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Final Countdown - Widget

"Start the countdown for the New Year"...


The good

  • clear and simple user interface
  • customizable skins

The bad

  • many features are only for PRO version

Freapp team says

The Final Countdown is an interesting app that helps you remember all the upcoming events.It's essentially a timer with various countdown functions. It can be used as a timer, as an alarm clock, to program the date, time and hour of any upcoming event: birthdays, holidays,anniversaries, Christmas, New Year…  You can also use it to calculate the exact time lapse since a past event: vacation length, age, start of a race. It's the right app for this New Year's Eve for you and your friends! Download it now, it's free!

Store review

App Features:
Countdown app and Countdown Widget
Resizable Widget included for the home screen
Cloud Backup using Facebook login
Sync countdowns across Android and iOS devices
Customize recurring countdowns, pick days of the week, biweekly and many more
Shows year, months, weeks, days, weekdays, hours, minutes and *seconds*!
Embed Countdown widget into a website
✔ 300+ FREE HD Background iaamages
Share live personalized countdowns across mobile platforms Android, iOS and web share countdown through Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Google+, Instagram, Kik, Vine, Tumblr, Sina Weibo, text sms, email
Milliseconds - We have that too!
Import events from live phone Calendar
Import Facebook birthdays
See live countdown from Web View on Mobile, Desktop, Smart TV
Customizable skins design your own widget skins
LCD, LED, Roboto fonts, plus extra special fonts
Choose and crop your own background image!
Pre loaded events for Christmas, New Year and the Weekend
You can also Count Up from a point in time!
Supports multiple countdowns - as many as you want
Low CPU/Battery usage
Reminder and to-do alerts
Custom alarm ringtones
Automatically accounts for Timezone and Daylight Savings Time changes.
Has a simple countdown timer for short-term countdowns

App Description
The only live Countdown timer that has seconds on the widget to add to your home screen. You can also see the milliseconds roll off fast to your live event. You only live once (yolo), so put a timer on your life and begin living with purpose every day. A free truly one of kind live digital timer to add urgency, excitement, calendar reminders and positive thinking to your life. Add widgets directly to your home screen as background.

Countdown to events that you have been looking forward to like Birthdays, New Year, Vacation, Holiday, Wedding, Anniversary.

Did you get here by clicking a link such as ""? install the app then click the link to have that same exact LIVE countdown. You can also view the live countdown on your home screen by adding a widget.

Share your countdowns with others! share with others so they can view the live countdown on any web browser!

Go to to add the latest live calendar we are sharing.

Rating & Feedback
Our team loves feedback. If you enjoy using the Final Countdown - Please consider rating 5 stars. If you think the app deserves less, please tell us.

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March 2, 2020

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