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Practice Recorder

Recordings are organized by folders and can be played on shuffle. This allows to use the Recorder to * pract...

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Recordings are organized by folders and can be played on shuffle.

This allows to use the Recorder to
* practice learning another language
* make instructions for a project
* capture travel notes
* listen for recorded daily affirmations
* collect insights
* record stories for children
* journal and organize journal entries by folders

- Play Refreshing recordings that have not been played recently (and with shuffle)
- TouchID and passcode protection
- iPhone privacy mode, when playback can be heard through the receiver only
- Export and Import recordings between compatible apps
- Create, Delete, Reorder folders
- move one or all recordings from one folder to another
- shake to undo delete
- Playback recordings by folder
- Shuffle all recordings in a folder
- Shuffle recordings in all folders
- Play Newly made recordings first
- Play New recordings with shuffle
- up to 100 folders to organize recordings
- compressed with high quality sound
- compact format for many hours
- automatically suggest good names for folders
- compatible with iTunes including cover art and Sound Check

There are several ways to listen the recordings:
1. iPhone earpiece, just like during a phone call, great for privacy use
2. Plugin headphones
3. Turn your device upside-down with speakers up to hear recording through loud speakers when you are in the private environment.

Use iTunes File Sharing to upload your existing recordings or download files from the app to your computer.

Shuffle all or most recent recordings. Turn on repeat to play a set of recordings or single recording continuously.

Set the reminders within the app to practice Recording and Listening daily.

Rename recordings, names can include emoji symbols.

Detailed instructions on how to use the app are included together with ability to contact developer.

Advanced Features:
- Apple Watch complication to start recording from watch face
- Record on Apple Watch by raising your wrist
- One tap to start recording
- Bluetooth playback (High Quality only) with metadata support
- Rotate recorder upside-down to use loud speaker for playback.
- Reorder folders in the list
- AirDrop recordings
- iPhone earpiece playback, just like a phone. This mode is default when headphones are unplugged for privacy.
- Current recording is saved in case of accidental interruptions, battery loss or low memory up until the time of accident
- iTunes supported information including date and folder is recorded, including the cover art

This app is most suitable for daily practice of recording and listening. Please let developer know what features you like to see next on the ideas forum.

From customer reviews:
"Great app that supports practice! Don't let yourself be talked out of it!"
"Amazing tool of awareness and metacognition."
"much gratitude for this app! It gets rid of just about all the logistical hassle of recording and listening."
"This app is fantastic! It has basically removed the administrative overhead involved in uploading R/L files to iTunes, naming files, putting them in albums and creating playlists. I can do all that right in the app. No more excuses for not Recording and Listening."

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Nov. 26, 2019

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