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Airport Ground Flight Staff 3D

Airport Ground Flight Staff 3D is a fun, free commercial airplane service staff game with many special airport...


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Airport Ground Flight Staff 3D is a fun, free commercial airplane service staff game with many special airport vehicles and airport cargo driving challenges for you to overcome. All 10 levels are designed special operations in mind, to make this airport game fun for the player. Being an airport ground flight staff you have to take control of operations, in levels you will be given the chance to drive either a luggage trolley, airplane fuel truck, airplane oil truck, airport taxi, airport bus, tow truck, push back towing, airplane staircase van car or an emergency aeroplane fire truck in order to succeed in driving while competing with the given timeline according to the airplane game requirement. Airport simulator is a free airplane flight vehicle driving game which allows the user to play as a tow truck driver, oil truck transport driver, airplane staircase bus driver, cargo truck, commercial cargo plane driver, airport bus driver to transport passengers to the terminal, airport taxi driver or as an airport emergency fire truck driver to perform your staff driver duty. Once you set off from your starting point you will have to drive to your destination to reach at the designated zones in order to complete the level.

City Airport Vehicles You’ll Get to Drive in This Airport Ground Flight Staff 3D game
Luggage Trolley or Luggage Carrier.Being a luggage trolley driver you have to drive this in order to transport the passenger’s luggage to the correct aeroplane. These are sometimes very difficult to maneuver. Be careful not to drive past your designated unloading airplane place as reversing these cargo or luggage trolleys is tricky to accomplish.
Fuel Truck or Oil Truck: You’ll have to drive to the refueling station to fill up the tank to then take to the desired plane that is requesting the refuel.
Staircase Truck: Driving and handling an airport staircase machinery truck is not a great turning vehicle so you will have to plan your approach carefully, in order to align the staircase to the airplane.
Tow Truck or Push Back Towing Truck: It is the one of the most complicated vehicle within the airplane game. One wrong turn can cause so many problems while playing with a tow truck/push back tow truck when trying to get back on course. In reverse this will perform according to how much skills you’ve got for towing an aeroplane perfectly.
Airport Taxi or Transport Bus: Passengers will be wanting to get to their destination within time so you will be required to use this to get passengers from the plane to the terminal safely and in good time.
Emergency Fire Truck: Any sort of emergency could or can occur at any time and you have to be alerted at all times. So always try to get you fire truck ready in case of a fire on board a plane or on airport terminal.

As a crowded city airport you will depend on the airport machinery in order to confirm that everything runs smoothly since you are the airport manager and it is your job to handle airport madness in order to help the ground flight staff develop the airplane/airport work, so perform your staff crew duty as air traffic control operator. As a ground staff your main task is to maintain aircraft flight, transport cargo, re-fuel planes & jets, tackle terminal emergency situations, navigate stair car and passenger’s security so that nobody faces any sort of trouble. Stay updated with the flight crew & as well as the air traffic control tower in order to get the green signal whether to board the passengers, refill the plane with the fuel truck, attach staircase bus, tow the plane with the tow truck to the runway or park the airplane in the hanger.

Airport Ground Flight Staff 3D features:
Amazing State of the art airport bus driving vehicles
Challenging airport ground staff driver missions
Super smooth airport parking controls
Unique Airport simulator game-play
Full-HD 3D airport plane ground staff environment and sounds

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