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2019 World Caps Soccer: Football Cup Tournament

There are hundreds of soccer fans in the grandstand of our stadium! They want to watch a great world cup match...


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There are hundreds of soccer fans in the grandstand of our stadium! They want to watch a great world cup match! Give them what they want: A great sports show with plenty of goals! Win the soccer caps tournament and show your friends who is the best!

This 2018 will be a wonderful year for tournaments: Not only because of the world cup but also the league of the champion are expected to be very exciting! This 2018 will be the year of a great soccer cup and many tournaments and we are sure it will leave us impressive moments! Live the exciting world cup tournament with us in our amazing finger football free game! This 2018 will be full of sports champions!

Play, shoot or score penalties as if you were a professional player with bottle caps!
The aim of this world cup finger football is simple: Practise in single matches your football skills before you enter in the world cup of finger football tournament where you will need to beat the best ball champions' scores of our leaderboard! This 2018 free football simulator is all about finger football and table soccer skills! Defeat the rivals and score as many goals as you can in this international competition with players all around the world: From China to Russia!

With exciting game mechanics these 2018 bottle caps football matches are highly addictive! You must lead your favourite finger football team to victory! Live sports confrontation as if you were in a real table soccer world cup and enjoy hours of fun playing finger football on the field for free in this 2018!

- Become the manager of the best national teams with bottle caps! Lead the teams of Spain, Brazil, Russia, France...
- Master game controls after the tutorial: Move quickly, shoot the ball, throw penalties, score goals and become a 2018 legend playing and winning every match in our table soccer cup tournament!
- Free funny world cup simulator to play alone or with friends

Your team needs to score goals to win this 2018 match! Play now and lead your champions team to win the league in 2018! Have fun!

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