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Practice Player Live Midi

* BUG FIX : recovering from error state after wrong formatted midi file was opened. * When you open your mid...

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* BUG FIX : recovering from error state after wrong formatted midi file was opened.
* When you open your midi file (i.e. open from 'My Midi' area), you can save modified(tempo, key, etc) midi into SD card area.
* BUG FIX : file list with file name in local language sometimes crashed app. now fixed.
* It is really hard to reproduce error without mdi file involved with it.
* Please email me midi file together when you've found trouble.
* This is an advanced midi player
* Free upgrade forever is our current policy for this app.
* YouTube clip for Scrolling
* YouTube clip for Track Highlight ;
- If you don't want to use 'Live midi' Soundfont feature, you may get seperate app. 'Midi Practice Player'.
- You can use separate app 'Soundfont Installer' for recommended soundfont installation
- Ver. 2.0 supports 'live midi', allowing to use your own soundfont collections.
- Live midi features work on only devices with ARM cpu and with Android 2.3.3 and higher
- You can disable live midi and soundfont feature for any reason.
- Then it will use phone/tablets' own sound, which is same as old version.
- This app. could be used to help people who play/practice instrument classical music
- Solo, Mute and Hide for each track, also instrument selection and volume change.
- Tempo change maintains tempo curve.
- Playing interval, repeat and auto-speed-up repeat.
- Extra Intro measures with metronome before starting play-In.
- Key(or pitch) change supports transposing instrument for each track seperately
- save all these settings for each music.
- Metronome setting/On/Off, Auto adjusting metronome to the change of time signature or tempo while playing.
- Lyric support for international local languages.
- Automatic download midi file from internet site when you touch midi link from browser. Downloaded files are stored to 'MidiDownload' folder in 'My Midi' area (actually sdcard)
- Also could be launched from file explorer by touching midi file.
- There are a lot of midi files available for download with very low cost or for free.

- Midi contains only information for sound not for drawing. So restored score from midi could be enough sometimes but sometimes not even though sound is corrent. For classical music, generating score is much more convenient.

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