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Mental Hospital Survival 3D

A great war was soon going to be finished with a spectacular end when you go back to your country with the ult...


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A great war was soon going to be finished with a spectacular end when you go back to your country with the ultimate nuclear secret you heard from some political celebrities. These secrets can change the world upside down if used by the wrong people. On the edge of succeeding a successful mission, just by a small rooky mistake you got caught by the criminals and now the war is over, at least that’s what the world knows. But deep inside you still have those vicious commando skills growing within your nerves that can wreck anything that comes in your path. With this bravo potential and daredevil fighting skills you have a firm thought to pick up from where you left, complete everything that was left undone and show the world what you got.
After being caught you have been tortured to reveal what you came to know here and instead you were abused and molested to give secrets of your state. You were captured in a mental hospital, mistreated for the information, punished for being a bravo commando and stepping into their homeland, wounded as a grudge, tried to disable you and made you ill: mentally and physically. This is what you are going to do, you are going to get all the courage together, make a arbitrary plan, an unforeseen scenario in the treacherous circumstances. Show them your fighting skills and leave the place with no hint to the rivals and winning the mission after all.
Fight and kill the doctors that are going to torture you by the dangerous and fatal doses of illegal drugs, runaway from them. Crash down all the guards on your way barehanded and pick up their weapons to kill them. Run towards the door and make a heroic exit. Run and hide from guards and other agents, drive a car with a stealth car chase and win it leaving the defeat behind.
Get crazy, play insane, and survive against cops make a successful escape. Enjoy the reckless killing, sick fighting and theft missions. Runaway before police car catches you.

Key Features :

- Epic car driving experience in hot pursuit.
- Extremely tough scenarios of auto theft in stealth moves
- Incredible police survival game with HD graphics & sound effects
- Devastating fights and amazing hospital escape
- Challenging breakthroughs

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March 4, 2020

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