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Tools - Jan. 28, 2021

If you are an avid screenshot sharer? You are looking for a convenient and quick snapshot app that help protect your phone hard buttons?


Travel & Local

Arriva Tog icon

Arriva Tog

Med Arriva Tog appen kan du købe togbilletter og cykelbilletter til Arrivas tog samt pendlerkort til både tog og bus på en nem og hurtig måde. Du kan købe forskellige billetter i appen: Arriva Enkeltbillet, Pendlerkort, Arriva YourWay, Arriva OneDay og Cykelbillet. Du har også mulighed for at tilmelde dig PendlerPlus i appen, som er Arrivas fordelsprogram til pendlere. Med Arriva Tog app slipper du for at afsætte tid på rejsen til at stå i kø ved billetsalget eller billetautomaten, samt at være afhængig af salgsstedernes åbningstider. I stedet kan du købe din billet hjemmefra, eller mens du sidder i bussen på vej til stationen. For at komme i gang med dit billetkøb skal du starte med at oprette en konto og vælge en betalingsmetode. Du kan enten vælge at betale med MobilePay eller et betalingskort. Husk at du skal have købt og modtaget din billet i appen, inden du stiger på toget. Du skal have internetforbindelse for at købe billetten, men du kan godt fremvise din billet uden internetforbindelse. Du skal blot have gennemført dit køb og modtaget billetten på din telefon. Vær sikker på, at du har strøm på telefonen til hele rejsen, så du kan fremvise din billet ved billetkontrol. Oplever du fejl i forbindelse med brug af Arriva Tog app, skal du henvende dig til Arrivas kundeservice på 70 80 44 44 alle dage i tidsrummet 6 - 24 eller læs mere på


UPSR Matematik 2013 icon

UPSR Matematik 2013

UPSR Matematik 2013 Aplikasi ini merupakan satu alat untuk membuat ulangkaji, Sesuai untuk mereka yang bersekolah di SJKC di seluruh Malaysia. Oleh itu para ibubapa yang mempunyai telefon pintar sila lah muat turun aplikasi ini untuk anak anda yang akan menduduki perperiksaan UPSR. - 40 soalan objektif - soalan dalam bahasa inggeris and cina sajaha untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut, sila lah muat turun dan anda boleh menguji anak-anak anda setiap hari.


Heroes 3 and Mighty Magic:TD Fantasy Tower Defence icon

Heroes 3 and Mighty ...

The Union series of the most devilishly addictive TD strategy Tower Defence games - a strategy where battle towers look like powerful monsters. Clash will be held between 8 fantasy factions. Now you can choose against whom you will defend. Your enemy is one of fantasy factions: unlimited Dungeon creatures from abandoned caves, mighty dragons and Minotaur. Against endless legion of skeletons and zombies from wasteland In the Necropolis of undead. Or versus infinite horde of darkness demon and devils from badlands hell in Inferno. They decided to seize your peaceful fantasy kingdom where you a King (or empress) to smite you and turn your hero and his disciples to their slaves. Be the defender, save your castle and kill them. Like Tower Defence games about medieval ages? Then this fantastic strategy game with lots of strategic decisions for you. Get ready for an epic adventure. Choose mighty heroes, expose defences of your battle towers. Equip your hero in mighty artifacts like ancient sword, shield and armor, keep ready the powerful spells from magic book, to defend the fortress from legion of mighty monsters. FEATURES: • Tower Defence strategy, that will hook you for hours! • 3 different TD campaigns against legendary powerful black dragons and horde of Minotaur s from the Dungeon, skeletons, bloodthirsty vampires and legion zombies from the Necropolis, horde devils and demon s from the Inferno. • Tons of ancient artifacts that increase your skills of war and money, might and magic, leadership and defence mastery • Over 42 (14 for each campaign) different enemies will rush your medieval ages fantasy kingdom to smite you and turn your disciples into slaves. From Minotaurs to Dragon, Fantastic Beasts with offensive and castle defence skills! (Beware of the Necromancer, Black Dragons and Devils!) You will enjoy the most addictive tower defense game ever! • 5 unique races of defenders: brave knight, sublime forest griffin and pure angel from Castle, arrogant elf, greedy dwarf (leprechaun) and mighty dragon from Rampart, disciples mage, gargoyles, gremlins and golem from the Tower, orc sniper and ogre mage from Stronghold and Fantastic Beasts from swamp Fortress. • 73 battle towers with might and magic skills will help you to stop monsters. • Choose your Hero! You can play with 40 legendary heroes and generals. Choose your champion to lead your TD turrets to the victory! Heroes and generals have unique specialties that fit different play styles! One hero is a mage with ancient knowledge, and other a mighty warrior with might, fighting and defence skills. • The magic of the 4 elements: fire, water, air, earth • Tons of ancient artifacts which increase your might, magic and leadership skills. • Three difficulty modes! Are you up for a real challenge? Go with Hard mode! • Enjoy TDMM Fantasy Tower Defence games TD for Free! • Deathmatch mode that will challenge your tactical skills to the limit. • A totally free tower defence If you like TD or games about the medieval ages our tower defence games will not leave you indifferent. FOLLOW US: VK: FB: instagram:


