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Litest Quran (القرآن الكريم)‎

#Introduction of Al-Quran *Al-Quran is the revelation of Allah The Most Glorified via Jibril PBUH to Prophet...


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#Introduction of Al-Quran
*Al-Quran is the revelation of Allah The Most Glorified via Jibril PBUH to Prophet Muhammad PBUH as guidances, blessings and healings for all mankinds.
*It contains more than 6,000 holy verses, whether they are revealed before Hijra in Mecca or after Hijra in Medina, covering all aspects of every single human from this earth until the hereafter.
*The first revelation is a command to read i.e. to acquire knowledge by the name of the one and only God, Allah The Most Glorified.

#About Al-Quran App
*The verses on this Al-Quran app and its uthmanic fonts are taken from King Fahd Complex ( with some minor rectifications and corrections for android display.
*It is designed to work on all Android devices from version 4.2 (Jelly Bean) and above with the preferred minimum of version 4.4 (Kit Kat) for better display.
*This app is only a lite and simple application that provides you with the full quranic verses in arabic language without any translations or audios.
*However, by focusing the selected verses, user will be able to copy, paste, highlight and / or search online.
*Insha Allah, we will create another app with translations and audios in the future with the permission and strength of Allah The Most Glorified.

#Frequently Asked Questions
Q1. What is the difference between this app and other Al-Quran app?
A1. This app is built (mainly) for reading, small in size (1.23MB) and preserving the basic of Uthmanic fonts. There is no major features in this app.
Q2. In the future, will there be any small additional features like colors and tajweed?
A2: Yes, there will such additions in the future.
Q3. What about adding more major features like search, translation and audios in the future?
A3. There will be no major features as asked in this app in the future as that will be added only in a full / major version which is different app altogether.
Q4. Will there be a charge for that full / major version?
A4. Current plan is to produce the app as free of charge. However, the development will take some times and efforts. As such, any donation for this jariah deed is highly appreciated and welcome.

#Our Hopes
*Feel free to download, read and report any mistake(s) spotted while reading this version of Quran.
*May Allah bless and protect us all in this world and in the hereafter by downloading, using and frequently reciting this Al-Quran. Amin.

#Developer & Donation
*We are a registered Association of Islamic Education for Kids With Different Abilities from Malaysia.
*While this app is free of charge, all interested parties are cordially invited to make amal jariyah by donating to our development fund at CIMB Islamic Bank in Malaysia with account number of 860-215-0181.
*May Allah The Most Glorified bless all kind donaters.

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March 14, 2020

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