This creative building game for kids allows you to make a whole new world in one fun app! If you can imagine it you can build it with the six Toca Builders! Join your new Toca Builders friends on an island far away and create a whole new world with blocks. Jump, walk, roll and rotate the builders to use their unique skills, and they will help to build whatever you can imagine! Toca Builders is a kids app that makes it fun to drop, spray, smash and lift blocks to construct new objects - may it be a house, lamp or maybe a banana? Let's get started by putting down some blocks. MEET THE BUILDERS! Blox: Great at dropping and smashing blocks Cooper: A fantastic painter Vex: Amazing at putting blocks in stacks Stretch: Specialized at placing blocks anywhere Connie: Enjoys lifting and moving blocks Jum-Jum: Loves to spray paint The builders will guarantee that you’re having a good time when create your world! Toca Builders is a new way of creating and crafting things with blocks, that encourages both creativity and curiosity. With simple touch gestures and unique controls the builders come alive and help create a world only you can dream up! To save your world, just tap the Back-button to go back to the main menu and everything you've made is saved. The snapshot feature makes it easy to take a photo of your construction to share with the world! Key Toca Boca App Features • 6 super builders • Build whatever you want - drop, spray, lift and smash! • Color each individual blocks as you want • Unique controls of the builders - spin, roll, aim and move • Autosave guarantees your progresses is saved • Use the snapshot feature to take a photo of your creation • Easy-to-use app for kids with a kid-friendly interface • Incredible creative possibilities • Beautiful original graphics • No rules, stress or time limits – play any way you want • No third-party advertising • No in-app purchases *** Subscribe to our YouTube channel! *** ABOUT TOCA BOCA At Toca Boca, we believe in the power of play to spark kids’ imaginations and help them learn about the world. We design our products from the kids' perspective to empower kids to be playful, to be creative and to be who they want to be. Our products include award-winning apps that have been downloaded more than 130 million times in 215 countries and offer fun, safe, open-ended play experiences. Learn more about Toca Boca and our products at PRIVACY POLICY Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously. To learn more about how we work with these matters, please read our privacy policy:


Toca Life: Vacation icon
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Toca Life: Vacation

Make every day a vacation adventure! Feel the excitement of going through the airport to catch your flight. Jumping on a hotel bed. Digging for treasure on the beach. Create all the vacation fun you want with Toca Life: Vacation! EXPLORE With four locations to explore in Toca Life: Vacation, you’ll never run out of ideas for your stories. Want to start your adventure at the airport? Have fun with the X-ray machine, board the plane and visit the cockpit. Then get a snack and enjoy your flight! At your destination, you have many choices for activities: shopping and sightseeing on the boardwalk, playing at the beach and surfing in the ocean and exploring the hotel. DISCOVER You’ll find lots of surprises throughout Toca Life: Vacation. Find out who inhabits the seafloor, open a secret compartment, uncover buried treasures and investigate a very mysterious-looking statue. FEATURES - Explore four locations: airport, hotel, beach and sightseeing. - Create stories for 34 new characters. - X-ray luggage or people at the airport! Visit the cockpit and have a snack on the plane. - Fill up at the hotel buffet or raid the fridge in your hotel room. - Play on the hotel elevator then ride up to the top floor to enjoy the view from your penthouse suite. - Shop for souvenirs in the gift shop, take photos in the cut-out figures and have a snack on the boardwalk. - Play on the beach and surf above the ocean animals. - Discover the island mysteries! - No time limit or high scores — play for as long as you like! - No third-party advertising - No in-app purchases WE LISTEN You wanted a vacation app, you got it! We loved your suggestions for a hotel, beach and airport, so keep those ideas coming! What do you want to see next in the Toca Life series? Share your suggestions by submitting a review, or share them with @tocaboca on Instagram & YouTube! *** ABOUT TOCA BOCA At Toca Boca, we believe in the power of play to spark kids’ imaginations and help them learn about the world. We design our products from the kids' perspective to empower kids to be playful, to be creative and to be who they want to be. Our products include award-winning apps that have been downloaded more than 130 million times in 215 countries and offer fun, safe, open-ended play experiences. Learn more about Toca Boca and our products at PRIVACY POLICY Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously. To learn more about how we work with these matters, please read our privacy policy:


The Tiny Bang Story icon
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The Tiny Bang Story

Sudden SALE! 70% off! 16-20 May only!


