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Maps_And_Navigation - Oct. 24, 2020

Simple app to save location parked car. App show distance and direction to your car.



Real Cooking Games - Top Chef Virtual Kitchen icon

Real Cooking Games - ...

Welcome to the top chef virtual kitchen cooking game. Prepare amazing Street food and be the king of crazy cooking fever As the master cook, prepare delicious meals and desserts, fast food and sea food in this grand master kitchen craze. You can cook multiple dishes in your inn’s best. Choose what you can bake, make fries and hamburger, prepare donuts, noodles, soup. You can even cook meatballs, sushi and pizza in food court. As some sweet tooth to your recipes of top chef. Make amazing cakes and mouthwatering cocktails. You can add toppings to decorate your stuff. super chef of rising restaurant story is a blend of Super chef street kitchen& restaurant game. Build your empire as a master cook & in this amazing cooking game. Be a real top chef in this fast-paced crazy cooking games and time management skills. Excel your skills and sharpen your talent as you prepare, cook, and serve top delicious menu items in exotic virtual kitchen craze. Enter into the cooking craze world and prepare cuisines and serve your customers. Provide speedy service and please your customers with the most delicious and unique Street food items. Dispense the dishes with your best recipes of yours which will prove you to be the best in this restaurant story. As a cooking master, you have the perfect setup of s for preparing exotic Street food. Make fries and hamburger, bake and decorate donut. Prepare broth & soup. Add ingredients for pizza, some customers have ordered sushi and summer cocktail drink. Prepare Chinese cuisine and serve your customers on time. As a best cook in virtual restaurant story, you have a special bakery setup to prepare yummy cakes, croissants and pancakes topped with fruits and syrup. Collect all your favorite ingredients, add a squeeze of messiness and finish off with a pinch of weirdness. Feel the top chef virtual kitchen cooking fever, cook and prepare delicious meals or prepare fruity drinks. This cooking craze in virtual restaurant games will give you the opportunity to work in this amazing bistro like a master chef and feel the food madness. You have to manage virtual restaurant tycoon tasks and create a food story for your menu. Feed delicious cuisine and buffet to hungry customers in this amazing adventure. Practice in your food court for preparing techniques and amazing management skills. Immerse yourself in this cooking craze. Combining dishes have never been so much fun and exciting. This Cooking top chef restaurant game will take you on street food cooking craze & adventure. Be a yummy food master and bring it into virtual restaurant story, cook apple pie and other delicious recipes, practicing kitchen food street, and feed your regular customers all around the city. Take up the challenge to make dishes never been so much fun and exciting. Use all virtual chef appliances for the best cooking master chef and street kitchen food maker preparation for your customers. The real challenge is the rush hours, all you have to become a better speedy apple pie cook and to serve your customers on time. Real Cooking Game – top Chef Virtual Kitchen Story Features: • Cooking master & Prepare yummy cuisine in food court • Serve hungry customers in restaurant games • Prepare customer orders and recipes at street kitchen • Serve delicious diets to hungry foodies.
• Best cooking chef game • Amazing HD Graphics


DeCompras - Shopping list icon

DeCompras - Shopping list

DeCompras is a new application to go shopping at the supermarket, it lets you manage all the shopping lists you need in a quick and simple way. You can set the price to all the products and take control of how much you have to pay. DeCompras lets you associate a shopping list to multiple supermarkets, and set different prices for the same product in any supermarket that you are used to go. If you want to add another supermarket, you can do it at anytime, just add it and assign the price for the corresponding product you want to. This application is translated to English and Spanish so you can change the language at anytime. Also, you can change the currency to the one you prefer at any moment. DeCompras was developed 100% focusing on your needs as a customer in your daily life. How to use it: * Create a new list by following these three simple steps: + Create a shopping list. + Choose a product from our default list or add a new product. + Set the quantity for that product. + You made a mistake on your shopping list? No problem, you can edit it at anytime. * Start shopping is so easy, you just have to: + Create the supermarket. + Select the shopping list. + Define the price for the products you want to buy. + Just click on the product and it will be added to your cart. + Finally, check the total amount you have to pay.


