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Themeboard is the first destination for the world's best theme designers, wallpapers, and keyboard themes. Unl...


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Themeboard is the first destination for the world's best theme designers, wallpapers, and keyboard themes. Unlike other "customization" apps, Themeboard enables the best designers and illustrators from all over the world to create quality keyboard themes and wallpapers for iOS. A brand new way for designers to get discovered and for users to personalize iOS with world-class artwork which Themeboard brings to life.

Featured by Apple, MacWorld, iMore, AppAdvice and many others.

What's Themeboard

- A beautifully-simple app where designers make their keyboard themes and wallpapers available to iOS users. Users can browse and download themes, learn more about each designer, and even connect with them via email or social media.

- A theme-able keyboard that also supports all the great features iOS users come to expect from Apple's default keyboard including emojis and autocorrection.

Themeboard Keyboard's Features:

- Designed for all iPhone sizes (4S/5/5S/6/6 Plus) and iPad.
- Built-in Emoji + Japanese Kaomoji Keyboard.
- Auto-correction/Prediction.
- Quick delete with 3 speeds. Accelerates the longer you hold it down.
- Double tap a correction/prediction to automatically insert it followed by a period.
- Text to Emoji & Kaomoji suggestions. If you type LOL or :D, the laughing emoji will be among the suggestions.
- User-defined iOS keyboard shortcuts importing. Themeboard will automatically import your Apple keyboard shortcuts.
- Automatic capitalization.
- Automatic period upon double space. Can be disabled.
- Tapping a special character (,.?!-/) automatically inserts a suggestion/correction followed by the special character.
- Caps lock. Automatically turns off when switching to number pad (a la Apple keyboard).
- Tap-hold Shift then slide capitalization. Tap-hold shift then slide to a character to capitalize it.
- Capitalize character keys with shift button.
- Responding to web address field, numbers and email traits.

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June 24, 2020

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