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Astrology Chinese Numerology

Astrology of the Magical Chinese Five Elements for Your Destiny - The Magical Chinese Fortune-telling Device ...


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Astrology of the Magical Chinese Five Elements for Your Destiny - The Magical Chinese Fortune-telling Device

Producer: Master Miao You (Graduated in U.S.A. with a Master Degree, M.Sc.)

The Astrology of the Magical Chinese Five Elements for Your Destiny” is also known as “Magic Eight Words Numerology” or “Four Pillars of Destiny” .

If a person wants to have big cause, big wealth and rank, big success; or to make big money, to get big wealth, to get fame and benefit, and have prosperous fortune being an official, then he must have big fortune to support him. If he does not have big fortune to support, then all the above aims can only be empty talk and a dream.

Throughout the ages, so many big heroes, big talents, big businessmen, and billionaires who are powerful for a time, said at first they did not believe the fate, but at last they had nothing to own, and their final ends were having to bow to the fate. Therefore, the main purpose of this program is to enable reader users to predict your own fortune, to foreknow which stage of your life is the best fortune and best opportunity for you, then you can fully develop your own cause; and should stably defend during the period of bad fortune to make you stand in an invincible place, then you will be able to advance or retreat properly, and will be successful on great cause, and this is just the superior and unique point and the spirit of this program.

Therefore, this program is not to analyze your fate by long-winded discussion. If you need to analyze your fate by long-winded discussion, then I have to talk with you face to face and only I tell you directly will it be told detailedly; it will be not so effective for you to calculate it on the computer or mobile phone. It’s most effective to tell you on the computer or mobile phone that in which stage of your life you have a good fortune to run, and in which stage you should stably defend to keep yourself standing in an invincible place.

The fortune process calculation result of "Magic Eight Words Numerology" is very easy to be understood by the reader users. It’s using the “Fortune Index” to determine the good or bad of the calculation result. The Fortune Index” is divided into the following five rating levels:

1) one star: Inauspicious
2) two stars: Normal
3) three stars: Super Normal
4) four stars: Auspicious
5) five stars: Super Auspicious

The "Magic Eight Words Numerology" has the following functions:

1.The Eight Words Destiny Chart and Fortune Process Chart hide the universal codes for the ups and downs, gains and losses as well as honors and disgraces of all stages of your life. The "Chinese Magic Eight Words Numerology" is just to interpret and calculate these universal codes for you and make you know how to advance and retreat in each stage of your life to remain invincible.

2. According to your eight words, calculate for you and give out your yearly fortunes of the next five years, even if the fortune trend during some one stage in the Eight Words Fortune Process Chart is not ideal, you may still use the yearly fortune to remedy it.

3. According to your needing element of eight words and five elements, display for you the elements of which hour, which day and which month will most prosper you, so that to make you enhance your fortune, and select these periods of time to deal with all kinds of important things, such as opening ceremony, wedding, holding a meeting, and business talking etc to enhance the opportunity of success. Especially for those people who are being in the bad fortune stage in the Eight Words Fortune Process Chart, this function is especially useful for them.

4. Consider that most reader users are not familiar with eight words, so there is basic knowledge of eight words being attached to make the reader users understand more of the eight words numerology, and be able to use this program of “Magic Eight Words Numerology” masterly.

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