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- Master EVERY single popular Thai word - Build the ultimate vocabulary, so you'll be able to understand every...


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- Master EVERY single popular Thai word
- Build the ultimate vocabulary, so you'll be able to understand everything in Thailand
- Learn Thai by sound grouping, to optimise your brain's recall skills
- Native speaker voices, so you'll sound like a local - like a Thai guy or Thai girl
- Example Thai phrases to help understand the native Thai meaning
- Thai English romanisation, to help you read.

Scribe Thai is only for you if you want to learn Thai to perfection. If you want to build up a HUGE vocabulary of Thai words in the shortest time.

Complete with native speaker's pronunciation. And shortcut methods for remembering similar-sounding words, as well as the tones for each word.

Scribe Thai has been intentionally designed to teach mastery of Thai vocabulary - you learn EVERY common Thai word. Using a unique study method, words are remembered with related-sounding words, so that in real-life situations you are able to contextually select the correct word, even if you missed the tone. Study Thai this way, and your mind's ability to select the correct word in context increases 10 fold. Just think about it: for every similar sound, you will know the 4 or 5 possible popular words it could be.

Scribe Thai quietly saturates your mind with all the correct linkages to learn Thai to a better-than-native level. This is the fastest known method to the learn Thai language, by focusing on learning through Thai games.

Scribe: Thai also includes numerous games using the same study deck, so no matter what game you play, your study picks up where you left off. You can study Thai YOUR way. And your dreams of speaking Thailand can come real.

ScribeThai has been tried and tested by numerous users, who say the Scribe Origins method of study is faster than any other method for attaining a massive Thai vocabulary.

== Features ==

- 5000 of the most common words.
- Full native audio spoken for every single word. Speak Thai within weeks, instead of years, with a daily commitment to study Thai words.
- 6 Thai games: Thai flashcards, Thai multiple choice, Thai tiles, listening flashcards, listening multiple choice, matchup.
- Spaced-Repetition System that.. is simply incredible. When you get down into the deeper levels with thousands of words to remember, you'll be amazed at how accurately the right word comes along.
- Study Thai completely offline - no internet bandwidth used. Learn and study Thai anywhere - on the train, bus, on the way to work, sitting waiting, in coffee shops, on bed before dreaming Thai in your sleep.
- Ruby text places the reading above the Thai characters, just like in manga and anime readings (and quietly helps you learn Thai).
- Synchronise your progress across devices, if you want to learn Thai on your iPhone and iPad. Both apps will be synced to the ScribeThai app.
- Example usage sentences and common Thai phrases for the most popular Thai words.
- Most users who have gone through the entire first level unequivocally say that Scribe Thai is currently the fastest way to learn Thai language, both listening and reading skills.

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