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Frames for Android

Now you can use the same scoring and statistics software that seven-time PBA Player of the Year Walter Ray Wil...

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Now you can use the same scoring and statistics software that seven-time PBA
Player of the Year Walter Ray Williams, Jr uses!

Frames is a very easy to use scoring and statistics program that was designed
for all levels of bowlers, from beginners who are looking for ways to improve,
to scratch players who bowl in lots of tournaments.

With Frames, you can:

* List your strike, pocket, carry, spare and single pin spare percentages, plus lots of other stats.

* Display your league, tournament, or overall average.

* Generate statistics by alley, lane number, bowling ball, league, tournament, oil pattern, date range, or any combination of these.

* Track your foot position and target for each frame you bowl, so you can check what adjustments worked (or didn't work) the last time you bowled on a specific pair of lanes or oil pattern.

* Display a list of the spares you leave most, and your conversion percentage for each of them.

* Keep score for an entire team of bowlers at the same time.

While you're keeping score with Frames, you enter the results of each shot
graphically, using your device's touch-screen to knock down the pins on the
screen to match the real thing. It literally takes only a second or two to
score each frame while you're bowling!

For each strike shot, you can also keep track of your position on the
approach, your target on the lane, the ball you used, and whether your shot
hit the pocket.

You can also visit our web site at for the following
free extras:

* A free demo version of Frames is available. The demo version is the same exact program that is available for purchase here in the Android Market, but it limited to six games per bowler (up to 30 total games for five bowlers).

* The free Frames Exporter program runs on your Windows or Apple desktop computer to view and print your games or statistics, or export your game data to a spreadsheet to do your own custom analysis.

* The Frames Users Guide, available as a PDF on our web site, contains detailed information on running Frames and installing and running the Exporter program.

Frames is the original mobile score keeper for bowlers. Originally released in
2003 for Palm OS and Windows Pocket PC handhelds, Frames now runs on both
Blackberry and Android devices.

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