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Track your flight with Air Traffic, the app that let you find all the info you need about a specific flight. Open the menu, enter flight number and see the airline, flight origin and destination airports,  estimated departure and arrival time, aircraft type, altitude, speed and heading.


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Flight tracker with plane photos. Flight radar of live planes on a map. Smooth real-time display of planes on a map with flight status details.

Display of planes with reel-time smooth position updates.
Display of aircraft path since take-off.
Real-time 3D view of the ground as if you were in the plane : enjoy the landing!

If you want to locate plane for a given flight, open menu to enter flight number.

When selecting a plane you will see :
- airline,
- flight origin and destination airports,
- departure and arrival time.
- aircraft type, including photo
- altitude, speed and heading
- path since origin airport
- 3D pilot view animation

Tap on thumbnail to get enlarged plane photo.

You will appreciate the very responsiveness of this flight tracker app when panning and zooming around.

Opening Settings, you can choose type of maps and units.

Not all planes are available. Nearly 90 % coverage.

Permissions : we are concerned by your privacy. You will only be requested to grant location permission. You may deny. Accepting enables the 'around me' feature.
Clean app , no other tricky permission out there.

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March 10, 2019

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