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Magic of Clay: Princesses

"Magic of Clay. How to sculpt Princesses» is new application from famouse How to sculpt series. This app...


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"Magic of Clay. How to sculpt Princesses» is new application from famouse How to sculpt series.

This app is of course for girls. After all, at heart of every girl lives a little princess and she is looking forward to when the fairy tale will come into her life. She is dreaming about the wonderful world where you can visit the royal ball, dancing with Prince and experience the amazing adventures along with her favorite princesses of the old fairy tales or cartoons, such as a Snow White, lonely Mermaid, or loving sisters Anna and Elsa from the Frozen country.

But why wait? We propose to create your own magical world in plasticine or clay right now with this application "Magic of Clay. How to sculpt Princesses».

It contains simple step-by-step lessons of clay modeling. Detailed how-to-make illustrations and any child-friendly method of clay modeling will help young creators to realize their ideas and dreams. We show how to sculpt in plastilin or clay charming little princesses, funny kings and even evil queen for your own stories. In this application, there are 10 funny clay characters for your fairyland. (And another 100 models are presented in other editions «Magic of Рlasticine» series). Little novice master learn as they clay, discovering the secrets of plasticine while creating their own toes.
Your child will love to create!
And most importantly, Your child learns to implement their ideas by own hands !
And we hope that our fun sculpting lessons awaken the imagination and creative imagination of children.

About «Magic of Рlasticine» series
«Magic of Рlasticine» is a true encyclopedia of clay modeling for children. It contains more than 100 models with step by step how to instructions.
Apps of series "Magic of clay. Learn to sculpt» give your children the opportunity to create their own magical and fascinating world of plasticine creations.
This world can be populated with your favorite cartoon characters and fairy tales, beautiful princesses, knights and kings, funny animals, dinosaurs or dragons. And maybe in this world will live smart car, aliens or even fantastic creatures?
Let it decides your child himself.
We just try to help him fast and fun to master the technique of modeling using a unique, but very simple and effective method. This method of modeling ensures the success of any child and achieve amazing results.
Simple how to create in clay method, designed for children
Wide variety of models for every taste: cartoon characters, animals, cars, superheroes, dragons and monsters, etc.
More than 100 easy-to-follow lessons with simple step by step instructions!

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