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Killer Shark Attack VR

Killer shark attack VR is one of the most playing vr hunting games on the play store which is designed for the...


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Killer shark attack VR is one of the most playing vr hunting games on the play store which is designed for the passionate gamers. If you are looking for VR shark attack games than this hunting fish game VR is perfect for you to play and get realistic underwater survival adventure. This VR shark game has world’s deadliest predators breathing inside a deep blue sea to make a tour of the ocean as shark simulator. If you are new to play these blue whales & hungry shark games than this amazing sea game will train you like as underwater simulator. And if you are an experienced sea man than this VR fish hunting game has many challenges for you to survive more accurately. Free shark games VR has different fish mania for you to attack and kill all the hungry fishes and survive in the sea. Explore the hungry shark world with realistic environment and breathtaking visuals through VR fish games.

Through this killer shark attack VR, set out on a new aqua fun adventure and explore aquatic life in virtual reality to enjoy this free underwater fish hunting game. In this free blue whale survival game, killer shark and blue whale simulators are always starving and craving for to satisfy their hunger. Act as shark simulator in this VR shark attack deep sea adventure game to view the underwater world to dive and show off your scuba diving skills. Feed the hungry sharks through hunting as many times as possible before the time runs out in the underwater games VR. These underwater blue whale attacking simulation game have water physics based simulation system for you to get realistic fun and adventure. You task in this free shark attack simulation game is to control the shark and attack on the fishes to fulfill its hunger within the limited time slot. Enjoy this amazing shark attack game by killing the other fishes and underwater animals.

Killer shark attack VR is the world’s best diving game in the category of adventure games to fulfill your shark simulation hunger. Object moves automatically in these VR water diving games for realistic experience. Just focus on the attacking object to kill and fulfill its hunger through hunger games. There is multiple adventuring and challenging levels provided for you in the shark simulator games. Clear the previous level to unlock more missions by avoiding bombs putting in the sea for your destruction. Sneak up on your prey to keep your shark alive and fed. Help the hungry shaark to attack and eat maximum fishes within the short time to earn a good score. If you land up your shaark then you will lose your life in the deep blue sea games. Download this free VR game now and start your adventure.

How to play:
You must have gyro sensor in your android device to play this game.
Tilt your Head to move your shaark within the environment.
Chase fishes and blue whales to hunt them down.
Beware of the sea bombs if you wish to survive.
Take your hungry shaark near the fishes for a feeding frenzy.
• Don’t let your shark’s health fall beyond a critical level.
Complete challenges to level up the fun.

Key Features of Killer Shark Attack VR:

Advanced Virtual Reality features.
Superb controls for hungry-shark.
• VR based 3D underwater environment.
Best of free action packed games.
Physics based controls.
• Gyro-meter based 360 degree rotation.
Compatible with virtual reality glasses.

If you like this killer shark attack VR game, please try other fish hunting games by clicking “More from Developer” or by visiting our publisher account. And don’t forget to rate and review.

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