Talisman icon
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"A great game with a ton of content." - 4/5 BoardGameGeek. "Talisman: Digital Edition is one of the best board game ports available for iPad and Android, period." – Dave Neumann, Pocket Tactics **Included in's Top 10 Board Games on Android** Talisman: Digital Edition, the classic fantasy adventure board game for 1-6 players. This officially licensed version of the Games Workshop game uses the 4th Revised Edition rules. In Talisman, you embark on a perilous quest for the ultimate treasure, the Crown of Command. Choose from 14 characters such as the Warrior, Assassin, Thief or Wizard and race your opponents through a perilous realm. Each character is unique in their strengths, weaknesses and special powers. To win the game, you must journey to the heart of the land to find the Crown of Command, and then use its ancient magic to cast a mighty spell to subdue all your rivals. Only by gradually building up your adventurer's powers, gathering valuable allies, and winning potent magical items will you stand a chance of surviving the ultimate test that lies beyond the Portal of Power. This family friendly game is simple to play - roll a die to move around the board and draw cards on spaces to encounter dangerous foes and claim powerful rewards! Build up your character's power until you are ready to travel to the more dangerous areas of the board. Beware though, each character has the same goal and will stop at nothing to be the first to the Crown! Features list: - Officially licensed Games Workshop game, using the Revised 4th Edition rules with official artwork. - Fully expandable game with more cards and characters available as in-app purchases. The Reaper, The Frostmarch, The Dungeon, The Highland, The Sacred Pool, The City and The Nether Realm expansions are available now with more coming soon. - Local multiplayer - Pass to Play mode. - Real-time online multiplayer mode for 2-6 players. Play against your friends or anyone in the world! - Play against AI characters in offline games. - Optional House Rules included. - Interactive tutorial. - Online rulebook. - AI speed settings so you can play the game at your own pace. - Turn log - view all game actions in a detailed log. - Earn XP as you play! Earn enough XP to level-up and unlock special Runestone cards, exclusive to this digital edition. - Languages - English, French, Italian, Spanish, German and Polish. - Achievements - Leaderboard - How do you compare to the World's best players? NOTE - A Google+ account is required for online play, leaderboards and achievements. NOTE - Best played on on screens at least 4" in size. Text may be hard to read on smaller screens. FAQ - Can I play with my friends by passing the device around? Yes! Get your family and friends together and race each other to the Crown! Do I need to buy expansions to join an online game with expansions? No! You do not need to buy expansion packs in order to join a game that is using them, but you cannot choose the characters from it until you purchase it. Does the game have asynchronous play? No. Talisman doesn't really suit asynchronous play due to players having to react to spell casting.


Deep Dungeons of Doom icon
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Deep Dungeons of Doom

**50% off for a limited time!** You’re Going Down! Enter the Deep Dungeons of Doom if you dare… This game is only for the brave. Dungeons await, each one deeper, each one more perilous and each one more challenging than the last. You will meet monsters and you will need skill and tactics to defeat them. You will find weird and wonderful treasures along the way. Most will help you, but some might not. You may choose to play as a Crusader, a Witch or a Mercenary – in fact each one might well be required if you are to successfully complete your quest – but knowing when to use each one is something you are going to have to figure out for yourself. The reward for your endeavours? The Deepest Dungeon of Doom. Never before has such evil existed on such a massive scale. Only the most battle-hardened rogues will stand a chance of making an impact. - "Gorgeous pixel art and animations" - 90% Touch Arcade - "One of the freshest and most thoughtfully reconstructed RPGs on iOS" - 8/10 Pocket Gamer - "Deep Dungeons Of Doom Isn’t Just For The Brave; It Should Be Played By Everyone." - Indie Statik - "Pacey and immediate, Deep Dungeons of Doom offers no-frills, retro-themed fantasy fun." - 8/10 AppSpy - "Deep Dungeons of Doom follows a path I don’t think I’ve ever quite seen before." - 4/5 148Apps


