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Scanner Unlimited: Scan & Sign

Just take a photo of your document, add your name and signature on it and fax it to your accountant. Isn't it ...


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Just take a photo of your document, add your name and signature on it and fax it to your accountant. Isn't it wonderful that you can do all of this and many more through our perfect scanner application?

Introducing Scanner Unlimited: Scan & Sign; the best app to scan any kind of documents easily, sign it on your device & share instantly.

Scanner Unlimited: Scan & Sign is an app that gives users the power to scan any type of documents such as business cards, receipts, book pages and many many more and share them right from your device. It is a perfect app for everyone who uses his iPhone or iPad to store documents, notes, contracts or any other important document.

A perfect companion for busy users, our app allows anyone to transform everything from invoices to whiteboards and classes notes, magazine articles and more into a PDF format in order to easily export them, share and e-mail them to others, or for any other reason they can come up with. Furthermore, Scanner Unlimited: Scan & Sign contains a very wide selection for amazing editing tools that will let you edit scan perspectives and borders, apply filters, adjust contrast, correct or change the orientation.

TOP Features of Scanner Unlimited: Scan & Sign

+ Cloud Sync: Cloud storage for your documents. If you are using multiple device, you can sync all your documents effortlessly.

+ Photo to Text (OCR): Extract the text of your documents photo magically.

+ Advanced file import options.
Doc, TXT , Docx, RTF, PNG, GIF

+ Adding multiple signatures to the same document.

+ Ability to send faxes to any country in the world.

+ Adding multiple text to the document.

+ Barcode Scanner: Scan Barcode of any product.

+ QR Code Scanner: You can scan any QR code easily

+ Scan any document anytime and anywhere.

+ Convert any scanned document to PDF

+ Sign any scanned document, right from your device

+ SEND FAX: You can send the scanned documents as a fax.

+ Card Scanning Feature: You can scan your business cards, save them and add them to your contacts automatically.

+ Store all documents on all your iOS devices

+ Share with Whatsapp, Slack, Facebook Messenger, Gmail, Google Drive, iCloud, Notes, SMS or your favorite communication app.

+ Print directly from your iPhone with this awesome app. You can send scanned & edited file to your local printer and get a edited copy.

+ Very easy to use interface and you can learn how to use it in a few seconds.

We have more amazing features that you can discover once you install Scanner Unlimited: Scan & Sign.

What are you waiting for? Download Scanner Unlimited: Scan & Sign and enjoy scanning documents and sign them easily.

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