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Mobile Midwife EHR

OVERVIEW : Mobile Midwife EHR is the premier electronic charting and patient health records software for the i...


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Mobile Midwife EHR is the premier electronic charting and patient health records software for the iPad and Mac. A client portal is available on all devices. Clients can login and create their record, sign documents and direct message their provider. Then the Midwife uses the iPad/iPhone/Mac to record prenatal visits, Labor flow, Postpartum visits and create invoices, tasks, reminders and reports. IT'S TIME TO GO PAPERLESS!!!

Best of all, Mobile Midwife EHR does not need to be connected to the internet to work like other web-based EHR solutions do. So if you need to attend a birth at a home, NO WORRIES! If there is no internet connection the app will work just the same. Later, once an internet connection is detected all of your data will backup to the Mobile Midwife servers and other users in your practice with different iPads will automatically get updated with the new data you entered!

Record all patient information including health history, prior pregnancies, financial information and so much more.
Record client prenatal visits, labs, physical exams, vitals, etc.
Record mom's labor flow with vitals and the various stages of labor.
Record new born details, APGAR scores, physical exam, complications
Record immediate postpartum details for baby and mom with information such as vitals and events such as the stages of postpartum labor, episiotomy, complications, etc.
Record mother and infant postpartum visits by inputing their vitals, feeding/sleeping habits, intake, and emotional health, etc.
Take primary care clients, both male, female, adults and newborns.
Reminder system & Track customer self-pay and insurance billing
Print, Email or export any client data as a PDF
NOW you can go PAPERLESS!! Import PDFs and create a document template by dropping text boxes, check boxes and signature boxes wherever needed on the PDF to make it fully interactive. Once you create your document templates your new clients will be guided to sign all of the documents as part of their sign up process after they complete their health history information using only their finger or a stylus.
Messaging feature records all emails between patient and care provider under client record. Messages can also be sent to other users in your practice or even anyone outside of your practice.
Use new Chat feature to instant message your clients. Message will not wake you at night unless client indicates it's urgent.
Use new sign off feature to lock records.
New Audit features shows every single field change, who did it and from what device since the creation of any record.
New insurance claims feature generates CMS 1500 and UB-04 forms so you can bill insurance directly
Now submit claims electronically! No need to double enter client information and billing codes into separate clearinghouse software.
Generate reports on your practice statistics, including number of clients delivered, outcomes and transfer rate.
Export your data as an Excel spreadsheet so you can utilize it for your own purposes such as reporting to the state, creating your own statistical analysis or tracking any other metric such as average visit duration.
• We are now integrated with lab companies such as Quest, LabCorp, Interpath, RML and many others. Lab results flow seamlessly into your client records saving you time and ensuring that no lab gets forgotten.
New split screen feature allows for multi-tasking

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