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Fallout PipBoy UCCW (Paid)

This is the Fallout Pipboy themed UCCW skin. You will need UCCW for this! With Fallout 4 soon to be announced,...

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This is the Fallout Pipboy themed UCCW skin. You will need UCCW for this! With Fallout 4 soon to be announced, I got a little hyped a while back and posted a rough alpha version of this to reddit and it was received well. So I decided to make it available on the Play Store. This version is better in pretty much every aspect. Installation is easier, application is easier, and better yet; more widgets and colors are now available.

This is the paid version. This pack has all the widgets I've made in the colors blue, green, white, and amber. I recommend downloading the free version first in order to ensure compatibility.

Let it be known that this is a rather large skin and assembly is required. Be expected to spend 15-20 getting everything to your liking. This is definitely something you’ll want to do with a computer and your phone. Using the computer to read the tutorial and the phone to do, you know, phone stuff.

You must enable "Unknown Sources" under "Security" in your phone for this to work!


In order to address the full scope of installation, I’ve created a Google Plus post with a full text tutorial as well as the video tutorial posted here. The Google Plus post also includes lots of goodies and addresses some issues that you may encounter with this skin. PLEASE GO TO THE GOOGLE PLUS POST! There are a lot of things addressed there. If you have any issues please put them there, on reddit, or email me instead of leaving a 1 star rating then forgetting to remove it after your problem is solved. Doing this will make me resent you quite a bit!

Here are the links to the video tutorials, but please make sure to check out the text tutorial on the Google+ post.

Video - Part One: [](
Video - Part Two: [](

Google+ Post: [](

The Apps List widget is available here in .uzip form: [](
The widgetlocker and UCCW lockscreen skins are available here: [](
The wallpapers are available here: [](

This app is bundled the way it is due to Google's new encryption on paid personalization apps. If you're having trouble installing this, please just message me and I will send you a workaround.
Feel free to check out the reddit posts below and see what other people have to say about this!


Other links.

Google+ Post: [](
Fallout Pipboy UCCW (Free): [](

Thanks for helping a brother out!

Also thanks to VasuDev for the amazing UCCW widget that allows for this to be a thing!

I claim no ownership of the Fallout branding. It belongs to it's rightful owner.

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Oct. 26, 2013

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