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School Mod

You can use this mod when you want to play hide-and-seek or catch-up. All the conditions to get a good hidin...


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You can use this mod when you want to play hide-and-seek or catch-up.
All the conditions to get a good hiding and have fun from the heart are created here.
Now within Minecraft, you can become a student, a teacher or even the principal of the school! And you can make new friends and visit fun places which are always crowded and cool.
You will find in the mod:
A Magic School Map for MCPE - the universe of magic. This mod makes it possible to obtain a picturesque map with a big old castle and plenty of places to entertain. There'll be candles floating in the air and trees that will learn how to breathe. Everything has a mystical and unusual look!
A minigame map "Find the Button." Its player should pass to a turn of 10 levels implemented in the school-related field. Some levels will enable you to get to classrooms, dining rooms and other cool places. Each level will ask you to find a button that is well hidden. After detecting and pressing the button in Minecraft, the game will take you to a new level. You can play with such a map alone or with friends.
A Modern School map has:
Large hall with spectators and a stage for show;
Main lobby and foyer;
Fitness room;
Large classes;
There are studio and a television office to the left of the building.
City school. This map includes an entire neighbourhood with a school, a theatre, and other such buildings. Very beautiful and simple map for Minecraft, where you will find a lot of useful and cool places to play. You can turn such a map into a big city MCPE. Anyone playing with such a map will be able to find something interesting for itself.
Main features:
Mod for Minecraft is installed by one click;
There are screenshots for each MCPE map;
Mod is updated;
Maps for hiding and seeking;
Ability to create maps;
There's no need to use other applications for installation.

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