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Tabletop is an expandable studio with over a dozen included musical devices. Tabletop is a modular environment...


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Tabletop is an expandable studio with over a dozen included musical devices. Tabletop is a modular environment where you can mix and match different devices. Select from over 40 devices including samplers, mixers, effects, sequencers and more. Buy only the gear you need from an expanding catalog.

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Retronyms has partnered with industry giants like Akai Professional and Arturia to create some of the Tabletop-Ready Apps, like iMPC, iMini, and iProphet! Using the Tabletop features of time stretching and pitch shifting, you can slice loops and time stretch them to different tempos and pitches in iMPC Pro. You can also use sliced loops from purchased AudioCopy sound packs inside Gridlock and iMPC Pro. Loops from these sound packs will automatically match the tempo of your sessions.

Tabletop is an audio playground where you can create beats, compose songs, mix live, make mashups with samples from your iPod library, and more... the possibilities are endless. Plug the output of a keyboard into a delay to add an echo, or wire it up to a mixer and adjust the pan. Chain up multiple effects to create new and evolving sounds.

• 43 devices including effects, sequencers, drum machines, and synths
• 14 devices are included for free
• 64 bit audio support
Access powerful Tabletop-Ready Apps
Piano Roll style timeline editor
Cut, copy, paste, duplicate, and create notes
Control Tabletop’s keyboards, drum pads, knobs, faders, and other parameters
Correct note timing with Fix to Grid
Edit note length and velocity
Undo changes and edits with Tabletop’s History Menu
Features Core MIDI Support
Works with any MIDI-compatible hardware
Customize control mapping with Midi Learn mode
Connect multiple devices
Share your music to SoundCloud and interact with other Tabletop users

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June 13, 2020

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