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JyothishaDeepthi Vedic English Indian Astrology Software with Horoscope in English, Panchangam, Transit/Star/R...


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JyothishaDeepthi Vedic English Indian Astrology Software with Horoscope in English, Panchangam, Transit/Star/Rise/Set Tables, Calendars, Porutham (Matrimonial Match). This Software is suitable for those who are interested in or practicing Astrology.This English Astrology Android App provides 200 years, Saka ,English,Tamil& Malayalam Calendars, Monthly Panchangam,Jathakam, Matrimonial compatibility and many more calculations specially developed for Astrologers. JyothishaDeepthi Panchangam is the Most Trusted astrology software in South India.
A complete suite of Astrological Software for Astrologers, Astrological Researchers & Students, Hobbyists
Wide range. 200 years from 1900AD to 2100AD
• 31 Planets including Regular Planets, Satellites, Sub Planets and PrasnaSpudas.
Grihabalas (Strength of Planets)
• 13 Ayanamsas including User Defined Ayanamsa.
• 12 House Systems.
• 23 Varga Charts.
Harmonics Analysis (Compare any two components between 1 an 300)
• 5 Calendars (English, Malayalam, Tamil, Saka and Kalidinam)
• Real-Time Astrological Clock with adjustable speed to find Muhurta or Planetary Combinations. Displays Rahu, Yamakanda and GulikaKalas, AbhijithMuhurtha, Rise/Set Time, Day duration for the Day in addition to the relative positions of the planets.
Chandraashtamam, KantakaSani, EzharaSani, AshtamSani, Kalahora,
Transit Table of any planet for any date range.
Given any Date find Next/Previous Transit for any planet.
Rasimaanam (Entry and Exit time of Ascendant (Lagna) in each Rasi for any date and Place.
This Astrology App Available in English
Print Papatha and KujaDosha in Horoscope. (New)
Horoscope with predictions (Jathakam in English)(PDF format).
Concise Horoscope in One Page
Matrimonial Compatibility reports (PDF format).
Chart Comparing.
Latitudes and Longitudes of numerous places world wide. Map support for adding new places directly
This English Astrology App very useful for all peoples.
This is a trial version of the software has the user interface in English and PDF is not supported during the trial period.
14 Days Free Trial with full features enabled (except PDF) and 180 days Grace Time While On Net.
Free usage for years from 1996 to 2016.
To avail Free trial and grace time, open the software with INTERNET ON for the first time after installation.
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Feb. 25, 2020

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