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Buzz It!

This is a very useless and idiot app, but it can be very funny if used at the right time, with right people : ...


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This is a very useless and idiot app, but it can be very funny if used at the right time, with right people :
When some of your friends, collegues or relatives, starts singing or dancing in front of you or does some other performance, surprise him/her at once:
Fire up this app and BUZZ HIM/HER shamelessly, in the America's or Italia's Got Talent's way!!
Have fun!

NOTE: In version 1.1.0, the buzzer volume control has been added. Somebody reported that on some device, it doesn't work correctly (Or too low or too high, regardless your settings) . Please refer me by mail, every weird behaviour of such control. Thanks in advance.

== Changelog of previous versions ==
V. 1.3.0
- Removed support for Android Froyo (2.2) API 8 (now supported 2.3+)
- Added compatibility with Android Nougat (Android 7)+
- Some other small security bug fixes.
V. 1.2.0
- Added SO compatiblity on Android KitKat (4.4)+ devices.
- Implemented new API for Google Services + Google Ads.
- Other minor issues on Application Close/Pause.
V. 1.1.2
- FIX: When changing Judge's name 'on the fly' (by longtapping on the main screen judge's name), "enter" key was not correctly displayed, then user was not able to confirm the input.
- Some other small bufix.
- Confirmed all changes of version 1.1.0 (see under "Description").
V. 1.1.0
- User UI is "a bit" changed :-)
- Now there's the Judge's above the buzzer, the name can be changed in preferences or by a longClick on the name. Characters' size will be adapted automatically depending on name length (max 20 chrs).
- Now when user buzzes, also the background flashes
- User may set the volume of the buzzer in preferences. Next time you use it, the last buzzer volume will be used.
V. 1.0.8
- Now compatible with Android JB 4.2.x
V. 1.0.7
- User can now move app to SD Card
V. 1.0.6
- 2012/08/02 - Extended compatibility to ICS 4.0.3 and JB
V. 1.0.5
- FIX:Avoid FC could occur in some conditions/devices
- Buzz's sound management has been improved
- FIX: Quickly tapping between Buzzer and Reset button, buzzer sound could stop playing

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