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"A calculator app with a few extra nifty features that set it apart from the rest." Calculus doodlus is multi-page, saves you



Survival Games: 3D Wild Island icon
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Survival Games: 3D Wild ...

This is the first pixel style sandbox hunger game on iOS! Exploring, Hunting and fighting, play in this unknown battleground, battle to be the last survivor! This game is developed by the publisher of "Cops N Robbers - Mine Mini Game". We bring you the most addicting gameplay & challenge & survival & comfortable control & stable server & Optimized Worldwide Multiplayer Mode!!! ***Features*** # Huge map - "Wild Survival Island: Blitz Island ", "Dream Lords": Mountain, Forest, Sea, Arena, Cave, Dungeon … # Various Weapons & Armors & Skins & Food & Fruit & Chests … # Many Professions & Skills can be chose. # Worldwide Multiplayer: 16 players or 24 players in one room. ***How to Play - Rules*** 1. Each round is divided into five stages: Get Ready, Get Kits, Blitz Star, Chest Reset, Death Match. 2. Stage “Get Ready”: You can choose a career from your bag at this stage. If you own the VIP permission, you can choose the VIP careers: Scout, Tricker, Swordsman … 3. Stage ‘Get Kits’: You can get a lot of kits from the chests of the map. 4. Stage ‘Blitz Star’: A skill chest will appear only at this stage. If you find it, you will get special skills. 5. Stage ‘Death Match’: Hold your weapons & equip your armors & kill all the other players & be the last survivor & be the winner! *** Support & Feedback *** Mail: Twitter: Facebook:


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Cell VS Virus

Brief Introduction It’s well known that the longest war will end someday. However, there is an epic duel ongoing since the ancient times. That’s the war between cells and viruses. Dear commander, the cute cells and viruses fight each other in the chaotic world, and the duel integrating offense and defense is in urgent need of your wise command. The war situation is extremely urgent, please join it. Characteristic 1.The strategic tower defense game mechanism integrating offense and defense waits for your join. 2.The cute role with dual identities, defender and attacker, waits for your command. 3.Smooth role action production waits for you to launch this visual feast. 4.super cute roles wait for your collection. 5.Diverse role upgrade systems wait for your improvement. 6.36 stimulating levels wait for your challenge. 7.Collecting stars through passing levels waits for your unlocking. 8.Many roles and combinations wait for your exploration. 9.A lot of beautiful themes wait for your transformation. 10.Unique design of Bionics Level Map waits for your enjoyment. 11.Unique translucent interface design style waits for your experience. For more new contents, please stay tuned. Don’t hesitate. Come on!Play with your little buddies now.