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Pocket Mystery-Detective Game

--------------------------- About Pocket Mystery --------------------------- Pocket Mystery is an authentic my...


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About Pocket Mystery
Pocket Mystery is an authentic mystery genre game that everyone can enjoy in just a few minutes.
Challenge easy-to-understand, and yet curious mystery games of various complexity!
All you need to solve each case is in its crime scene…

Case Files in Mystery Shorts
Many more case are available!
About 400 questions, all free to play!

How to Play
1)Read a case description & question
2)Look for an answer to the question in its crime scene
3)Tap the part which describes your answer, and confirm your answer

Clues & Correct Answers
Clues and correct answers to all cases are included, but beware! One look, and all the mystery will be gone…!

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109.5 MB

Last update

June 23, 2020

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