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DualBrain+ Brain Training

DualBrain+ Level Up Your Brain! +++++++++++++++++++++++++ Strengthen your brain! Which side is your better bra...

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DualBrain+ Level Up Your Brain!
Strengthen your brain! Which side is your better brain? Find out in a competition with yourself while solving exciting games! And all at the same time!

DualBrain+ Features:

+ Eight different, appealing games against the time
+ Three Different, challenging game modes
+ Three difficulty levels for easy entry and steady progress

+ GameCenter integration: Compete with your friends or compare your results with players around the globe with the integrated highscore leaderbords
+ HD support: High resolution images for your iOS Retina Display included
+ Universal Binary with full iPad support. Take advantage of the iPad screen-size

+ Tons of unlockable and fun achievments
+ Share your success with social media integration
+ Featuring classical background music from one of the greatest composer, Ludwig van Beethoven or listen to electronic music or even your own iPod music

+ Instructions for each game available on the main menu

+ Multi-Language: The GUI is available in many languages
++ English
++ German (Deutsch)
++ French (Français)
++ Spanish (Español)
++ Italian (Italiano)
++ Czech (čeština)
++ Slovakian (slovenčina)
++ Japanese (日本語 Nihongo)

+ 8 Games included
++ Simple Arithmetic Math
++ Color Mixing
++ Number Sequences
++ Stroop Effect (name that textcolor)
++ Rock, Paper, Scissors
++ Rear of Die
++ Red Minus Blue
++ Find the Sign

+ 3 different game modes
++ Classic: Choose the games you want to compete in. But watch the time!
++ Endurance: Like Classic game mode but without decreasing time limit
++ Mayhem: Are you ready for the ultimative challenge? All games are randomly selected and time is running up. The most challenging game mode awaits you.

Yappler-Tags: game, braintraining, brain, science, fun, mental, entertainment, educational, color

Level Up Your Brains, and let them fight, only the fittest will survive!

Already awarded!

DualBrain+ was chosen Finalist by the App Star Awards 2010 Jury to highlight and reward great new iPhone/iPad apps coming to the AppStore.

Playing brain stimulating games increases the density of the cortex and may improve the efficiency of some parts of the brain, according to researchers investigating complex spatial tasks, video games and other. DualBrain+ keeps you occupied with different kind of games to stimulate your left and your right brain hemisphere.

"From the creators of ReSpell and ClaviLux, Xija Research shows us a fun way to extend our brain capabilities with this addictive brain training game." -- H. Kregiel

Brought to you by Xija Research - Reaching Out For A Better Tomorrow. subkom GmbH, Independent app developing.
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