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Tree World™

"Can you grow your tree to the sky and make it a home for adorable critters?" ...


The good

  • Adorable presentation
  • Addictive collecting and trading gameplay.

The bad

  • not much to do within the game

Freapp team says

Cool game 'Tree World' allows you to grow your own virtual tree and make it home to a variety of adorable animals. We at Freapp tried it out and were impressed with the various numbers of 'critters' that can live in your tree. You can collect them all and trade with friends, also don't forget that you must defeat the Gnome King in order to save the animals trapped in his horrible cage! 

This game is also unique because it can be played online OR offline. 

Store review

Can you grow your tree to the sky and make it a home for 1 pet, 2 pets, 300+ pets?

** DISCOVER a kingdom filled with the adorable Caterpillow critter, Nautilus critter, Pandacorn critter and more!
** COLLECT them all, a tiny creature, an adorable animal, a dragon, a monster and more!
** TRADE with friends and family to complete your collection!
** DEFEAT the Gnome King and his minion in an adventure to save critters!
** CONNECT with friends and visit their trees!
** TAP to grow your tree through the layers of vale and forest to unlock new surprises!
** CREATE a unique story by customising your tree!
** SUMMON the elf Poppy to get a new creature!

Tree World is a FREE game and can be played both online and offline, but be sure to connect to the internet to download the latest critters! Not just for kids, Tree World can capture the hearts of young and old with its adorable tiny creatures.

Tree World is a perfect pocket sized game!

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Jan. 13, 2021

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