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Crush the Army Convoy

Your part of duty is to ambush the army’s convoy entering your city. Use a technique to hit the first tank or ...


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Your part of duty is to ambush the army’s convoy entering your city. Use a technique to hit the first tank or Humvee and the last one first. This convoy has some high profiles military rank army generals and secret data and weapons. So their destruction is must. They may call for back up and helicopters may come to rescue them but you have enough arsenals to fight them back and destroy what comes in your way.
It’s Modern War Era and the neighboring country has entered in your country to occupy. Alliance with common rival, they are trying to overthrow the current government and bring puppet in place who bow to their orders and work for their interest.
Their attack was so sudden and furious created a panic situation, a heavy loss to our army. They have entered in the city area and turned into a battlefield. You being a best gunner of all time have been assigned to strike them back hitting their convoys preventing them to enter in civilian’s area. You are alone to stop the enemies who are equipped with modern weapon. You being equipped with the mini gun and RPG, it’s the best chance to hit and run and fight a guerrilla war.
The Enemies Arsenal may be a bigger but you better be confident and vigilant that your Arsenal is way better than the foe's troops to protect and defend your own land & nation.
The Warfield is set on action and by your bravery and courage and Modern war skills , kill 'em all and become a Historic War Hero. Just fight for the nation’s right till your last breath.
The elite military and political class has lost their faith and wants to bow down. So you are the head of state now, take your decision wisely.
You have the superiority of modern war techniques. Apply those and strike the enemies convoy passing through the city. You are fully equipped with a modern Missile launcher and a Modern machine gun with sharp bullets.

***Fight till your last breath
***Use your special commando skills to overpower the enemy
***Earn coins and purchase extra weapons and armors from the store.
***Their attack is deadly but it would keep you on your toes
***Wining is the only option you have

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