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Astrology for Your Karma

Producer: Astrologer Master Miao You (Graduated in U.S.A. with a Master Degree, M.Sc.) “The Astrology for You...


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Producer: Astrologer Master Miao You (Graduated in U.S.A. with a Master Degree, M.Sc.)

The Astrology for Your Karma” astrology is the Buddhism astrology. Its advantage is that it can work out the karma between you and someone in your many past lives, this life and many future lives. You only need to input the birth dates, months and years of yourself and the other side, and then you can carry out the astrology.

It may tell you the karma between you and the following characters in many lives before and this life:

1. Husband/Wife; 2. Father/Mother; 3. Son/Daughter; 4. Brother/Sister; 5. Boy/Girl Friend (Lover); 6. Friend; 7. Colleague/Superior/Underling.

Through The Astrology for Your Karma”, you may work out and foresee the answers of following questions. Of course they are only a small part; the others cannot be all listed here:

1. Is it possible that you husband and wife meet together again in next life?
2. Do you have good predestined relationship with your son or daughter?
3. Whether the person you love most is your past-life creditor?
4. Will your employee or underling betray you? Or will he/she come to make you succeed?
5. Will your superior or boss promote you?
6. Will your real estate or stock broker prosper you and earn good money for you?
7. Did your sweetheart come to repay kind or return debt to you in this life?
8. Was your girl friend reincarnated together with you in this life?
9. Do you want to buy a pet which will most prosper you?

The Buddhism says, when you meet or know each creature with affection in this life, it’s certainly related with one or more than one of the following four kinds of karma:

1. To come to repay the kind
2. To come to repay the enmity
3. To come to return the debt
4. To come to recover the debt

Then, what kind of karma did the creatures with affection beside you such as your husband, wife, son or daughter, father or mother, brother or sister, lover, friend, work colleague, superior, boss, and pet etc come for to meet you in this life? "The Astrology for Your Karma" will find out the answers for you.

The rich or honorable and poor or lowly, and the success or failure in one’s life, are always greatly related with the persons he/she met. These people perhaps are his/her past-life creditors coming to recover debts from him/her in this life, or perhaps are his/her past-life honorable persons coming to help him/her in this life. Now The Astrology for Your Karma” will give you a method to work out the karma between you and the people you met in this life, therefore to help you bear with, understand, or avoid the person who was coming to recover the debt from you; At the same time, accept, appreciate or get close to your honorable person in this life. If you can do so, then you may get clear ideas on the troubles in the human society, and will not be influenced by these troubles, thus you will be easier to succeed. Therefore,The Astrology for Your Karma” will be a Mirror for Revealing-evil to help you recognize the outer evils outside your body and the inner evils in your heart. So it’s a useful weapon in your life.

It’s said “one star in the sky represents one person on the earth”, so there is relation between the fates of different persons and the different constellations.

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