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Forget-Me-Not is a tiny little arcade game for one or two players. Mazes + monsters + shooting. Run around the infinite, ever changing cor



Phoenix Emperor 50 Marks icon
EXPIRED $ 4.99 Free!

Phoenix Emperor 50 Marks

Phoenix Emperor | Choose your destiny === 50 Phoenix Marks === Open the application to receive your Phoenix Marks ================== Quest and battle your way through the realm of the Phoenix Emperor while gaining power, land, and prestige. Your empire awaits - build your legion! ***Free for a limited time only! Join the battle and become a force to be reckoned with! Challenge yourself with unique quests and battles against other players, while profiting from your success. === FEATURES === - Introducing a new MMO game for the iPhone and iPod Touch where you can battle other players online in real-time. - Embark on quests with a unique storyline. - Raise an army of real players and outfit them with armor, weapons, and spells. - Build wealth buying land and developing property. - Instant message other players or broadcast to your army. - Get revenge by placing a bounty on players that attack you! - Hoard your gold in a personal vault to protect it from thieves. - Gain public recognition for your exploits on the game Leaderboard. - In-game personal profile showcases your victories, power, and wealth. - Unlock special FREE bonus features as you quest and level. - Attack elite NPCs for a chance to gain extraordinarily unique loots. - Choose from 100s of equipments, lands, and properties. - Continually updated game play and graphics for improved user experience. - The list is endless! Join the realm of the Phoenix Emperor and see for yourself! *** Internet connection required for use.