Thomas Was Alone icon
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Thomas Was Alone

- Pocket Gamer Awards 2015 Nominee: Android Game of the Year - BAFTA 2013 Winner: Performance (Danny Wallace as Narrator) - BAFTA 2013 Nominee: Story - BAFTA 2013 Nominee: Original Score Meet Thomas, a curious rectangle, and help him unravel the mysteries of his existence in a wonderfully strange world. Experience 100 levels of award-winning platform gameplay and take part in an emotional story narrated by Danny Wallace. “Across the game’s gaps and hazards, there’s a real emotional journey filled with narcissism and jealousy.” New York Times "Sumptuous visuals and an engaging story." The Guardian “It proves that you don't need tens of millions of dollars and hundreds of staff to make a game story worth telling, just a good hook, an engaging vision, and a whole lot of heart.” 9/10 – Destructoid "Thomas Was Alone is a winning piece of minimalist game design that manages to do a lot with a little in an industry which far too frequently achieves the exact opposite, and it deserves much praise for that." 8/10 - Official Playstation Magazine Key Features: ** Includes FREE ‘Benjamin’s Flight’ level pack, giving you more story and 20 additional levels to play through with young Benjamin, who goes in search of the Fountain of Wisdom aided by his father's incredible invention. ** Experience the BAFTA winning, million selling game from creator Mike Bithell on Android tablets and phones. ** A minimalist game about friendship and jumping ** 100 levels, one immersive journey ** Award winning story narrated by Danny Wallace If you'd like to talk more about Thomas with other fans, head to the Facebook page: or chat to us on Twitter: @bossastudios If you find a bug - please let us know so we can squish it! We may not reply to every message, but we PROMISE to read them all. PROMISE. Email:


Crashlands icon
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*** Some say you can find Crashlands for 60% OFF at the rainbow's end, because it's on sale just for this weekend! It might be hard to find a clover with four leaves, but you can surely delight yourself with some tasty baconweeds. Happy St. Patrick's Day! *** "...a design masterpiece." 5/5 - TouchArcade 2016 Game of the Year - TouchArcade, Gamezebo 2016 Action Game of the Year - Pocket Tactics Time's Top 10 Games / Top 50 Apps of 2016 Craft, battle, and quest your way through Crashlands, an outlandish, story-driven Crafting RPG overflowing with sass! Become Flux Dabes, a galactic trucker whose latest shipment gets derailed by a chin-strapped alien menace named Hewgodooko, leaving you stranded on an alien planet. As you hustle to retrieve your packages you’ll become enmeshed in a nefarious plot of world domination, which will require all of your wits and both of your glutes to overcome. Learn recipes from the local sentient life, make new friends, uncover ancient secrets and deadly bosses, tame everything and build yourself a home-away-from-home as you learn to thrive on planet Woanope. ▼▼ Key Features ▼▼ -● Expansive Crafting System ●- Unlock over 500 craftable items as you explore the world and learn its secrets! -● Self-managing, Infinite Inventory ●- In Crashlands, your inventory is infinite, manages itself, and retrieves your tools when you need them, so you can focus on adventuring, questing, and building. You'll never have dig through your bag or return to your base to free up inventory space! -● RPG-Style Character Progression ●- Become more powerful through creating ever-more-amazing items! As you grow in power, you can venture to new regions of the world, meet strange characters, discover new stories, and encounter new and interesting enemies. -● Skill-Based Combat ●- Learn the attacks of the enemies you encounter, and use your skill, agility, and wits to defeat them! You can even augment your fighting prowess with the power of the dozens of gadgets you can craft. Set your enemies on fire, stun them, slow down time, and more! -● Intuitive Base Building ●- Building a base in Crashlands is so simple it feels like fingerpainting. You can create beautiful, sprawling bases in minutes! -● Tameable Creatures ●- Every creature in Crashlands can become a trusty combat sidekick. Find an egg, incubate it, and hatch your very own adorable or hideous bundle of joy. You can even craft special items to grow and empower them! -● Huge World... with Huge Problems ●- Four sentient races, three continents, an epic bid for the future of the planet, and you - trapped in the middle, trying to deliver your freakin' packages. Take your time to dive into the sidestories of the characters you meet or just rush headlong into making that special delivery. With hundreds upon hundreds of quests, there's a lot to do and discover on planet Woanope! -● Effortless Cloud Saving ●- Just because your battery died or you accidentally dropped your device into a bottomless chasm, doesn't mean your save has to die with it. With BscotchID, you can easily store and retrieve your save from the cloud, and move it between your devices! -● Controller Support ●- Tired of rubbing your sweaty hands all over your beautiful touchscreen? No problem! We've got support for most mobile-compatible controllers, so you can rub your sweaty hands on some joysticks instead! ---------------------------------------- Recommended Hardware & OS: ● Android 4.1 or newer ● At least 1GB RAM ● At least 960x540px screen resolution


