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Mechanical Engineering

✴This Mechanical Engineering App is the One Stop Solution for All Mechanical Engineering Needs,It Contains Var...


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This Mechanical Engineering App is the One Stop Solution for All Mechanical Engineering Needs,It Contains Various Important Mechanical Engineering Concepts.

The Aim of this App is to Motivate Engineering Students and Professionals across the World into Learning All Important Concepts of Engineering.

This App Covers 40 + Mechanical Subjects in Detail with 4000+ topics, which is useful for all mechanical engineering students as well as mechanical professionals.

This App has 200+ Mechanical Videos

This App has Animations to Strengthen the Concepts

This App has 1000+ Question Answers for Engineering Students

You will get Frequent Updates and News regarding Engineering

You can discuss anything related to Engineering with other Engineers and Students

This is very useful for people who are preparing for Competitive Exams and Job Interviews as well.

This App provides Previous year Question Answers for GATE Exams

This App contains Charts, Tables for Conversions

☆ It also Provides Informations on Mechanical Tools, Machines and Softwares

☆ It will be Useful for the Job Aspirants by Job Updates, Interview Guides, and more

Not Only Mechanical Engineers get benefit from this App Other Fields like Electrical,Civil,Production,Manufacturing,Automobile,Materials,Instrumentation,Mechatronics,Robotics,NanoTechnology,Structural,Piping,Powerplant,Petroleum,Petrochemical,Aerospace,Architectural,Network,Railway,Marine,Chemical,Textile,Polymer,Plastic, Physics,Chemistry Students and related

Categories Given】

General Concepts
Welding Processes
Manufacturing Processes
Hydraulic Machines
Engineering Materials
Engineering Mechanics
Industrial Engineering & Production Management
❏ I.C Engines
Hydraulics & Fluid Mechanics
System Principles
Machine Design
Strength of Materials
Automobile Engineering
Power Plant Engineering
Engineering Drawing
Machine Design II
Theory of Machines
Disaster Management
Entrepreneurship Development
Graphene Trends & Developments
Nano Machines
Quantum Dots
Robo Ethics
New Trends in Technologies
Emerging Pollutants
Reliability for Engineers
Thermal Turbo Machines
Fundamentals of Nanoscience
Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Total Quality Management
Engineering Physics
Petroleum Engineering
Piping Engineering
Non Destructive Testing Basics
Engineering Mathematics

Few Important Concepts covered in this App are Listed Below

⇢2 and 4 stroke Engine
Super chargers
Mechanical Forces
⇢Air-cooling System
Internal Combustion Engines
Heat Treatment
Types of fluids
⇢Kennedy’s,Varignon’s,Lami’s Theorem
Fluid Mechanics
Welding, Types
Pattern, Types
Airplane Parts, Function
Cutting Tools
Heat Exchangers
Types of fluids
Glass Fiber, Manufacturing
Industrial Engineering
Heat Transfer
Reynolds Number
Fuel Cell
Engineering Materials
Rolling Types
Hydroelectric Power Plant
Nuclear Power Plant
Gas Turbine
Thermodynamic Equilibrium
Turbine and Types
⇢Pascal’s Law
Laws of Thermodynamics
⇢Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion
⇢Newton’s Laws of Motion
Gas & Grashof’s Laws
Super Alloys
Mechanical Properties
Cutting Fluids
Centrifugal Pumps
Reciprocating Pump
Air Vessels
Hydraulic Machines
Thermodynamic System
Joule's Law
Avogadro's Law
Essential Software skills
Magnetic Levitation
and much more ✫ ➻

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