Contra mobile classic icon

Contra mobile classic

In 2633, the evil Red Falcon Organization have set a base on the Galuga archipelago near New Zealand in a plot to conquer the world. Two commandos, Pfc. Bill Rizer and Pfc. Lance Bean of the Contra unit (an elite group of soldiers specializing in guerrilla warfare), are sent to the island to destroy the enemy forces and uncover the true nature of the alien entity controlling them. Contra ( Gryzor / 魂斗羅 ) employs a variety of playing perspectives, which include a standard side view, a pseudo-3D view (in which the player proceeds by shooting and moving towards the background, in addition to left or right) and a fixed screen format (in which the player has their gun aimed upwards by default). When the character jumps, he curls into a somersault instead of doing a conventional jump like in other games. The joystick controls not only the player's movement while walking and jumping, but also his aiming. During side view stages, the player can shoot leftward, rightward or upward while standing, as well as horizontally and diagonally while walking. The player can also shoot in any of eight directions, including downwards, while jumping. Pressing the joystick downwards while standing will cause the character to lie down on his stomach, allowing him to avoid enemy fire and shoot low targets. When the jump button is pressed while crouching on a higher platform, the player will drop down to a lower level. The player's default weapon is a rifle with unlimited ammunition that can be upgraded into one of four other guns. These can be obtained by destroying the pill box sensors and flying item capsules containing them, or by defeating the red-clad guards in the enemy bases. They consist of a machine gun, a laser gun that shoots a powerful beam, a fireball gun that shoots its rounds in a corkscrew pattern, and a spread gun that sprays bullets in five directions. There are also three auxiliary power-ups that only appear in certain areas when the player is armed with his default gun: a rapid bullets upgrade that increases the firing speed of the player's shots, a barrier that makes him invulnerable for a limited period, and a bomb that wipes out all onscreen enemies. With the exception of the machine gun and the laser gun, each item comes in the form of a Falcon-shaped symbol marked with a letter representing its function (F, S, R and B). The first stage is a side-scrolling level where the player is dropped into the jungle and must fend off the enemy's initial line of defense until reaching the entrance of the first base and destroying the large sensor. The game switches to the pseudo-3D view in Stage 2, as the player must fight his way through a series of passageways . The player proceeds to the goal by destroying the sensors in each corner in order to shut down the electric current blocking each path. Stage 3 is set in the core of the base, where the player must destroy a set of flashing sensors positioned above him in order to expose the target at the top of the screen and destroy it. Stages 4 through 6 follows a similar pattern to the first three stages, with Stage 4 being a vertically-scrolling level set in a waterfall in which the player must jump his way across various platforms until reaching the entrance of the second base at the top. The seventh and final stage[b] returns to the side-scrolling format from the beginning, as the player fights his way through the enemy's final line of defense (which includes a hovercraft, armored trucks, and giant helmeted soldiers) while proceeding through areas such as a snowfield, an energy plant and a hangar, until reaching the alien's lair, where the regular enemy soldiers are replaced with otherworldly creatures. The player must fight a giant alien head that spawns larvae from its mouth before reaching the final target, a heart that must be destroyed in order to complete the mission.


Advanced Block Paintball icon

Advanced Block Paintball

In the pixel environment maps of Advanced Block Paintball you will find a funny and great battle from 2 team. Try Advanced Block Paintball multiplayer shooter This game is perfect to play with all friends around the worlds on private or public rooms . For best performance connect to a router or 4G . Enjoy !!!


Tiny Fax+: Send Fax from Phone icon
$ 2.49

Tiny Fax+: Send Fax ...

Tiny Fax turns your phone into a fax machine for documents, photos, receipts and other texts. With Tiny Fax, you can fax them anywhere. Tiny Fax is extremely easy to use. The interface is simple and very convenient to manage your faxes. Features: - Fax documents from mail and other apps. - Fax documents from Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and One Driver. - Fax images from Gallery or using camera. - Provide international fax numbers and list of countries. - Archive documents by status, easy to manage. Cost: Each fax page costs between $0.25 and $0.50 depending on how many credits you buy at once. Faxes to the USA and Canada are 10 credits per page. The others are 15 credits per page. Download and start to use Tiny Fax to make your life easier. Please write to us before leaving negative reviews, as we can often help with your problem or help you better use the app. If you have any problem or suggestions please send a mail to, and you will get the response and solution in a short time.