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Warfare Nations: Classical

The best ever Multiplayer Strategy Action wargame comes to touch screen! Warfare Nations: Classical is an an ...

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The best ever Multiplayer Strategy Action wargame comes to touch screen!

Warfare Nations: Classical is an an epic and addictive combat strategy game filled with exciting adventures and explosive fun. Train your troops, establish outpost, and battle thousands of other players online!

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Dive right into the greatest conflict of the 20th century in Warfare Nations: Classical. You’re the Commander—the only one standing between glorious victory and certain death. Your troops need your leadership—now more than ever—to survive one of the bloodiest conflicts in human history. . .

Choose a side (United States or Germany)—and then assemble troops and resources in order to take over enemy bases of increasing difficulty. Train your troops (riflemen, sharpshooters, medics, grenadiers, and more); build armor units (armored cars, light/heavy tanks); summon air support (air superiority fighters, bombers); and establish outposts on enemy territory to generate indispensable iron and gold—the key resources for expanding and upgrading your army.

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* Three Modes to combat: Mission, Online PvP and Game Center PvP.
* War can be beautiful: 4 challenging maps with unparalleled visuals are available (city, mountain, country and forest)
* Dominate both land and sky with 50+ WWII classical combat units: 9 different infantry troops and armored units, plus 7 unique air support units.
* Draw your troops into battle: Line-drawing control system.
* Engage in the most challenging combat on the map: Endless challenge, Last man standing and strike storm.
* Build your army: Collect enough gold and win enough PVP victory bonus to upgrade your HQ and strengthen your troops.
* Quick online battles: Always fast-paced—with just 1 minute to get started, and 5 minutes per round.
* Obliterate your enemies online: Challenge thousands of other players, raid their bases, and enjoy the spoils of war!
* Smooth operator: Seamless connection for smartphones and tablets with matchmaking; supports Wi-Fi and 2G/3G/4G.

If you need help with the game for ANY reason, feel free to reach us at

Note: Warfare Nations: Classical requires an Internet connection to play.

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May 9, 2020

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