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Camera Mic

Selfies made easy with Camera Mic. No taps, no buttons, just whistle or simply say "cheese" to take a photo! ...

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Selfies made easy with Camera Mic. No taps, no buttons, just whistle or simply say "cheese" to take a photo!

"…you can just position your phone where it’s most convenient and clap or yell to take that beautiful, one-of-a-kind shot" --

With Camera Mic you can take pictures with the microphone (iPhone, iPod Touch 4th Gen, iPad 2) or the proximity sensor (iPhone). Works with all the iPhone versions - including the new iPhone 4S.

• Self-portraits:
Touching the mic or the proximity sensor to take pictures not only adds a familiar sense of tactility to the shutter button, but also allows the device to be further extended for a wider variety of self-portrait style pictures. Furthermore, the precision, timing and alignment of pictures improve when the device is handled in the more comfortable position attained when using Camera Mic.

Photos can be taken with any physical touch on the mic: Tapping, swiping, flicking or rubbing the mic or proximity sensor will all result in audio levels that are detected by the application. If the iPhone is held in landscape mode, sliding a finger along the frame on the home-button side is just one of many ways to trigger a photograph. Photos can also be captured with verbal or non-verbal sounds. Blowing into the mic, whistling, clapping, snapping fingers or verbal queues like "cheese" can all be used to activate the camera.

The mic on the device or from the headset that comes standard can also be used to operate the camera as an extension cable. Located behind the volume and play buttons of the headset, the circular mic has some tangibility and texture so we can "feel" and tap it like a physical button.

Bluetooth Headset / Remote Control:
A bluetooth headset can be used with Camera Mic as a wireless remote control to take group shots/family portraits from further distances. A tripod can be used to stabilize the device.

Proximity Sensor:
Photos can also be captured by touching or tapping the proximity sensor located by the earpiece slot above the display. The earpiece is also easy to feel and tap for self portraits.

- Sensitivity meter for adjusting and testing the mic.
- (New) Proximity sensor button (patent-pending). Now photos can be captured by touching the proximity sensor area located near the earpiece speaker (iPhone only).
- Proximity threshold meter: adjust the sensitivity of the proximity sensor.
- Share photos on Facebook, Twitter or by Email.
- Digital zoom, up to 7x, adjustable with zoombar or pinch.
- Manual focus: single tap to display and move the green manual focus box.
- Exposure adjustments: single tap to display and move the black and white exposure box.
- Auto-focus: focus, exposure and zoom is reset with double-tap.
- Email/save/delete multiple photos.
- Copy/paste functionality.

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