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Games - Jan. 28, 2021

Kiếm Ma 3D – game kiếm hiệp Dị Giới đầu tiên. Game đồ họa 3D sắc nét đưa bạn vào 1 thế giới mới lạ, độc đáo mà không thể tìm thấy ở đâu – Dị



Age of Z Origins icon

Age of Z Origins

Over 30 million downloads worldwide Kill zombies, form alliances, and lead human civilization back from the brink of doom in this zombie strategy MMO! The zombie apocalypse threw humanity into the dark ages. Now, YOU are the light in the darkness. SURVIVE by raising massive armies of machines, explosives, and gritty human soldiers. REVIVE civilization by slaying the zombie hoards, rebuilding your city, rescuing refugees, and bringing new global prosperity. THRIVE by forming alliances with other commanders from around the world, crushing your rivals, and seizing the Capital so YOU may lead the new age of humanity! Because in Age of Z Origins, the walking dead may be a danger… but human schemers and backstabbers are the real threat! SURVIVE - Recruit, innovate, and slay! Build massive armies of human grunts, killer machine guns, and high-tech laser cannons. - Heroes win the day! Recruit unique characters to lead your army, including a sexy international spy, a mad scientist, an honorable sheriff, and more! - Fight the many faces of death! Mutant Zombies, Zombie Bears, Death Mothers and other gruesome dead creatures await your challenge. - REAL TOPOGRAPHY! You must march and expand strategically up, down, and around a REAL 3D map of lakes and mountains! The right route is the difference between life and death! REVIVE - Clear the zombies hoards! Reclaim your city block by block, rebuilding hospitals, housing, and farmlands alongside tech and and weapon centers! - Scavenge for loot and rescue Refugees to increase Prosperity and keep your city growing! - Watch the World Map change before your very eyes! You’ll unlock new Prosperity Phases for a more developed world, bigger bonuses, and new gameplay! THRIVE - Speed, crush, and DOMINATE! Your alliance will rule the map with real-time battles of hundreds of players marching and converging as one! - Form HUGE alliances with real-world players around the world, through diplomacy or daggers and deceit. The zombie threat is just the beginning! - Rage massive clan wars for land, resources, and tech. Only ONE alliance can claim the capital and elect the President! Do you have what it takes, Commander? The war for LIFE begins now! Connect with us on Facebook: Twitter:


將夜行 icon


長夜漫漫,不留遺憾! 《將夜行》是2019年最新的古風玄幻MMORPG大作,以經典的奇幻修仙為題材,以極致技術打造華麗畫面,百分百還原遊戲體驗;唯美畫風+姻緣玩法,讓你在永夜之前浪漫邂逅;炫酷外觀+個性裝扮,你就是人群中最矚目的存在;交友結盟+組隊PK,與你最好的戰友一起成長! 遊戲特色 【甜美邂逅 成一對亂世佳人】 甜蜜溫馨的婚姻玩法,模擬真實戀愛體驗,從相遇-相識-相知-相戀,在那江湖中邂逅令你心動的那個TA;舉辦婚禮,花火晚會,夫妻副本,生兒育女,體驗甜蜜悠閒的戀愛時光。 【個性裝扮 穿一襲風華絕代】 仙鹿、麒麟、金龍,各種山海異獸任你騎乘;華麗仙翼,炫酷光武,逆天飛劍,節日時裝,讓你隨意打扮,走在潮流最前端。 【仙盟集結 做一世金蘭之交】 與志同道合的朋友創建仙盟,一同共赴戰場、贏得勝利;仙盟篝火、祈願,與盟友培養關係,共同成長;仙盟亂鬥,展現盟主的權威,宣誓仙盟的意志,分享勝利果實! 【繽紛玩法 成一段仙界傳奇】 遊戲內置多種玩法,不論你喜歡單人闖關,組隊打王或是PK狂人,總有一樣適合你;篝火晚會,溫泉答題,護送美人,讓你暢享逍遙的仙界生活。 社群資訊: 官方粉絲頁:將夜行(@eskyfunNight) 粉絲頁地址: 【溫馨提示】 ※遊戲提供免費下載和暢玩,但本遊戲部分內容及服務需另行支付費用。 ※請注意遊戲時間,避免沉迷。

