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Zoosk - #1 Dating App

“The romantic Social Network for dating, chatting, finding new friends!”...


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Looking for your soulmate? 

is a popular dating app you have to try. Search people, read
their profiles, start flirting with them…  

Set your personal profile very easily, upload
your photo and wait for new friends. You can meet millions of singles nearby. 

Zoosk, the "Romantic Social Network" is FREE to join. 

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Let the #1 dating app for singles set you up! Zoosk learns who you like and who likes you back, so that the more you use Zoosk, the smarter it gets. It’s a personalized approach to dating that makes it easier for you to connect with local singles and meet that special someone.

Discover why over 27 million singles worldwide use Zoosk…

* Personalized Introductions - Get set up with singles we believe you’re more likely to be attracted to and interested in.
* Photo Verification - Zoosk offers members the ability to use Zoosk Photo Verification to verify that their photos look like them. Look for the green badge that shows the members who have had their photos verified.
* Chat and Messaging - Chat and flirt with other singles in real time to find out if you’re interested and compatible.
* Sophisticated Matching - Let SmartPick™ set you up with someone using advanced Behavioral Matchmaking™ technology.
* Trusted Service - Zoosk is a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited business.

Subscribe Today!
To chat and flirt with other gay, lesbian, or straight singles become a paid subscriber and enjoy these benefits:

* Chat and message other subscribers to flirt and find out how compatible you are before you meet.
* Connect with your personalized SmartPick™ introductions.

Check out some of the amazing stories from straight, gay, and lesbian Zoosk members who have found love, someone to laugh and flirt with, a romantic relationship, the boyfriend or girlfriend they were looking for, and (most importantly) each other!

Manny and Lyneida
She was like a rock for me. Something that gave me hope to live on.” Manny and Lyneida’s romantic story started on Zoosk. Since then they’ve survived cancer together, inspired love songs, and been happily married.

Sammy and Andrew
Andrew is intelligent, instantly agreeable, and friendly with anyone… He’s more than just a boyfriend; he’s my true partner.” Andrew and Sammy are two gay men who found out they were compatible and formed a strong relationship on Zoosk.

Star and Fonda
Thanks to Zoosk I have found the one who makes my life complete, the love of my life, my soul mate.” Lesbian singles Star and Fonda chatted on Zoosk before exchanging numbers. After meeting they got engaged a year after they met.

Tessa and Jake
“Me and my boyfriend met on Zoosk in January 2012. In May 2013 we bought our first house together. ” After starting their relationship and moving in together, Tessa and Jake got a puppy and named it Zooski!

Matt and Cristina
“I was the man who didn’t believe in online dating until I met Cristina. We started chatting every day... We are engaged now and extremely happy.” Matt and Cristina’s romantic relationship started through flirting and chatting, and when they became girlfriend and boyfriend it turned into something much more!

Leila and Greg
“I was on Zoosk for four weeks when Greg messaged me. Soon he asked if I wanted to hang out. It was love at first sight. On July 4th, 2009 he asked me to be his girlfriend and last November we moved in together.”

Zoosk is where local men and women come to meet each other, flirt with people they’re compatible with, discover love, find a girlfriend or boyfriend, and begin a romantic relationship. With over 27 million singles worldwide our diverse dating pool includes men, women, straight, gay, and lesbian daters of diverse backgrounds and ethnicities.

Have you tried other dating apps like, eHarmony, Tinder, OkCupid, Badoo, or POF? Now let Zoosk help you meet someone special to start a romantic relationship with!

Sign up with Zoosk today and find your someone special!

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