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Middle Manager of Justice

"You have been hired to whip the latest branch of Justice Corp. into shape!"...


The good

  • clean design, easy interface
  • fun take on a sims-style game, you can expand your office and make your own

The bad

  • can be slow at first, takes to time to get into the swing of things
  • have to learn how to utilize all of the various buttons and options, not 100% intuitive

Freapp team says

A really fun game that makes office management actually seem... FUN. You are the one in charge of cultivating young superheros into the super stars they are meant to be! The game itself holds a lot of similarities to sims, the building element taking place in the heros you hire and the districts in the city that you keep crime free. It's a lot of work but somebody has to do it! 

Store review

USA Today - "The animated art style is gorgeous, the dialogue clever and funny, and strong mechanics rescue mobile players yearning for their next great game."

One of Game Informer's "best games that 2012 has to offer" in their 2012 Holiday Buying Guide!

Somewhere between GOOD and EVIL... Between ORDER and CHAOS... Between UPPER MANAGEMENT and the SENIOR STAFF... You'll find the glue that holds it all together: The Middle Manager of Justice!

Congratulations, you are the new Middle Manager of Justice! You have been hired to whip the latest branch of Justice Corp. into shape! Train and manage your team of superheroes to thwart crime and save citizens around the city! Increase efficiency in your branch by building new facilities and upgrading the equipment! Could it be done without you? Yeah, probably. But it would be sloppy, costly and demotivating!

*note: some audio does not currently function correctly on iOS 9 devices

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July 1, 2020

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