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Video_Players - March 1, 2024

Lagu Kanak Kanak - Jom berhibur dengan pelbagai himpunan koleksi video lagu kanak kanak terbaru yang menarik dan terbaik, semuanya dalam bah



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Word Search

Do you enjoy the word puzzle game? Do you like challenges? How large is your vocabulary? How many words do you know? Just play this world’s best word puzzle game - Word Search! Word Search is a free, fun and addicting word puzzle game which combines the best of word connect and crosswords for brain challenging fun. This game is designed to exercise your brain, learn new words and share the fun with your family & friends. There are 12 words hidden horizontally, vertically or diagonally on a 10X10 puzzle. It starts out very easy but gets challenging very quickly. Your aim is to find these words as quickly as possible. Top features: - Three levels of difficulty: Easy, Medium or Hard level - Support language: English, Chinese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Polish, Arabic, Vietnamese, Hindi - Nice and Simple graphics with intelligent tough sensitivity - No WIFI needed. No time limits. - Enjoyable game for EVERYONE: Kid, Adult, Girl, Boy, etc. Brain it on! Play Word Search to boost your intelligence anywhere, anytime! We hope you enjoy the game. Have fun!!!

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UKG Complete set

Now Teach Alphabets, Environmental studies, General Knowledge, Maths, Learn about time, sound sof a,e,i,o,u & a &an Each set contains:- Alphabets:- Easy to learn about property,animal and fruits and vegetables with following alphabets Environmental studies :-learn about human body parts, senses,clean and health life,healthy food habits,rules and road safety, staying safe at home,all about earth,sources of water,keeping clean, Maths:- learn about Big and small,tall and short,Heavy and light,More and less,odd one,Before,Between and After,Greater than,Less than and equal to,less than,equal to,addition,subtraction. General knowledge : - Seasons,People who help us, Teacher, Policeman,Fireman,Postman,Milkman,Greengrocer,Chef,Places we visit,Places to worship,Modes of transport,Festivals,National Symbols,outdoor games,indoor games,domestic animals,how animals help us,animal homes,animal sounds. Learn about time :- Day and night,Parts of the day, what we do during the day,all about clock,the long hand of the clock, reading time,all about a clock Sounds of:- listen sounds of alphabets following with a,e,i,o,u,a,an Practice your kids once a day with this beautiful Toddler app.


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Antivirus Free 2019 - ...

Antivirus Free 2019 - Virus Scan & Removal, Cleaner is phone security and antivirus app, packed with Virus Cleaner, Virus Protection, Junk Cleaner. By providing powerful security services, it secure your phone in realtime. Trusted by over 8 million users worldwide, it provides professional antivirus for Android and phone security services including antivirus, virus cleaner, virus scan and virus removal, phone cleaner & junk cleaner, app locker. Antivirus app & security software. Free Antivirus 2019 - Virus Scan & Removal, Cleaner’s Highlight Features: 🛡️Antivirus Virus scan & virus removal to secure your phone. Powerful antivirus for Android & antivirus software that provide security services - virus cleaner & virus protection. 🗑Phone Cleaner Junk cleaner. Clean junk & cache. 🔒App Locker App locker, security software, phone security 🌟 Useful details:🌟 💎 Antivirus software, security app Free Antivirus 2019 - Virus Scan & Removal, Cleaner provides 24/7 security services. Its antivirus feature scans and removes viruses, providing the security service. Powerful antivirus for Android offers you the professional virus protection & virus cleaner. It is the professional antivirus software with professional antivirus engine. 💎 Antivirus, phone cleaner - junk cleaner & system cleaner As a professional antivirus software and security app, it includes both Antivirus security services and phone cleaner security services. Professional antivirus software, virus cleaner phone security, and antivirus app provide antivirus, virus cleaner, virus protection, junk cleaner to clear up junk files in one-tap. With read/write external storage permissions, our program is allowed to scan and delete junk files stored on your SD card. 💎 Notification Cleaner Notification cleaner cleans up unwanted notification. As an antivirus software (powerful antivirus), phone cleaner and security app, it provides you with the free antivirus, virus protection, phone cleaner. 💎 App Locker - Security Guard App locker protects personal privacy service, which locks apps by the secure passwords, With camera permission, Antivirus Free 2019 will secretly take a photo of someone unlocking apps with the wrong password. The photo will be shown only to you to catch the curious one! 💎 Call Blocker & Assistant Customize the numbers on your blacklist and block unwanted calls. With Call, Contact and Read Phone State permissions, Antivirus Free 2019 can provide powerful call assistance. 💎 Better User Experience As the professional antivirus, Antivirus Free 2019 provides more accurate, localized services with location, coarse location and get accounts permissions, which serves the goal to improve the user experience. Free Antivirus 2019 - Virus Scan & Removal, Cleaner: Powerful security and antivirus app for Android providing professional antivirus & security services! 📮Suggestion is always welcomed. If you have any suggestions, please contact us at:

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Joga10 News

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Weather Forecast

* Bug fixes and performance enhancements.


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Local Weather - Radar, ...

Get the best weather forecast app with the most comprehensive information and best features for FREE! Local Weather – Accurate Weather Forecasting gives you every information regarding temperature, rain forecast, wind speed, cloud coverage, and much other important information that other apps might not provide. You can also view the weather conditions of most cities in the world, from small towns to big cities. Take a look at our app and you’ll realize this is the only weather forecast app you will ever need! Weather condition is a big issue for many people. Knowing the weather for that day enables us to plan whether we have to take a car or bring an umbrella. In certain climate, especially in hurricane season, the weather forecast is, even more, a serious issue because it concerns safety. In the past, we have to tune into the weather alerts in weather channel on TV. Now we don’t have to do that anymore. Instead of waiting for the rain forecast on the weather channel, now all we have to do is to download a powerful and accurate weather forecast app and open it anytime and anywhere to find information about weather condition and the daily forecast. ---------------------------------------------------------------- BEST FEATURES OF LOCAL WEATHER ---------------------------------------------------------------- • Daily forecast that shows the weather conditions for that day. • Very user-friendly and simple to use. • Ability to track your location and give information about local weather. • Animated icons for better viewing. • Temperature information in Celsius. • Add multiple cities and view each daily forecast by tapping the name. • View the weather and climate in World Map View. Weather forecast should be more than whether I need to bring an umbrella or not. Many professions are depended on knowing what to face ahead. If you are a pilot, the Visibility and Cloud coverage information is a potential lifesaver. We don’t want to miss any single information about the weather that anyone will need. Local Weather gives the most comprehensive information, including: - Weekly weather forecast & temperature - Wind speed - Rain forecast throughout the day - Visibility - Humidity - Cloud coverage. You can see from above that this daily forecast app has more features and gives more comprehensive information compared to other similar apps and certainly better than the weather channel. This app works on every climate and most cities in the world. Want to know the exact temperature of your location in Celsius? Just type in the city’s name and select it. We will immediately display the info of that location and bookmark the cities you are interested in for easy access. So, no more wondering whether to bring the umbrella to work or not. You also don’t have to be worried about getting taken by surprise by a hurricane or snowstorm. ★★★★★ Download Local Weather - Radar, Realtime Forecast & Alerts now! It’s FREE, accurate, and informative. ★★★★★ ************************ SAY HELLO ************************ We are constantly working hard on making the app better for you. We need your constant support to get going. Please feel free to email us for any queries/suggestions/problems or if you just want to say hello. If you enjoy our climate & weather app, please share it with your friends or family. Please don’t forget to leave your rating and review to support us. Note: Our app is compatible with almost all Android devices. Follow us to get news and updates : Twitter @MobileAppsMD