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Scanner App for Documents and Photos

Scanner App for Documents and Photos to use Your Smart Phone to scan, convert, read images, documents, PDF and...


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Scanner App for Documents and Photos to use Your Smart Phone to scan, convert, read images, documents, PDF and more!

Most Smart Phone owners have no idea they can use their phone as a pocket scanner app and make their Smart Phone even handier. You can enjoy high-quality pictures inside that device of yours by one touch with what is considered the best scanning tool for a mobile app: the Scanner App for Documents and Photos.

You can now use your Smart Phone as a Scanner App that will let you scan fast any of those documents in your office like images, receipts, bills, magazines, books, and class notes or anything that you need to be in your Smart Phone within a matter of minutes or seconds.

Our scanner App is the fastest method for you to get that scanned document loaded to your Smart Phone at the highest quality and be able to convert it quickly to JPEG and PDF format. The scanned document can be shared whether it be an image, document, books, important notes, reports, bills, or any other kind of paper you might think of.

The Scanner App” is becoming a must for almost every person, whether they be a college student, school student, business professional, or any other person. The app Scanner will let you even scan your documents and photos in high quality that can make it easier for others to see and read the texts that are present.

The brilliant scanner app will automatically detect the corner of your picture or another type of file that you want to scan for even better quality. You can crop the exact part of that document that you are planning on scanning. It makes it a very cool feature and allows you, the user the liberty of choosing to the user.

Scanner app also features several auto-correct features like brightness adjustment, allows you to remove shadows and will straighten your image for better quality results.

If you will get the faster processing speed to scan your document with your Scanner App and then share your files so you can enjoy scanning.

With Scanner App it will allow you to convert scanned documents to a JPEG format or a PDF format. You can then print that scanned document or the image over by Cloud Print.

The scanner will offer other various professional editing features after the photos have been saved with other multiple filters. The same image can be saved if using the appropriate reorder and name of the scanned files that will make it much easier finding the file, picture, document, or if there are any other scanned notes.
You can then decide to email a specific document or even an entire folder in faster processing speed.

Below are some of the great app features you will love:

Document edge detection when scanning that is automatic with perspective correction
Super fast processing
Quality type scanner results that look professional with several filter options: document, clear, photo, color, and black & white.
Scanner app has flexible editing that you can edit the file after saving it.
Subfolders and folders can be easily managed just as easily as your folders and files so that you can organize all your scans and documents more accessible.
You can name documents, with the storage and search inside the app
You can delete or add one page or a whole document
Even after removing or adding, you can still reorder a page.
You can set your page PDF page sizes in (Letter, A4, Legal, or more sizes)
Print out PDF file by using Print
You can extract texts from an image OCR, edit or share, transfer the images to texts making way for you to search, share, or edit.
Email whole documents and specific pages.
Tiny app size.
Restore & Backup, allows you to make a “backup file” to restore data manually in the event you might change or lose your device.

The Scanner App is hassle-free and saves you a huge amount of time and money. Be sure to get this free scanner for your Smart Phone now and scan from anywhere in the world and pass along to your friends.

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Dec. 14, 2019

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