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This presentation of the Intermediate mat work is intended to educate students about the original mat exercise...

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This presentation of the Intermediate mat work is intended to educate students about the original mat exercises and the progressions needed to advance within the entire Pilates system. Many Pilates students around the world may never personally have the opportunity to learn from a 1st or 2nd generation instructor, therefore, Darien felt a need to show the mat work in its original form.

The Studio Darien Pilates app update has new features in functionality as well as a section of the Advanced Mat from the newly released app, Studio Darien Advanced Pilates.

Studio Darien Pilates was created and produced mainly for the Pilates student already practicing the Intermediate repertoire at a classical studio by Darien Gold, a 2nd generation, classically certified Pilates teacher and student of Romana Kryzanowska,* Included is the Full Intermediate Mat (Non-stop mat workout with all of the transitions intended to maintain the flow.) And the Intermediate Individual Mat (Twenty-three individual exercises that comprise the Full Mat and include the correct number of repetitions, cued both with audio and text) and two separate and distinct series: Rowing 1 through 6 and Teaser 1 through 4 with variations - both are part of the Pilates repertoire.

Recommendation: practice the Intermediate Individual Mat exercises first if you are new to the Full Mat or unclear about certain individual exercises until you feel confident with each one. Then move on to the full non-stop mat routine.

The Studio Darien Pilates App is recommended if you are new to Pilates and want to begin with a classically certified teacher. Darien demonstrates portions of the repertoire with the names, cues and intentions behind many of the exercises to help you find the right teacher for your skill level. She also suggests practicing all three routines with little rest in between to help develop stamina and endurance.

*In the early 1990's, Romana Kryzanowska, the principal disciple of Joseph Pilates, created a Pilates curriculum based on his teachings. She developed the basic, intermediate, advanced and super-advanced routines that her certified teachers impart worldwide.

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