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Moto Rider 3D: City Mission

Start your city bike racing experience today and get ready for the ultimate motor scooter games the google pla...


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Start your city bike racing experience today and get ready for the ultimate motor scooter games the google play store has to offer. As the city biker you get to drive around in all kind of different motorcycles and motorbikes. Be the coolest moto driver this city has ever seen. Make sure you do some city bike racing as fast as possible and pick up various hitchhikers at the same time.

Drive around on your motorcycle and motorbikes and be the best city biker ever! This bike racing games have many challenging game levels and will keep you entertained for many hours. The game graphics and world are absolute amazing and will definitely provide the ultimate city bike racing experience.

Get ready for some awesome bike racing games experience! Please be aware because city bike racing is not easy. The city is very crowded especially at city rush hour so this makes motorcycle driving more of a challenge. It will become even more difficult when you have a hitchhiker on the back of your motorcycle.. Are you moto driver enough to complete our missions?

This speed city moto simulator provides you with the best motorbike driving simulator feeling ever!

Normally you can play all kind of motorbike driving simulator games. Most of these motorcycle games don’t offer you the hitchhiker experience. Bike racing games with an hitchhiker is way more difficult than driving without an hitchhiker. Not often has there been a moto driving game where you as the city biker has to drive around with an hitchhiker. Yes we know, it’s pretty AWESOME.

Moto Rider 3D: City Mission KEY FEATURES
- many different AWESOME motorcycles and motorbikes to choose from
- many different AWESOME moto game missions in these motor scooter games
- the motorbike driving simulator feeling is one of the best on the google play store
- really AWESOME 3D graphics and city maps for bike racing games missions

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March 8, 2020

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