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Notepad - Write Notes, Checklists & Reminders

Notepad is an easy-to-use notes app for Android, optimized for after-call note-taking. This clear and simple d...


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Notepad is an easy-to-use notes app for Android, optimized for after-call note-taking. This clear and simple digital notebook allows you to make quick notes and checklists to help organize your life with great ease.

Notepad features many high-quality features including the options to write, save and edit notes, write checklists, sort notes by title or by date, and save backups of important notes to your phone. can be sorted by date or title to help you keep them in order and a useful search function will help A useful note-taking feature on a call information screen allows you to make notes immediately following every phone call made or received so that you don’t forget any important details.

The useful checklist function allows you to keep clear lists such as shopping lists or task lists but also allows you to cross out items on the list when they are completed, without having to delete them, in case you need to refer to the original list later.

An advanced caller ID function not only gives you detailed information on phone calls, including numbers not in your contact list but then gives you quick and direct access to Notepad should you need to make notes immediately after phone calls and not forget any important details.

Notepad Key Features:

Clearly presented notes which can be sorted by title or date. Quickly and easily edit, save and delete notes at any time.
Intelligent caller ID gives real-time caller information helping you to identify unknown callers and avoid spam calls. A useful call information screen then presents a handy call summary after the call.
Create Quick Notes following phone calls, using a handy quick link to Notepad on the call information screen. The information presented to you can be used in your notes.
Checklist function allows you to write easy-to-manage checklists, task lists, to-do lists, and shopping lists, and cross items out when they are completed.
Search function enables you to find notes more easily, especially useful if you have a lot of notes saved.
Backup function allows you to backup and restore important notes so that you do not lose any important information.• Direct access to Notepad from the after call-screen to help you remember those important details from the phone call

For your privacy and data protection, we do not have access to any of your notes or store any of the information contained within them. Therefore, we recommend that you regularly use the useful backup feature on this app to avoid the accidental loss of any important information.

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