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Tricky Maths

This is a free educational math game. It is dedicated to improve your mental calculation skills. This pro...


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This is a free educational math game. It is dedicated to improve your mental calculation skills.

This program has more than 20 mathematical brain games and challenges. It will challenge your mental calculation abilities. And its daily exercise will improve your calculation speed, while giving a nice brain training.

This mathematical app will also gives you opportunity to learn many math tricks and shortcuts and practice them.

Overall, this program will increase your aptitude which can increase your performance in school, in college and even in your day to day life. Why should it be necessary to use your calculator for simple calculations of daily life??

It has following mathematical Brain Games:
Brain Twister: Gives you a real brain excercise.

True or False: Identify the correctness of given equation.

Make the order!!: Arrange numbers in increasing or decreasing order.

Odd one out: Identify number which is distinct from other numbers.

Match Maker: Make pairs of numbers.

Memory Game: Memory excercise for your brain.

Percentages: Answer questions related to percentages.

More or Less!!: Remember previous number and compare it current one.

Survival: Solve the question before time ends!!

Find a question?: Find the equation which has the shown result.

Speed-o-racy: Tests your speed and accuracy.

Series: Identify missing number in given series. Pattern Recognition!!

Easy Mode: Easy questions related to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Normal Mode: relatively difficult questions.

Expert Mode: relatively more difficult questions.

Addition Master:Select the numbers which will add up to displayed number.

Spot the number: Spot numbers according to hint given.

Missing Signs: Identify the missing signs in the given equation.

Equal or not: Check equality of two expressions.

Fill in the Blanks: In this brain game, fill in the missing number in the given equation.

Besides these it also has many challenges, lessons on maths tricks, and training sessions.
Here, you can learn these tricks and practice them to master them.

These kind of mathematical tricks will increase your calculation speed in aptitude exams which generally contains simple math questions, like as in ssc exam, IAS, PCS exam or GMAT or CAT exam. It is very crucial to solve these kind of arithmetic questions and that too with speed and accuracy.

Also this app has following math duel games:
True or False
Classic Math
Missing Signs
Find a Question?
Fill in the Blanks

In addition, it has tools like:
Multiplication Table Generator: to generate multiplication Table upto 9999.
Square Calculator: to calculate square of any number upto 9999.
Cube Calculator: to calculate cube of any number upto 999.
Formula Book: with collection of formulas on 9 topics.

Overall, this maths app will help you keep your mind in a good shape. And it is giving you all this in FREE!!

So, download it now, and start using it daily.

Chart library used:
MPAndroidChart (by Philipp Jahoda)

Due care has been taken in developing this app and writing lessons, which have been revised for any kind of error. But, if there is any mistake or bug, developer cannot be held responsible for the damages, if done, due to such errors or mistakes. Also, if anyone finds any kind of mistake or bug, please inform the developer. It will be rectified as soon as possible.

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