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Travel Money

“For group travelers. It easily manages holiday budget in trips with friends”...


Freapp team says

The Freapp
Team already tested for you this travel app and we found it really useful, both
for leisure holidays with friends and for corporate travel group.

It was
developed to easily share and manage expenses among people who travel together,
avoiding boring counts during the journey. 

If you have
travelled with friends or colleagues, you know what we mean. Often it happens that
someone advances money to all other, and at the end you never know who owes

Thanks to a
really easy-to-use interface, Travel Money - Share Expenses  allows you to have the picture of the
payments always under control, and tells you exactly who owns or owes whom.

This app
supports multiple currencies and real-time online update of exchange rates, so
it is especially helpful when travelling through many countries with different


  • Expenses
    showed for persons, categories or currencies
  • Interactive
    map to geolocalize the payments
  • Multiple
    currencies supported, with online exchange rates
  • Reports can
    be sent by email or exported to Excel

track of any shared expenses and get your holyday budget always updated!

Store review

Travel Money tracks your expenses and manages the spendings of a group of people. It is especially useful while travelling and using different currencies.

It tells you how much each person owns or owes other people in the group. It supports exchange rate conversion on the fly, online sharing and detailed statistics.

This is the free version, which allows to save up to 50 payments per trip. If you like this app, you can unlock unlimited payments without losing your data.

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3067 reviews

Last update

May 16, 2020

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