Toca Hair Salon 2 icon
EXPIRED $ 0.99 $ 2.99

Toca Hair Salon 2

Cut, curl, color and style – any way you want in Toca Hair Salon 2! Our bestselling Toca Boca app, Toca Hair Salon, is back in an even better version with new characters, new tools, new accessories and even more hairstyling fun! In this kid-friendly, Toca Boca super-creative kids app, you get to run your very own hair salon, with six fun characters to choose from. Cut hair, color and style hair any way you want, using lots of different hair styling tools – from a simple comb and scissors to a curling iron and a straightener. Trim mustaches, spray mohawks bright pink and give someone the curls they’ve always wanted! Whoops – did you accidentally snip off too much hair? Make things right with our special tonic G.R.O.W. and then top it all off with hats, glasses and other fun accessories. Once you and your customer are happy with the way they look, don’t forget to take them to the camera booth for a snapshot! What’s in Toca Boca's - Toca Hair Salon 2? - 6 completely new characters - Fun hair makeover tools: razor, curling iron, a crimper and a straightener - More realistic hair color spray effects – combine to make new shades! - Accessories: hats, glasses and much more - Cool photo backdrops - Smooth and beautiful animations - Better and more realistic hair styling - make any style you want! - Support for Android tablets and new Android devices Other features you’ll recognize from Toca Hair Salon: ✔ Cut and trim hair with the scissors electric hair trimmer ✔ Wash hair with shampoo, shower, and towel ✔ Use the hairdryer to get the right look ✔ 9 hair colors to choose and combine ✔ Lots of accessories for the final touch ✔ Use the magic potion G.R.O.W to make hair grow back again ✔ Characters make fun faces and sounds while you’re styling them ✔ No rules or stress - play any way you want to! ✔ Kid-friendly interface ✔ Available for both Android phones and Android tablets ✔ No third-party advertising ✔ No in-app purchases *** ABOUT TOCA BOCA At Toca Boca, we believe in the power of play to spark kids’ imaginations and help them learn about the world. We design our products from the kids' perspective to empower kids to be playful, to be creative and to be who they want to be. Our products include award-winning apps that have been downloaded more than 130 million times in 215 countries and offer fun, safe, open-ended play experiences. Learn more about Toca Boca and our products at PRIVACY POLICY Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously. To learn more about how we work with these matters, please read our privacy policy:


Epic War TD 2 icon
$ 2.99 $ 1.49

Epic War TD 2

Works fine on low-performance devices! Prepare yourself to be thrown into the heat of pure tower defense battle. No gimmicks, no free-to-PAY, no paywalls - just strategy, mass destruction and epic battles. Here's what we've got for you: - 9 high-power towers; - 2 mega towers; - 44 distinct enemies; - 50 brain-puzzling missions; - 100+ hours of enjoyment;


