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Yahoo Livetext - Video Messenger

Text and video chat at the same!...


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Yahoo Livetext is the messanging app with several features able to satisfy all types of need. With Yahoo Livetext you will be able to video texting, without sound, having the possibility to chat with your friends anywhere. Recommended. 

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Yahoo Livetext is live video texting, without sound. You will feel like your friends are right there with you. It's an entirely new way to stay in touch.

You can livetext and see your friends no matter where you are—whether you're hanging out with other friends, on campus, in a bar, or on the subway— and share a goofy face or a glimpse of the world around you.

Livetexting is better, together (/.__.)/ \(.__.\)..!!!

Key features:
TEXT + LIVE VIDEO: Both at the same time - it's amazing.
• ON CAMPUS?: Join your college to find and livetext your classmates!
FREE FOREVER: You and your friends can live video text as much as you want! Livetext uses your internet connection (Wi-Fi when available and your cell connection otherwise.)
• ONE-TO-ONE: Not for group messaging, it's like you're passing notes with your friends.
• NO CALLS: Just live video text your friends and you'll see them instantly when they enter chat.
ADD FRIENDS: Use their Livetext ID or your address book contacts to connect.

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Dec. 9, 2015

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