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CalculationBook Pro

CalculationBook Pro is an incredibly easy-to-use calculator. Mathematical formulas are displayed, so you don't...

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CalculationBook Pro is an incredibly easy-to-use calculator.
Mathematical formulas are displayed, so you don't have to worry about making a mistake when entering numbers.

Equipped with original features, including a history for easy editing and recalculation, a totalization bar, formula references, and sheet management function, it's simple to use. CalculationBook can be used easily without any fuss, just like a regular calculator.

◆Go back and check past calculations
Scroll through the list of calculations to hide the keyboard.
Correct past calculations and recalculate.
Swipe past calculations to copy or delete them.

Refer to calculation results
・To refer to other calculation results while calculating, tap the solution section of the calculation which you wish to refer.
When you correct a formula, calculations referring to it will also be linked and updated.
Formulas can be given names. When you name formulas that are referred to, it becomes easy to understand connections with references.

Use parentheses and a variety of functions
・To use the scientific calculator function, change the keyboard by tapping the second button from the left on the keyboard's top row.
You can also change to it by swiping left on the keyboard.

Summarize bar
Convenient for summing up many items, such as shopping receipt amounts.
Summarize total, total (tax included), average, maximum, minimum, number of items, variance, standard deviation, unbiased variance and unbiased standard deviation.
Show or hide the summarize bar by tapping the third button from the left on the top row of the keyboard.

Function buttons
Freely assign frequently-used buttons to be the three function buttons.
When you swipe down on the keyboard, the three function buttons appear.
・√, % and TAX are initially assigned, but you can freely assign functions by going to Settings>Details.
When function buttons are displayed, a parentheses button will appear at the top right.

Sheet manager function
Start calculating on a new sheet with your calculation history left as-is.
Create multiple sheets depending on your intended use.

Try the free version.
The free version includes advertisements.
・It does not include the sheet manager function.

Although we are making every effort to ensure the accuracy of the calculation results done by this App, we do not guarantee its accuracy.
Please understand that we are not liable for any damage, loss, disadvantage, etc. caused in using this App.

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Nov. 28, 2019

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