Social Networking

-Karamo-出逢いが見つかる割り切り友達探しSNS icon


チャットサービスの定番! 人気急上昇中の「カラモ」がついにアプリ化 登録無料で楽しめるので、今すぐインストール! カラモを利用する上での注意点! このアプリは健全なチャットサービスを提供致します。 他のユーザーを誹謗中傷する行為など不健全な行為に対して、 厳しい対処を行なっておりますので、ご利用の際はご注意ください。 〜カラモの説明書〜 1.カラモとは いつでも、どこでもユーザーと絡めるチャットアプリです。 通学、通勤などのちょっとした空き時間や、 突然の予定キャンセルの際など暇な時間に気軽に使うのもアリ! 結婚、恋愛相談など真剣なやりとりももちろんOK! カラモをインストールして、新しい友達の輪を広げてみよう! 2.使い方 STEP1:アプリを無料でインストール STEP2:簡単な自己紹介を入力 ※匿名OK・個人情報の登録不要! (STEP3):お気に入りのカラモユーザーを見つける ※写真・地域・年齢・性別で選択! STEP4:ひまチャットで盛り上がる! STEP3を行わなくても、あなたを気に入ったカラモユーザーから連絡が来ることもあります! 3.こんな人にオススメ ・暇な時間に、ひまチャットがしたい! ・自分の相談に乗ってもらいたい。 ・彼氏、彼女が真剣に欲しい! ・マッチングアプリなど敷居の高いアプリは不安 ・同じ趣味を持った友達探しがしたい ・年上、年下など理想の年齢で恋人探しをしたい ・定期的にやりとりがあるメル友探しがしたい ・失恋して、新たしいパートナーを見つけたい ・休日の予定がなくヒマ ・わかりあえる友達とディープなトークがしたい 4.おまけ情報 ・カラモでユーザーが多い時間は? 24時間多くの方にご利用頂いておりますが、特に以下の時間が活発的です! 通勤通学時間、お昼休み、深夜のディープな時間 ・素敵なトーク相手を見つけるには? プロフィール情報を登録すると、声をかけられやすくなります! 特に顔写真はお気に入りの写真を設定するのがベスト! ・どのぐらいの人とやりとりができるの? カラモではトーク相手の人数を制限しておりません! 気があう人と、好きな時間にトークしちゃおう! ・写真の交換はできるの? トーク画面で写真の交換は可能です! お互いのホットな画像を送って盛り上がりましょう! ・やっちゃいけないこと、注意点はあるの? 相手を故意に傷つける行為などは禁止しております。 他にもカラモにはいくつか注意点が御座いますので、 説明文下部の「注意事項」や「利用規約」をご確認ください。 カラモはユーザー様により快適にご利用頂く為、随時アップデートを行なっております。 ご意見、ご要望がお待ちしております。 ▽注意事項 1.アプリ内に設置の利用規約に同意した上で、ご利用ください。 2.当アプリは、暇つぶしアプリであり、 「異性紹介事業」を目的とするアプリではありません。 3.当アプリにおいて、トーク相手に対しての誹謗中傷や公序良俗に違反する行為は禁止しております。 5.18歳未満の方、高校生以下の学生の利用は禁止しております。 当該注意事項及び規約に反している場合、また当社が不適切と判断した場合、 事前の告知なく、アカウント及び投稿の削除を行う可能性が御座いますので、ご了承ください。

Food & Drink

Pop Meals (formerly dahmakan) icon

Pop Meals (formerly dahmakan)

