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Control your GENIUSlink with the discretion of using your iOS device! The GENIUSlink App is compatible with M...


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Control your GENIUSlink with the discretion of using your iOS device!

The GENIUSlink App is compatible with Miracle-Ear GENIUS Hearing Aids; ME-1, ME-2 and ME-3 (ME5400/5300, ME4400/4300 and ME3400/3300 RIC, XT RIC, SX/SA & PX BTE, and customs) with wireless, directional microphones and a bilateral fitting. This app will provide all the functions when used with a GENIUSlink.

Device compatibility: the GENIUSlink App is compatible with any iOS device running iOS 2.3 or higher. We recommend using a Smartphone device rather than a tablet device for a preferred user interaction.

The GENIUSlink App allows you to adjust the hearing aids with the following functions if configured by your hearing care professional:
- Volume
- Listening situations
- External audio sources
- TrebleControl
- Tinnitus Volume
- Speech Navigator settings
- Connection status information
- Battery status information

The GENIUSlink is a discreet and simple-to-use streamer that wirelessly connects your GENIUS hearing aids with your environment. The Miracle-Ear GENIUSlink App allows you to control your GENIUSlink & hearing aids with all of your favorite audio sources directly from your mobile phone. Whether you are watching TV, listening to your favorite song or talking on your Bluetooth phone – control is in the palm of your hands.

Please thoroughly read the manual of your GENIUS hearing aids before using this app.

Change listening programs: with the app, users can directly switch between listening programs and external audio sources.

Volume: with the app you will be able to change overall volume, mute, bass and treble directly on your iOS device.

Discretion: The app acts as a remote control within your iOS device and looks as though you are sending a text message from your phone.

User-friendly: simple to use and easily identify buttons.

Display: the screen of your IOS device becomes the visual display of the GENIUSlink. You can easily adjust your hearing aids and check status information.

Intended Use: the GENIUSlink App is intended to be controlled by a patient within parameters set by the hearing care professional.

Note: If GENIUSlink is not present, basic features can be controlled with acoustic signals.

Control signals: This app generates short control signals which may be audible. While using the App do not hold the loudspeaker of this device to your ears or the ears of others; or use the device with headphones, headsets or other audio playback devices.

The Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and any use of such marks by Miracle-Ear is under licenses. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.

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