Raspberry Pi Tutorial icon

Raspberry Pi Tutorial

App Covers :- * Basic Details * Installation Guide * Raspberry Pi Components * Raspberry Pi Projects * Raspberry Pi Programs * Raspberry Pi Commands


Playlist Manager for Spotify icon

Playlist Manager for Spotify

# FEATURES: Top Tracks Create playlists of your most played tracks within 4 weeks, 6 months and all of your playback. Merge Playlists Merge multiple playlists into one Dedup Playlists Remove duplicate tracks on your playlists Shuffle Playlists Shuffle tracks on your playlists and save it as a new playlist Homepage Shows your all time top track and artist, recent top track and artist Global Top 200 Spotify Global Top 200 MORE FEATURES TO COME... This is not a music player Built with React Native Spotify is a trademark of the Spotify Group.


Learning Raspberry Pi icon

Learning Raspberry Pi

The Learning Raspeberry application allows you to know the basic and advanced fundamentals in the programming of Raspberry Pi systems. In a simple and educational way you will find the necessary information to know the programming in different programming languages ​​of Raspberry Pi systems. The Learning Raspberry application is a bilingual application (English and Spanish) covering the following topics: Empezar con Raspberry Pi. ("Introducción a Raspberry Pi"); ("El Hardware: Elegir Rapberry Pi"); ("El Software: El Sistema Operativo Linux."); ("Guía de Inicio"); ("Conozca Las raspberry Pi"); ("Comenzando con la Raspberry Pi"); ("Administración del Sistema Linux"); ("Solucción de Problemas"); ("Configuración de la Red"); ("La Herramienta de Configuración del Software de la Raspberry Pi"); ("Configuración Avanzada de la Raspberry Pi"); Proyectos Con Raspberry Pi ("La Raspberry Pi como un PC Teatro en Casa"); ("La Raspberry Pi como una Máquina Productiva"); ("La Raspberry Pi como un Servidor Web"); Programando la Raspberry Pi ("Introducción a Scratch"); ("Introducción a Python"); Desarrollando Con Raspberry Pi ("Modificando Hardware con la Raspberry Pi"); ("Los Puertos GPIO"); ("El Módulo de Cámara de la Raspberry Pi"); ("Placas de Expansión"); ("Programas Ejemplos-Módulo Cámara-Modos de Pantallas HDMI"); Getting Started Raspberry Pi ("Introduction to Raspberry 3"); ("Operating System"); ("Powering Up and Running"); ("Connecting to Network"); ("Raspberry Pi Programming"); ("Working With Bluetooth and iBeacon"); ("Deploying Lamp Stack"); ("Accessing GPIO"); ("Raspberry Pi 3 Serial Debugging"); Programming Python ("Introducing The Raspberry Pi"); ("Working With Linux"); ("Introduccing Python"); ("Learning Electronic With Raspberry Pi"); Project With Python ("The Web Bot"); ("The Weather Station"); ("The Media Server"); ("The Home Security System"); ("The Cat Toy"); ("The Radio Controlled Airplane"); ("The Weather Balloon"); ("The Submersible"); ("The Raspberry Pi and Arduino");


Longboard Guide icon

Longboard Guide

Ever wondered what happens in the world of longboarding? Wonder no more! This app features a nice Longboard News Reader. With it you'll never miss a thing. It gets the latest news from SkateHouseMedia, Skate Slate and Wheelbase Magazin. Additionally you can read the Longboard Guide articles, so that you'll know everything about a longboard. About it's wheels, bushings, decks, whatever! It also describes the terminology used in the longboard world. It even features a handy tool to calculate your perfect bushing setup and your perfect wheels! How awesome is that? This is the ultimate app for you if you skate! It doesn't matter if you just cruise or go downhill and freeride.