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Are you looking for a great app for sending files? If the answer is yes, we have the right app for you: Send Anywhere. Thanks to this app, you will send any kind of file of any size without problems. You just need to download the app without logging in, in this way you will send your contents in complete privacy. Recommended.


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Send Anywhere: Easy, quick, and unlimited file sharing

Send your photos and videos in original size to your PC, share them with your friends, transfer your music files to your iPhone. You can send to anywhere you want instantly, for free. No login or registration required.

• 6-Digit Key
A security key that lets you send and receive files on Send Anywhere. It will be generated after selecting files. When the key is entered on the receiving device, files will be sent instantly.

Share Link
You can generate a link and share with multiple people. Links are valid for 48 hours.

• To Device
Send a notification to receiving devices, allowing them to receive files without having to enter a key.

Play Music
Received music files can be played right in the app! You can even make a music playlist of your own and send the file to your friends.

Play Video
Received Video files can be played in Send Anywhere's simple video player! Even multi-language subtitles are supported! Free your iPhone from iTunes.

Feedback is always welcome. Please message using 'Send Feedback' menu, or email with any issues or suggestions.

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March 30, 2018

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