Ultra GPS Logger icon
EXPIRED $ 2.99 $ 5.99

Ultra GPS Logger

- formats: NMEA, KML, GPX, CSV - log raw, by distance or time - log during standby - AutoLog, AutoStart - Send log / track by email - Publish to FTP - Compress log: Zip, KMZ - Google Maps, Open Street Map - POIs, etc - Online Services - Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive - Barometer / pressure sensor - use of internal GPS - use of external GPS via Bluetooth - allow other apps to use external GPS via Mock provider - act as GPS mouse Ultra GPS Logger is a GPS Tracker which allows you to generate NMEA, KML and/or GPX logs with your GPS or GLONASS enabled Android device. It is able to keep GPS on during standby, which enables logging of a long period of time without the need of interaction with the device. Ultra GPS Logger logs raw NMEA sentences! This is much more accurate than other products which just log every minute... It also supports intelligent KML/GPX output, which logs only real movement. Ultra GPS Logger also lets your device vibrate and flash its led in case the GPS fix is lost. Furthermore it represents your track on Google Map or Open Street Map! User feedback is highly appreciated. Ultra GPS Logger is used for a variety of activities, like hiking, sailing, car / motorcycle / yacht racing or geotagging. Let me know what you use Ultra GPS Logger for :-)) Quick Start Guide: User Guide (PDF):


Shadow Blade icon
EXPIRED Free! $ 1.99

Shadow Blade

Kuro is a young man on his quest to become the Shadow Blade. He must seek the teachings of the last remaining ninja master. Enhanced for MOGA! Includes Tablet Support! You will guide him through challenging levels, around countless traps, sneaking past enemies or right over their dead bodies. You have to be fast, be stealthy, be aware of your environment. You have to be a ninja. Shadow Blade is a fast paced action platformer game for Android Devices with intuitive touch controls. It features intuitive touch controls and an array of weapons and challenging levels. Becoming a ninja is at your fingertips! There is also a free unlockable version here : Follow us for the latest info and game news! • • •


Puffin Browser Pro icon
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Puffin Browser Pro

Puffin Web Browser is wicked fast, and It is the #1 Flash browser.


True Skate icon
EXPIRED Free! $ 1.99

True Skate

Get our Google Play Year-End Deal: Over 70% Off. The official Street League Skateboarding mobile game. The ultimate skateboarding sim. Note: True Skate only comes with a single skate park and contains additional content only available by In-App purchase. See below. Features: - Realistic touch based physics that give an authentic skateboarding experience. - Deck wear. Scuff up your Deck. - Drag your finger on the ground to push. - A beautiful skate park to get lost in including ledges, stairs, grind rails plus a bowl, half pipe and quarter pipes. (Additional skate parks are available as an In-App Purchase) - Slow motion. - Rewind - User challenges - Replay viewer - Global leaderboards. Available by IN-APP PURCHASE only: - Additional skateparks and locations. - Street League Skateboarding courses. Optional IN-APP PURCHASES: (The same content is also available for free by spending True Credits earned by doing tricks and finishing missions) - Unlock all missions. - Unlimited slow motion. - Unlimited board image changes. - Unlimited wheel color changes. - Unlock lists - Unlock Skateboard packs. Permissions requirements: WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: These permissions are needed when installing the app in external storage so that we can save and load progress. Read permissions are also needed for accessing custom deck images external storage. RECORD_AUDIO and CAMERA: True Skate includes Everyplay which can record and share in game video. Everyplay has the additional option to include audio and video commentary via these permissions. On supported devices, video sharing is accessible via the "Share" button in the replay viewer.


Bloons TD 5 icon
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Bloons TD 5

Five-star tower defense with unrivaled depth and replayability. Now with rewarded leaderboards for even more fun and challenge! Build awesome towers, choose your favorite upgrades, hire cool Special Agents, and pop every last invading Bloon in the best ever version of the most popular tower defense series in history. Bloons TD 5 delivers hours of fun and challenging play to fans and new players alike, with awesome features like this: - 21 powerful towers with Activated Abilities and 2 upgrade paths - 50+ Tracks - Two-player co-operative play on custom co-op tracks - 10 Special Agents - 10 Special Missions - 250+ Random Missions - New Bloon enemies - tougher Camos, Regrower Bloons, and the fearsome ZOMG - 3 different game modes - Freeplay mode after mastering a track - 3 difficulty settings and family-friendly theme so anyone can play And that's just the beginning - regular updates will keep Bloons TD 5 fresh, fun, and challenging for many months to come. Now it's time to pop some Bloons! Note on Permissions: Bloons TD 5 requests permission to access to read and write to your external storage so that you have the option to interact with rewarded video ads that earn free Monkey Money. If there are ever any problems with the amount of data stored, please contact us at