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Healthy Vision

Our eyes have to withstand enormous loads: we work at the computer and relax watching television. This lifesty...


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Our eyes have to withstand enormous loads: we work at the computer and relax watching television. This lifestyle adversely affects our vision. This issue arises particularly acute to schoolchildren: eye problems often begin at the school desk.

Nowadays, there are many ways to correct vision, from glasses to soft lenses. But it is much better to make sure that there is no need in them. Follow the advice of experts, and save your eyesight by exercises for the eyes, and mobile app "Healthy Vision" from Kyivstar will help you!

In Healthy Vision, you will find special exercises to relieve stress and train your eye’s muscles, as well as the eye test. This app is based on the techniques of the Ophthalmology Institute of Eye Disease and Tissue Therapy of National Academy of Medical Science of Ukraine named after P. V. Filatov.

The "Healthy Vision" app got the Gold Award at the prestigious International Prize Digital Communication Awards-2014 in the Mobile & Apps category. The app offers 3 languages: Ukrainian, English and Russian.

With this app you will be able to:

Pass the test to identify the most common symptoms of diseases to take the necessary precautions in time.
Do exercises for the eyes to prevent eyesight problems.
Effectively relieve tension after long hours of computer work.
Have fun and enjoy doing preventive exercises together with your child.
Receive professional advice from ophthalmologists on how to preserve the health of your children’s eyes.

Eyes are not only the mirror of the soul but also our communication with the world, so you need to take care of them! The "Healthy Vision" app helps you to preserve good eyesight of your whole family.

Attention! This app is not a medical consultation and does not replace medical survey. The app is ​​a versatile informative navigator and does not consider individual factors and peculiarities of a human being.

Please, consult your ophthalmologist if you have any questions about your eyesight and the eyesight of your child!

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