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Mixture Photos: Write & Draw on a Picture

- WELCOME TO MIXTURE PHOTOS! - * Draw & write on your photos in a snap, then share them everywhere - Try it! *...

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* Draw & write on your photos in a snap, then share them everywhere - Try it!
* Top 10 Entertainment app in 14 countries!

Mixture Photos is an EASY and FUN app that lets you draw and write on your photos FAST. Share something your friends have never seen before - text, email, Facebook, and more - and then brag about how you did it! After trying Mixture Photos, you'll never want to send text-only messages again.

Read these GREAT REVIEWS from REAL users:

"I knew what I needed, opened App Store, searched for something like this, saw it, downloaded it and lo and behold, IT WORKED PERFECTLY! Why can't all app browsing experiences be this good?? Great app."

"This is a really cool, simple, yet VERY Artistic App!! I have used other "paint- on apps," but this has many more useful features than the others'.... The text entry & editor is fantastic. The fb, txt & email sharing capabilities are AWESOME!!"

"Excellent design, easy to use, practical for enhancing your photos, and flawless in execution. In my humble opinion, this app should be a "must-have" on every iPhone."

__! FEATURES ! __
- Write messages on your photos with the keypad
- Draw free-form with your finger, too!
- 20 bright colors to choose from!
- Import photos from Facebook and Instagram
- Share via Email, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
- View & edit your past mixes in the Gallery

__! TRY IT OUT !__
- Write a love note on the moon
- Finally give your sleeping friend that mustache
- Give your dog/cat/donkey a speech bubble
- Sign your name across the sky
- Boring birthday card? Mom deserves better!
- Visit Niagara Falls and tag that sucker!
- Create a meme for your buddies
- Record how you felt in that one special photo
- Graffiti the other team's mascot! Mwahaha!
- Send the best "wish you were here" brag, ever!
- Be amazing.

DISCLAIMER: Mixture assumes no responsibility for your photos becoming the next viral sensation. If you send something wicked funny to your friends, they're going to share it!

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Nov. 27, 2019

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