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Killer Whale Orca Simulator

Try the survival simulator and become an ocean orca - big killer whale! Orca's life is hard. With our kille...


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Try the survival simulator and become an ocean orca - big killer whale!
Orca's life is hard. With our killer whale survival simulator you can check it. Try it right now! Explore the ocean among ice fields in search of food. In Killer Whale Orca survival Simulator you must behave like an animal. Hunt, eat and breath! Fight with every whale and ocean animal or run away. Level­up your orca to improve animal survival skills in the survival simulator. Form a ocean killer whale pod and breed an orca.

Features of Killer Whale Orca survival Simulator:

- Cruel ocean atmosphere
- Various animal species
- Killer whale groups
- Survival and quests mode
- Ocean landscapes
- Limited oxygen simulator
- Violent animal
- Whale catchers

This ocean survival simulator is not easy, make your own killer whale pod, explore the ocean. Breed a new orca. Your animal mates will follow you in the ocean. But in this simulator each animal can die. Support the survival of the killer team. Don't forget about your killer whale orca. Hunt, eat, jump out of the ocean for oxygen and never sleep. Who knows what animal hides in the ocean simulator...

There is a guide in the animal survival simulator. Convenient controls allow your killer whale to turn, hunt, jump, etc. Ride your ocean orca in the simulator, eat and be an animal killer. Explore all survival places and do other things in the animal simulator.

Explore the ocean and avoid the whale catchers! They are looking for your animal killer. In the simulator you are a giant animal killer whale, but your orca's life is in danger! Start your ocean orca survival with our animal killer whale survival simulator right now. Turn on a survival mode and be an animal killer. Your orca can destroy each animal in the ocean simulator.

Killer Whale Orca survival Simulator lets you to be in whale's skin as if you are a real ocean animal. Real survival adventures of orca. Wait... What is it? It is the ocean orca is calling.
Start playing your orca in Killer Whale Orca survival Simulator!

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Dec. 16, 2019

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