Pop Meals is designed to offer you POPULAR MEALS AT EVEN MORE POPULAR PRICES! The most exciting part of Pop Meals is our Meal Chart with the most popular meals at the top of list - making it easy to answer the hardest question of them all, “What to eat lah?”. It’s super easy to use Pop Meals - here’s how it works: • Just scroll through it like you would Netflix or any playlist. Will it be tantalizing local favorites like Salted Egg Butter Chicken, Nasi Kunyit, or a foreign specialty like Thai Green Chicken Curry? • In the mood for something else? We also have sides, drinks, and delicious desserts! • Enter your delivery address & select a delivery time that’s convenient for you. • Don’t want to pay by cash? We’ve got other payment options! • Sit tight & track your delivery on the app to know exactly when your food will arrive. Love what you tasted? Don’t forget to vote for it so it stays on our popular meal chart! You decide which meals are a hit. Got a question or just want to chat? Hit us up at


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DANA is Indonesia’s digital wallet (e-Wallet) that works like magic! DANA enables you to easily do all sorts of cashless and card-less transaction from buying mobile recharge credits / data package, payments at various DANA merchants, to bill payments (electricity, water, BPJS, insurance, and installments). With DANA, now you can do cashless transactions anywhere at anytime. Pay with QR Code Beat the queue and experience a simpler, faster way to pay at various DANA merchants using DANA QR code. Send & Receive Money Conveniently Sending money to anyone has become even simpler by just entering the receiver’s mobile phone number. To request money, you can simply share your QR code to your friends for them to directly send it to your DANA account. It’s that simple! Mobile Recharge & Bill Payment Easily and securely purchase mobile recharge credits (pulsa), mobile data package, electricity / water payment, and various installments. Various Payment Methods Find the ease of making transaction with the various payment method available in DANA. You can choose from using your DANA Balance and your debit card.

 100% Safety Guaranteed 
DANA guarantee the safety and security of your data & transactions. DANA - Dompet Digital Indonesia


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Kaodim - Hire Services

The fastest and easiest way to hire services. • #1 For Trusted Service Professionals: Need help? Let us Kaodim it for you. One of Southeast Asia’s fastest growing local services platform, Kaodim connects users to dependable and professional local service providers - fast and hassle-free! On the Kaodim app, users can easily access professional services like home renovation, office cleaning, logistics, aircond, moving, plumbing, electrical and wiring, event catering, house cleaning, health & fitness, and many more. To book a service, simply select the service you need, key in the required information and submit your request. Hiring the right service provider has never been easier. Why Kaodim Is Your Best Choice: -Fast and easy booking -High-quality services -Certified and verified service providers -Insurance coverage available -Hassle-free payment process Services Offered: • House Cleaning Services: Get your home sparkly clean with cleaning experts on Kaodim! We offer a wide variety of 5-star rated cleaning services. Experience quality services from trusted and trained cleaners today! • Office Cleaning Services: Maximize your productivity by getting your office cleaned by our cleaning experts! Let Kaodim provide you with quality office cleaning services - guaranteed to satisfy! • Aircond Services: Enjoy fresher and cleaner air with aircond services by our reliable experts! Lowest price in the market confirmed. If you find a price lower than what we offer, let us know and we’ll match it! • Moving Services: Make your move hassle-free when you hire Kaodim moving experts. Verified professionals at your fingertips. Kaodim guarantees satisfaction or money back. • Plumbing Services: Leave it up to our experts to solve your leakage problems! Receive up to 5 quotations on Kaodim and hire according to your needs. • Renovation Services: Make your dream home come true with our renovation experts! Enjoy interest-free instalment payments when you book with Kaodim. • Pest Control Services: Bid your household pests goodbye with pest control professionals on Kaodim. Get your bookings confirmed and guaranteed within minutes! • Electrical & Wiring Services: Experience high quality electrical and wiring services from trusted professionals on Kaodim. Compare from up to 5 electricians and book the one who’s right for you! … And many more! The Kaodim app is currently available for users in Malaysia and Singapore. Kaodim offers a wide variety of services provided by numerous verified and certified professional service providers! We also strive to empower and help SMEs to continue to grow their businesses. If you have any queries, contact us at! Download the Kaodim app now, and start booking!