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MetalWars2 Lite

MetalWars2:revolution is a "machine Third person shooting" game. *** Our new game MetalWars3 is now available...


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MetalWars2:revolution is a "machine Third person shooting" game.

*** Our new game MetalWars3 is now available! ***

United Country "ATLUS" is developed and highly mechanized civilization but it is unstable in political because of a long-standing civil war.
Due to the violent civil war, ATLUS was split and other military forces started to occur here and there.
You're a former ACE Pilot in the government force of ATLUS and a current leader of mercenary "TITANS".
Destroy other mercenaries and take their high technology to arm more powerfully.
Making "TITANS" the best mercenary and controlling ATLUS lies in your hand.

Full retina display support for incredible HD(iPhone 4, iPod touch 4th gen.)
Providing Bluetooth Connectivity(1:1 ONLY)
Over 2nd Generation iPod touches and iPhones (Not 1st generation)
• In-App Purchase
Full 3D Graphic
Make your own machine and support bots with over 18 different parts
Over 14 different weapons and extra parts
Developed the physical engine
Over 30 different stages
Subdivided level and automatic shooting system

Control using the left side of joy pad to move the machine.
Control the machine's eyes by dragging the screen.
Right side of the joy pad is used to shoot weapons.
• If you're within gunshot range, sight changes to a red color.
Check the auto shooting if you want to shoot automatically to enemies.
Push the "CMD" button on the left to open the menu to command support bots.
Depending on the situation, you can control to your support bots with individual buttons.

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